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    Day 11Woke up this morning as per usual and hit up the gym. Was a little tough getting out of bed but once I was up it was go time! Took two scoops and felt a really good mind/muscle connection again today. I think that is the best aspect of this product for me. The focus I get in this is really great, headphones on and it's just me and the weights.Arms Prrs Power dayBarbell Curl 80x6 90x6 100x4 100x4 (PR)!DB hammer curl 40x6 45x6 45x6Cable cross body single arm curl 48x6 53x6 53x6Skull crusher 80x6 80x6 80x6 80x6 standing cable tricep extension with triangle bar 132x7 156x6 168x6Over head cable rope 84x6 96x7 108x6Finished off with 2 sets of 21's with a barbell and 2 dropsets with wide grip tricep pushdown. Feeling good!
    I feel you on those hard to get up mornings. I decided to never use snooze buttons again, I had a rough snooze button case where I slept through my midterm exam. Never again since! hahaGlad to see you and many others are shedding light on the notable increase in focus. For some of us experienced PWO users out there, overwhelming energy isn't as important as enhancing the mind muscle connection. That isolated, in the zone feeling really allows you to understand your body, increasing efficiency and consistency to evaluate your progress. Thanks for the great update once again, looking forward to your next update. Have a great St. Patty's Weekend.
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  2. So I'm also excited to report that I'll be playing baseball again this summer in a mens league! I played in high school and college until I had a run with knee surgeries and had to stop playing. I've gotten myself into such good shape again the my knees rarely hurt anymore and I'm in the best shape of my life! I hit up the batting cage on my lunch break today for the first time in years. First ten or so swings made me think I forgot how to swing! Shortly after though I found my groove and really started swinging well. So I'm ready to get out there and start playing again! I will be playing short stop and eventually pitching again. I want to make sure that I get a bunch of side sessions and long toss in before I try to pitch, dont wanna throw my arm out!

  3. Day 12
    Took yesterday off and used today for abs and cardio. Took 1.5 Scoops and did ten minute jog, 5 minutes on stair climber and ten minutes hiit. Felt good! Tubs running low but I'm still feeling all the good effects from this which is nice
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  4. Day 13
    Went to the gym bright and early this morning for Rep Range back. Not much new to report, still getting great focus and pumps. The energy has been good and definitely not crack head feeling. Ive noticed a bit of a decrease in the energy I get from it but that can be expected from developing a bit of a tolerance of it. Happens to me with pretty much every PWO.

    PRRS back rep range week
    Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 130x9 130x9 150x9 150x8
    Bent over single arm db row 50x12 60x10 60x10
    Seated cable row 132x12 132x12 132x12
    Straight arm pulldown 96x15 96x15
    Delt Machine 108x15 108x15

    Finished up with 10 minutes jogging on the treadmill

  5. Looks like an awesome workout and yea building a slight tolerance is to be expected. Anything that contains caffeine over a peroid of time you will start to build a tolerance.

    It sounds like its still working really well for you though, keep up all the hard work!
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  6. Day 14
    Drug my ass out of bed this morning and hit up a good leg workout. My knees were hurting a bit but I still pushed through, had good energy and as always, focus was on! I will also say that the taste is still amazing! I haven't tired of it at all and actually enjoy drinking it.

    PRRS Rep Range Legs
    Squat 135x12 285x9 205x9 205x9
    Hack squat 270x12 270x12 270x12
    Leg extension 80x15 90x15
    Leg Curl 90x15 90x15
    I then did various calf raises with and without weights followed by some ab work. No cardio today but will be hitting up some on my "off" day tomorrow.

  7. Glad you mentioned that about the taste because i feel the exact same way. I think it tastes amazing, i generally use 1 scoop in the morning jsut to wake up and i love sipping on it!
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  8. Did some abs and cardio on a scoop and a half today. Ten minutes jog, five minutes fast pace on stair climber. Lookin like Friday might be the end of the tub I'll post a very detailed review early next week! Two more kick ass workouts to go!
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  9. Day 16
    Was feeling a little crazy so took two and a half scoops and hit up the gym. Did Chest and shoulders, killed my chest, had an amazing workout but the pumps were so strong that I had to cut my shoulder workout short. It's all good though as that just means the chest workout hit them pretty damn well! Powermax is legit and I'll definitely be buying tubs in the future.

    Chest Shoulders Rep Range week PRRS
    BB Bench 205x9 205x8 205x8 205x9 That's the most volume I've done with over 200 and Felt really good on the last set. Very pleased
    BB Incline bench 135x11 135x11 135x10
    Cable cross over 30x15 30x15 (not sure on the weight, this was a weird pneumatic deal)
    Body weight dips 10 10 10
    Standing shoulder press 60x10 60x9 60x9 60x9
    DB front raise 20x15 15x15
    Db Lateral raise 20x15 15x15
    This workout kicked my ass and I could barely lift my arms after. It was a bitch to get my tie over my head!

  10. Hell yea, im happy you noticed that too. I almost cant handle more then 2 scoops based soley on the pumps!
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  11. 2 scoops is more than enough! I had a crazy, almost excessive pump once using 2 scoops + 1.25 scoops Hemavol + pre/intra VPX Powershock. That was me just taking joy in newly purchased products. Looks like a great workout man, great numbers. Looking forward to your next one, stay PUMPED
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  12. So had a crazy busy past few days so sorry for the missed update Friday! I hit up arms in the morning before the craziness started and had a great workout. Pumps were insane! I took 2 1/2 scoops again and wow, that was intense! Tons of energy and he pump was out of this world. I took my last of the tub today before a great cardio session. 45 minutes combined between treadmill and elliptical. I'll be able to post up my full review on Monday but long story short here is that you guys have a winner with Powermax. Taste is great, the pump and focus on it is great as well.

    Here's my workout from Friday
    Arms Rep range week PRRS
    DB Curl 40x9 40x9 40x9 40x9
    Barbell Curl 60x12 60x12 60x12
    Hammer curl 30x15 25x15 The pump was so intense finishing these off it was awesome
    Tricep cable extension 132x9 144x9 149x9 149x9
    cable over head 108x12 120x12 120x12
    Skull Crusher 50x15 50x15

  13. Final Review

    I would first like to thank Adizzle for the chance to log PowerMax. I've tried alot of PWO's as I see them as a staple supplement for me to get going in the morning before the gym. I look for good clean energy and focus mostly out of PWO's as those are the most important aspects for me in the mornings. PowerMax delivered the goods on those and I was very impressed with this product.
    Fruit punch is a flavor that you can find everywhere for different products and I've tried quite a few different products with it. That said, this is one of the best tasting supps that I've had. I actually enjoyed drinking it every morning, it's a pretty strong taste of fruit punch but I think that's why I liked it. No issues mixing at all either, even with 2 1/2 scoops.

    Energy: I don't like the cracked out feeling from pre workouts and PowerMax doesn't give you that so that's a win! Good clean energy that kind of sneaks up on you after about 20 minutes. As with all pre's the longer you take them, the less powerful the stim aspect seems. But after a tub of this I only noticed a slight loss of energy.

    Focus: This is where PowerMax turns into a definite buy for me. Serious tunnel vision in a very good way. I'd have my headphones in and be so unaware of anything else it was fantastic. I had to make myself leave the gym most mornings since I had to go to work. This really helped me with cardio as well, it's been cold here in the midwest and I hate treadmills but PowerMax definitely helped me power through some long cardio sessions.

    Pump: I've never really cared too much about pump from pre's but PowerMax definitely helps produce some good ones! I had one particularly intense chest workout and could barely lift shoulders afterwords due to the pump. Arm days were definitely fun with the pump that I would get from some of the more intense days.

    So in closing, definitely a top quality product that I will be using again!

  14. Hell yea brother! Awesome review and a very awesome log. Thanks for the kind words and im glad you enjoyed the product!!
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  15. Thanks for taking the time the time to run this log. We're glad your experience with Powermax has been so positive!

    Stay connected with us and look for upcoming products and supplement log opportunities
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