Pure Solutions IGF T1100 log/review

  1. Pure Factors IGF T1100 log/review

    So with all the talk out there about the deer velvet extract both positive and negative, I decided to give this a shot. Ray Lewis and a lot of other pros speak highly of it. From the research I did, not all of these extracts are equal. Many don't extract the active constituents to yield any significant gains. Pure Factors seems to be the most potent out on the market that I know of. Although, the ones the pros use you have go through a special dealer to get it because they get the extremely concentrated formulas that cannot be bought retail, so I opted for the T1100 which is the strongest readily available formula in retail.

    Apparently this stuff takes some time to kick in before any differences are noticed. I started it two weeks ago and have not noticed any significant difference other than being a little tighter around the waist. This started to become evident a couple days ago.

    I have another bottle that I will double up on soon, so I'll do one serving in the morning and one at night to see how that goes.

    A sample of the style of training I'm doing right now is as follows:
    Legs yesterday
    Squats - 3 sets heavy x 5 reps (rest 3-5 minutes in between sets)
    Leg press - 1st and 2nd set heavy for 8-12 reps, last 5 reps of 8-12 are 5 count negative, last set is drop down for 3 sets w/ last 5 negative reps (60-90 second rest)
    Hack squat w/ super set sissy squat for 3 sets
    Hack squat 5/1/5 tempo x 10 --> super sissy squat 10 reps (60-90 second rest)
    Lying down single ham string curl - 3 sets, last 5 reps negative, last set drop down 3 sets (60-90 second rest)
    Seated ham curl - same fashion as lying ham string curl
    = trouble walking the next day and feeling beat lol

    Diet on training days
    No breakfast, just amino energy and GCT-10 prior to morning training
    1. Post workout - Protein Factory custom formula 3 scoops with 1 TBS of a green complex
    2. 1 whole egg w/ 1 cup egg whites, 12-15oz sweet potato, 2 TBS Flaxseed oil, 1 scoop Protein Factory ISO pure protein poweder w/ ground cinnamon
    3. 1/4-1/2 cup brown brown rice, 5-6oz, tilapia, about 1-2 TBS olive oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    4. 1/4-1/2 cup brown brown rice, 5-6oz, ground turkey, about 1 TBS coconut oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    5. 1/4-1/2 cup brown brown rice, 6oz, tilapia, about 1-2 TBS olive oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    6. 1/4-1/2 cup brown brown rice, 6oz, chicken (or sirloin steak sometimes), fresh farmers market veggies and season meal

    Non training days
    1. 1 whole egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 TBS Flaxseed oil, 1 TBS raw honey w/ cinnamon
    2. 1/4 cup brown brown rice, 3-4oz, tilapia, about 1 TBS olive oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    3. 1/4 cup brown brown rice, 3-4oz, ground turkey, about 1TBS coconut oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    4. 1/4 cup brown brown rice, 4oz, tilapia, about 1-2 TBS olive oil, fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    5. 4oz, chicken (or sirloin steak sometimes), fresh farmers market veggies and season meal
    6. Big bowl of pasta with chicken to carb up for morning training --> semi carb back-loading approach I guess. I do this about 3 times/week, usually night before big lift days i.e. chest, back, legs.
    FYI - the rice I use is a mixture of brown and wild rice that's non-GMO organic.

    I'll periodically log any differences I notice with product. I'm currently about 190 at about 10% B/F

  2. Metabolism is definitely picking up. Sleep has been real good as well. I'm going to give a couple more days to see how body is and may increase calories. I'm also noticing more fullness in muscles. Hopefully it's consistent and not just due to style of training. We shall see.

    Chest yesterday
    -Flat Bench
    225x3/225x3/225x3 rest 3-5 minutes between sets
    -Incline DB fly --> last 3 negative (5 count neg)
    Drop down (rest 15 seconds between drop down) 60x8 -->50x8 --> 40x8
    Cable Fly 5/1/5 tempo
    60 x 10/60x10/60x10
    Super set close grip pushups
    Calves (2 sets)
    -Standing calves raises 270LBx24
    -burn out calve raise on plates x 100
    -single calve raise focus on negative 20 reps alternating
    -tibia dorsi raises x 50

    Shoulders today
    Shoulder stabilizing exercises as warmups
    Behind back shrugs
    superset explosive hi pull
    Seated cable hi-pull w/ ez-curl bar -- last 3 neg
    50x12/ drop down --> 50x12 -->40x12 --> 30x12
    Bent over DB rear fly 5/1/5 tempo
    superset lateral raise
    Farmer Carry w/ grip force grips (2 sets)
    75LB down about 35-40' and back
    superset finger pinch grip plate
    35LB down and back

  3. Have to say that I've been really impressed so far with this product. Metabolism has been consistently higher and have increased calories. On training days, rice is going to 3/4 cup and 6oz protein source. Sleep has been getting better as well, by this I mean that I sleep harder and wake up more refreshed.

    Current weight is hovering 188-189 in morning. I just received a comment the other day asking me if I'm on steroids because of my vascularity lol. I've also been vascular, but it has been getting more pronounced since on the product.

    I'm going to start upping it to 2 servings/day now: one morning and one before I go to bed.

  4. I decided to get testosterone and estrogen tested last week. I am more concerned about T levels. Although I did not do a before test to compare, I have done before/after blood work when testing out other natural T-boosters and my base averages around 320-330. This test put me up to about 380 (378 to be exact). Although this is not a huge jump, from a product that doesn't advertise to elevate T-levels, I was happy to see the number reflect as such.

    I have tried multiple computers to upload lab work but for some reason when I click on "manage attachments" the screen that pops up is black, it does not have an upload option.

    My weight is still around 190 while maintaining leanness and metabolism still up. I know the product is expensive, but if it's within any users budget and you want to stay natty, I'd try it out. Keep in mind, it takes a few weeks to start kicking in, so one month isn't really enough time to gauge it's affectiveness. If I decide to compete again, this will definetly be a staple leading up to the competition.

    Overall - the main differences I noticed were:
    1. increases metabolism
    2. leanness
    3. increases energy
    4. recovery

  5. Decided to get IGF1 test and scored 192. Normal range is 63-373. I didn't realize the place I go to for blood work did IGF testing, unfortunately I don't have a before as I would have like to see that, but the score for my age (29) is real good from what I've been told.

    I also got tested last week with a biophotonic scanner which measure oxidative stress levels. This is a non-invasive procedure that measure through carotenoids concentration. Most people score 20,000-30,000 which is low. That usually means either not enough phytonutrients in body supplements aren't being absorbed due to poor mitochondrial function or supps are poor quality since they aren't being absorbed. My diet is in check, supps are basic as far as a green/mineral complex, protein etc. I scored 82,000 which is very high. I asked Pure Factors about this and this high number corresponds with other data of others getting high scores while on the product. So, this shows me that there is a positive impact that this product has on oxidative stress levels.



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