final review\

Starting weight: 167.8
Ending Weight: 163lbs

ok so today is day 30 and may i say what a fun supplement this was to run. ratings are right under here.

Appetite Control: 5/5 before i started the cycle i was always crazy hungry throughout my day and that was a big problem with my diet. even it was low fat low carb low whatever, i had to eat it and a lot of it. after 2 days my eating habits changed in a major way. i wasnt hungry at all. just maybe before a workout and it was light. but also what i liked was it didnt let me not eat like stim products, it just controlled appetite. i could ate if i wanted too but didnt have the need.

Energy: 3/5 i was expecting this to be a go to quick shot of energy since its not a stim but did it help me with my lethargic days? oh yes. i wasnt my usual lazy self and didnt have that "should i go to the gym today or not?" attitude. it did make my days a lot more productive so this is a positive.

Fatloss: 5/5 this is what i was majorly lookin for. i ran a straight cut with only cardio and ab workouts(later added weight lifting). after 1 week i started to notice my pants were fittin a lot looser and not as tight in the thigh area. for me, i lose weight in the legs and butt first. week 1 started to notice legs thinning, week 2 the stomach was shrinking a bit, abs and obliques poppin out, week 3 everything just got better and better. my weight started to stay the same but i was losin a lot more fat. my top abs were always noticeable with out flexing them. it was pretty freakin sweet. lower belly and love handles started to shrink also with the help of Mack which i appreciate very much man.

Vasularity: 5/5 how much i enjoyed this part. my old veins were comin out again around middle of week 2. shoulder and arm veins how i missed them. the more into the cycle my veins and obliques were always showing. i was always lookin in a mirror if i found one.

overall: Reduce XT is extremely underrated. people told me to stack with other stuff to see results and i didnt, ran it straight standalone. The fatloss on this stuff is unbelievable and i had a many cheat days so imagine if i didnt. this product would be great in PCT to preserve gains and cut body fat, it would be great for u wanna recomp. If i started lifting with it form the beginning, results woulda been a lot better. This product can be used for anything basically. picked a few more bottles for future use . SNS, great job on this product.