MAN PR-XT 30-day log

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  1. MAN PR-XT 30-day log

    Hi everybody! ("Hi, Mr. Rick")

    Thanks to Neddo and MAN Sports for offering a free bottle of PR-XT, in what has to have been one of the funnest contest to enters. (Posting pictures of beautiful babes as an entry?--DOOD!)

    I've been eager to try this out when it first arrived on the scene. I was going to buy it during NutraPlanet's New Year's sale, but I opted to save it for another time. I did, however, buy Nolvadren-XT and today commences my 7th week on an 8-week run. I took another supp last year that contains two of the ingredients in PR-XT, and though I was not as dialed-in on my diet, I did have some noticeable, if moderate, leaning around my midsection. Now that I'm more disciplined with my eating, I'm looking forward to seeing how far I can go.

    A Brief History of Time and Me
    I've been lifting on and off for years. My best time training was during 2002--yikes!--and I was using EAS mainly as my supps. ('Member those guys! I did love their Betagen!) I had reached a good amount of weight and had been getting stronger. But, my diet was never in check, as I'd booze it up after work, as a waiter, and would get too frisy with the wacky-tabacky.

    Later, I had hurt my right shoulder, which had been a reoccurring injury stemming from not using proper form during lifting while in high school. That led to a stupid long time off from lifting. In said time, I was drinking way too much and smoking even more. Horrible! I never got "out-of-shape", as I had mild definition from before, but, I was weak sauce status, and I had lingering remnants of a spare tire that stuck on my belly.

    Last year I decided that I was fed up with that lifestyle, and how I looked, and realized how much I had missed punishing my body with solid lifting and exercise. (It was mainly to get into somewhat decent shape for my annual March Madness Vegas trip I'd take with my buds.)

    Now that I've got a good year of getting back into rhythm, it is something I'm going to keep building on.

    I'm a billing analyst for an entertainment company, so I'm essentially a desk jockey and the main exertion I get all day comes from my workouts and occasional walks around the block. In fact, the timing of winning the contest for the PR-XT was ideal.

    Our work started a wellness committee to promote a healthier lifestyle. They were having "contest" for those who wanted to be wellness ambassadors for the company. I decided to enter to not only aid in my training, but impart that knowledge to others, which was the heart of the endeavor. Well, I got the "Dear John" email that I was not selected, and that coincided with the PM from Neddo stating that I had been selected for PR-XT!

    So now, my mission is to just take my training into high gear and transform myself better than whomever they selected as an ambassador. I already had the drive to do it anyways, but, they just added fuel to the fire and I'm burning up!

    I'm glad I've got the PR-XT to assist in this "Effe You" mission of mine!

    Since PR-XT is touted as a lean mass accelerator, and since I've been on an a perpetual bulk for months now, I'm hoping to gain some mass and ideally, lean out around the midsection. While I'll use the scale as a rudimentary gauge, the mirror shall inform me of my progress. Especially with getting the belly tighter. (That's what she said!) I'd like to get the muscles to "pop" out and keep it that way.

    I also hope to gain some size on my legs. They are not as swoll as I'd like them and I'm hope to have them bursting through my slacks to impress all the ladies at work. Well, a few of them, at the very least. Okay, okay, just that one superfly hottie with the great arse!

    Current Regime/Supps
    Workout Routine:
    Monday: Back
    Tuesday: Chest
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Shoulders and Arms

    Fasted weight (as of this entry) = 193lbs. <--This was also after having answered nature's call twice.

    This past week I felt myself getting stronger in all my lifts. Especially legs, as I jacked up my left knee many years ago and always had an aversion to squatting as a result. Not this week! That being said, by taking PR-XT and continuing to bust my tail lifting, I'm hoping to continue this trend, and if anything, accelerate the process.

    Nolvadren-XT (will be done in two weeks)
    Super Cissus
    Orange Triad
    BCAA's (one dose before I leave work and another intra-workout)
    Whey Protein and WMS (morning shake [w/peanut butter] and PWO shake)
    Pre-workout mix:
    -Creatine Monohydrate
    -Citrulline Malate
    -Longjack (yeah, yeah, I know, but, I wanted to try this out and bought some in bulk last year)

    (And, yes, I am lazy, I don't cap that, simply mix it all together and shoot it faster than a heroine junkie needing a fix!)

    Log Format...(I said "log!")
    I plan on taking PR-XT per the recommendations on the label. The goal is to give an update everyday, just before I go to sleep. On non-workout days, like today, I'll state when I took my pills, and should I notice anything of interest, I'll include that. On workout days, the same format will follow, including my lifts and exercises for that workout. Along the way I'll update with any noticeable changes in confidence, alpha-ness, libido, and whether or not that hottie from work will go out with me.

    Well, it is now time to grub up and take my morning dose. I'll add some pics later on today.

    And lastly: "It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get it and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"

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  2. Final Review: PR-XT

    Final Review of PR-XT:

    Got done with my PR-XT on Saturday, March 23rd. In short, it has been a phenomenal ride, one that I'm glad I was able take and benefit from.

    Summary of what PR-XT did for me:
    -increased strength
    -muscle fullness
    -libido surge
    -overall sense of positive well-being - Alpha attitude!
    -good gains: ~4-4.5lbs

    Detailed Analysis:

    Week 1:
    Nothing noticeable during the first few days, obviously, but around the end of the first week, the "alpha-ness" and alpha mentality were starting to take root. For me, this became a heightened sense of well-being, with a massive positive disposition and improved, sparkling attitude. This brought out the best of my personality and kept it there. (As an aside, I'd try to achieve this feeling with alcohol, but it was counterproductive, to say the least. Liquid courage is wasteful--pun implied.)

    Week 2:
    At the onset of the second week, there was a sharp spike in libido. It came out of nowhere and while not a "flood-type" feeling, it was a concentrated surge that would appear and one that I knew was a result of PR-XT. Having sampled a variety of supplements prior to PR-XT, I had not achieved such a spike, or if one had occurred, it was fleeting. I was on fire this second week!

    Began to notice I had more energy during workouts. I did not have any aggression during the day, but when my blood got hot from exercising, I was trying to "punish" my body as hard as I could, albiet by using proper form and control. I attacked, attacked, and kept on attacking. At times, after each workout, I wondered if I had pushed myself hard enough, but was satisfied with my results. That is, I didn't feel the need to keep working out on rest days just for the sake of tiring myself out more. My body knew it needed rest and I didn't push myself further than I needed to and had planned.

    Week 3:
    Muscle fullness began to greet me during this week. While it was not on the level of a workout pump, it was good enough to know that PR-XT was coming through in this department. Libido activity declined, as it was not as sharp as in week 2. I was adding more and more weight as my exercises progressed and the mind-muscle connection was getting stronger in dialing in the frequency of control and contraction.

    Quads were becoming fuller and my pesky and not-as-developed left biceps was starting to sprout, showing some promise. By this point, I'd blow up during the workout, with sweet, voluminous pumps. Wish I could look that swoll at rest! In due time.

    Week 4:
    Libido came back with a vengeance this week, much as it did the second week. Muscle fullness was starting to show in greater appearance overall and strength was steadily climbing. At this time, hunger was starting to increase, despite the fact it had not affected me as much as I have heard it targeting others. However, I was gorging myself on plenty of whole foods and keeping my belly full as often as I could.

    At this point, I realized that while not achieving a true recomp, as it is colloquially understood, PR-XT not only provided me a mild recomp as it relates to physical appearance, it gave me an internal recomp. That is, I felt like it helped me get to the top of the mountain in terms of training and priming my body to a level I had wanted to reach and one I might have never fallen from if I had been consistent with my working out many years ago.

    I knew my strength had increased, nothing of an astronomical variety, but enough to keep shocking my muscles, stimulating growth. I classify the feeling I got, what I'm dubbing as a type of recomp, as a crash course in getting in shape. I had only restarted my training last February, but having been on PR-XT for these four weeks, I believe I was able to pull it altogether. I know PR-XT aided in this process, augmenting training and accelerating growth and strength.

    There are no shortcuts to getting in shape and building muscle. There never will be. You have to earn it with hard work, dedication and discipline, all the while finding the right balance between obsession and relaxation. I'd highly recommend PR-XT for those looking to augment their training and nutrition. It will aid for those looking to bulk, lean bulk and perhaps, like myself, looking for a boost to speed up the process from a lengthy layoff from pushing iron.

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  3. subbed...

    eas was actually pretty innovative with their creatine stuff back in the day, imo.

    hope you enjoy the pr-xt as much as i am, good luck!!!

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  4. Thanks, bigt! I agree with EAS and their creatine. It's how I got started with them.
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  5. Hahah hell yeah, this is gonna be legit. In brosefius
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  6. Man, I'm loving all the "bro" variations. Keep 'em coming!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by ricroc View Post
    Man, I'm loving all the "bro" variations. Keep 'em coming!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  8. Day 1:

    Took PR-XT at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pills look cool, they're a black and red capsule. Two per meal. Pretty simple.

  9. Day Two:

    Took two pills in the morning. I didn't time the second dose right, as I took it with lunch. D'oh! But, took the last dose after I worked out, with my post-workout shake. So far, rather simple approach to this. Good stuff.

    Routine: Back

    -Pullups: 5,4,4,4,3,3,2 = 25. (Using better form, could not complete as many. Didn't realize I was doing them incorrectly till I read the back exercise article on this site.)

    -Meadows Rows:
    15x25 (warm up)

    Enjoy doing these. Get a nice stretch in the lats. More so in the right. Need to get there with the left.

    -One-Arm Barbell Rows
    8x45 (went lighter to get a good burn and really stretch the lats)

    Close-Grip Rows (via resistance band)
    20x25 (warm up)

    First time using a resistance band for this exercise. Took till the last set to find the right groove. I'll be ready to attack next week

    Reeves Deadlifts (been wanting to incorporate this, get that ultra-wide look!)
    10x130 (w/shrug)
    10x130 (w/shrug)
    10x130 (w/shrug)

    I think I was overzealous and went too heavy. Will dial it back next week to let the back do all the work.

    Pullovers (via resistance band)
    -Did this for one minute straight. Held an isometric hold for the last 10 seconds. Burn City! Gonna keep doing these, as I feel a good stretch, especially in the triceps.

    Wrist Rollers (built my own, with some PVC tubing and string)
    5 up/down @ 6lbs. This really burns. I want massive forearms, so I might do this every other day.

    All in all, a solid workout. Still tweaking forms here and there and getting the right rhythm down.

    Well, that takes care of this day. Till tomorrow.

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  10. While I love the PVC Pipe forearm drill (great baseball conditioner), they won't really deliver size. Lifting heavy with dual overhand to failure has caused more grip strength/forearm growth than these forearm drills ever did (honestly). I still love them, and utilize them, but heavy overhand deads >>>

    Reeves Deads => hnnnggg will have to try those at some point. Mountain Dog is catching alot of face time as of late, as well.

    Good job killing it bro, keep it up.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  11. Cool. Thanks for the tips and heads up. Funny you mention baseball, as the YouTube video that gave me the idea was from someone who played. It figures.
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  12. Day 3:

    Progressing along accordingly. Had a nice workout today. Chest, sadly, has become a weak point for me. My left shoulder feels odd on certain presses, movements, so I'm adjusting accordingly. I've incorporated resistance bands for flyes and presses. Takes me a while to get the right form and movement on the flyes, but, it's all about putting in the work.

    Today, took 2 pills with my morning shake. I took 2 more with my BCAA's, about an hour before working out. (I had planned on taking it with my second lunch, but wanted to push the dosage further and see how well it compliments the BCAA's.) Final dose after working out, with my post-workout shake.

    Noticed a nice pump in the arms that I had not had in the prior weeks. I do feel "warmer" sometimes after taking the pills. I noticed this the first day, but wasn't sure if it was a result of them or not. Seems to be consistent so far.


    Flyes (via resistance band)

    Doesn't seem like much, but, I'm weak in this area. Getting to ten is taxing.

    Presses (via resistance band)

    I had only scheduled four sets of these, but I found a good groove and once I added another band, had a great stretch going on. I'm pleased with how these presses are working out.

    Incline Pushups: 3x16. Had great energy on these. Last week, I could barely churn out 15 on each set and that's that the last one took some time to finish. Not so today. Only hard pushup was the 48th. Such a simple, basic, yet ball-busting exercise.

    Incline Dumbbell Press
    - 5x25 (drop set)

    Weight felt good and I really concentrated on getting the pecs to squeeze and do all the work. That drop set was no joke.

    Bench Press (I wanted to get more of a pump in the chest, so I gave these a go on my Soloflex, using the weight straps. I more often than not use weight plates with it, but the bands give me a stronger burn.)
    - 5x100

    Not too bad, overall. Not as much pain in the left shoulder. Went slow and smooth, didn't lock out my elbows at the top and never dipped my elbows below the bench. I think next week I'll go back to using plates.

    Barbell Shrugs

    I got stronger on these. Rested a few more seconds between sets. Even though I did some trap pulls via the Reeves Deadlift yesterday, I used the traditional shrug grip for these--get that good pull and burn in the traps.

    I felt good after the workout. Again, even felt warmer, too. Looked more swoll than I had last week. Again, I want to use the mirror as my first gauge in testing PR-XT's effectiveness. I know workout pumps are great, but fleeting, yet I couldn't help but notice I was more pronounced than last week.

    Too soon to tell of any significant changes, but, I'm enjoying the journey so far.

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  13. Day Four:

    Continuing along. Have not yet noticed the increase in appetite, but, I have been keeping my body fueled with food about every three hours or so. Longest stretch is from my second lunch to my post-workout shake. I top that off with a light dinner, usually protein and veggies.

    Triceps still feel full from having done chest yesterday. Feels like their growing stout.


    Today was legs. Ordinarily I'm not a fan, ever since I hurt my knee many, many moons ago. But, after last week's squatting, I felt my legs coming together and the knee holding up just well. Not pushing myself really hard here, as I know years of neglect will take time and patience to build them up.

    Front Squats

    I think I will take these out next week and start with deads.

    - 9x130

    The last set really killed me. I tried to get that 10th rep in, but I'm just not there yet. Overall, I was pleased with what I was able to get done. Knee didn't kill me like it might have in the past. Still working on getting that form and pushing that arse out. I'm enjoying squatting more than I ever have!

    Hammy Curls
    - 6x40
    - 6x40

    My hamstrings have gotten stronger. Again, because of the knee, I didn't have much strength pull the weight back. Last week, that wasn't the case. This week, I was feeling frisky and decided to go light, then heavy, then light again. Going heavy was murder, but I was determined to at least squeeze out 6 reps on those sets. When I went back to lighter weight, it was still taxing, but I got a nice burn going one.


    Not too bad. Have not deadlifted in some time and this weekend, I bought some more weights to get back into the groove. I will swap this in place of Front Squats, as I think I was somewhat bloated from my intra-workout BCAA's. That, and just haven't done them in a while, so, form needs to cleaning up. That being said, I do miss these guys and will try to blast it like crazy each time.

    Also, got a nice, overall upper body pump from them. Shoulder looked bigger, traps were stretching out and chest felt more defined.

    I forewent calf raises since I usually finish up with them. I'll get back to it next week. I've got the proverbial chicken legs, so my aim with PR-XT is to get some nice shape going on.

    Forging ahead. That's that for today.

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  14. Heavy deads and heavy squats do numbers for growth! Do work mang.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  15. Word. That's my goal next week!
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  16. PR-XT Day Five of Thirty

    Day Five:

    Going nice and steady with PR-XT. Still have not yet noticed the ravenous appetite that some encounter, but again, I am goring myself on food, so that could be it. Also, I average about 10oz of coffee in the morning, so that could be adding a slight curb to the hunger. I drink tons of water throughout, probably averaging close to a gallon when all is said and done. I drink green tea during working hours, here and there. But, I pig out on my breakfast burrito and my two lunches at work, in addition to my morning shake, which consists of whey isolate protein, WMS, and natural peanut butter. Today I skipped dinner, only opting for some greek yogurt to get a good steady dose of protein.

    What I have noticed, and is starting to show up, is muscle fullness. I get some good pumps when I work out and I know this is not solely the citrulline malate, or other preworkout goodies I add to my cocktail. I've been steadily using those for 7 weeks prior to using PR-XT and have not been as swoll after the workouts as I have been with PR-XT.

    Today was all arms: shoulders, tri's, bi's and forearms. I was stupid pumped immediately afterwards and after my shower just a few minutes ago, prior to this entry, I noticed fullness in the biceps, most notably the left one, which is lagging in comparison to my right one. Back still looks good. Finally getting that curve in the middle of the back.


    I went superset sity today. Partly to get in a good cardio-type rhythm, but also to blast my arms as much as I could.

    Seated Military Press & Standing Side Laterals & Bent-Over Rear Laterals
    -12x50; 10x15; 10x15
    -12x50; 10x15; 10x15
    -12x70; 10x15; 10x15
    -12x70; 10x15; 10x15

    Went seated on military to get a better control on the delts. I was surprised at how much easier the rear laterals were; although that fourth set was a doozy. Side laterals started out strong, then got tougher into the 3rd set. Left shoulder, the one that's been troubling me, felt like he was getting stronger. Not pain of any kind, just a good muscle burn.

    Triceps Pressdown & Barbell Curls
    -12x35; 12x56
    -13x35; 12x56
    -13x35; 10x61
    -12x35; 10x61

    Again, left arm, left triceps not as strong or as buff as the right. But, got in a good stretch via the pressdown using the resistance band. I could feel the triceps getting stretched out towards latter reps within each set. The fourth set of barbell curls was a doozy. Had to cheat just a smidge on the last two, but made sure to control the negative. Left biceps wants to get back in the game. Awesome!

    Skullcrushers & Hammer Curls
    -12x36; 10x25
    -12x41; 10x25
    -12x41; 10x25 (using Arm Blaster)

    I wanted to go four sets, but my arms were so full I could barely raise them up or even stretch them out. I could have gone heavier on the first set of skullcrushers, but still, wanted to get in a better stretch, get some elongation going on. I used the Arm Blaster for the final set of Hammer Curls to get a strict form and let the right muscles do all the work. Paid off!

    Wrist Curls - 6 total, up and down.

    Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls - about 45 seconds non-stop. (I tried to go for a minute, but the burning was too much.)

    Arms were bulging, but I felt good. Not tired, but not fresh. I knew I had put in some work. Eager to attack next week with some tweaks here and there.

    For now, I'd say PR-XT is paying off in the muscle fullness category for me.

    26 days to go to see what types of solid gold goodies await!

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  17. Solid day dude dayum. Swollen arms of peace!
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  18. It's the winter swollstice! HAHA!
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  19. good pump and muscle has begun!!!

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  20. Day Six of Thirty

    Day Six:

    Quick update: I've noticed greater confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Normally, I'm not one to chit-chat or joke with people, unless I know them well or like them enough to do so. Today, and even this week, I've been killing it with the sarcasm and wittiness, just like I usually am with my friends.

    I've been more astute of this and have noticed a gradual "postivity", to coin a phrase, since I've been using PR-XT. Granted, this was starting to build prior to using it, but, I feel PR-XT has augmented this quality, as I'm more confident and assertive, at least with regards to no longer being timid or dare I say, unnecessarily bashful.

    I'm an introvert by nature, and have been working on my social skills. Just like lifting, it's getting stronger. With PR-XT, I feel no inhibitions (THAT'S THE WORD) that might have held me back in the past.

    Call it alpha, call it en fuego, but don't call it maybe!

    No workout tonight, but I will be meeting up an old co-worker buddy, and have a pint or two (at most!--it's a cheat day, but I'm gonna have a gourmet burger beforehand) and see what the chicas are all about this evening. Gonna start in with the cardio tomorrow, most likely via jump roping, as I'm not a fan of running, and figured with jump roping I can get a good burn and also get the calves some much needed exercise.

    I'll update again, once I'm back from the bar to see how things roll out. See if I can generate some raw, animal magnetism. Wait, given how I'm feeling, I won't have to generate it -- just be myself!


    Final update for today:

    Felt good as I was out and about. Nothing to brag about or anything like that. Did attract the attention of one lady, but that didn't pan out as I would have liked to. (Too long to go into detail.) If the situation was different, it would've been handled. Feelin' it with some gusto.

    I grubbed up on my gourmet burger, an arugula salad and a giant pretzel to top it all off. Only two smooth pints afterwards and now, gonna load up on some water.

    Feeling stronger, in more ways than one! Getting through that first round to kick some serious arse!

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  21. confidence is a good thing....and women dig it, lol.

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  22. Day Seven:

    Non-workout day. Just grubbed, read, watched some movies. Kept it low key. I did grub hearty. I had another hamburger, not gourmet status, but a nice charbroiled burger. Was gonna go for cheese, but figured without would be just fine--and it was.

    Spread out my dosages during the day. Had two with pancakes and turkey sausage. Two with a protein shake later in the day and just finished taking two with my carne asada. Damn, I love my carne asada and I remember reading in a Flex magazine many moons ago, that you gotta eat your red meat if you wanna gain mass. I'm in!

    Still have good energy and overall solid disposition. Feel pretty much ready to take on anything that comes my way! I should have started the jump roping today, but didn't quite get to it. Was to busy reading the script for Django Unchained a friend got me.

    After a week, things are progressing quite well. Still thankful I was selected for the free bottle of PR-XT.

    I know I said that I would use the scale as rudimentary gauge, as bodyweight is something in constant flux, but, this morning, after answering nature's call, I was around 197. I didn't feel any pudgier in the belly, but, I never did measure my bodyfat. Looking in the mirror, I was looking about the same--somewhat started to slim up, but not full on. Again, still have not yet incorporated the cardio.

    If that holds, and if that increases, then PR-XT will have me sold. That is, if all that I'm eating is being utilized more efficiently as a result of the ingredients in the PR-XT.

    Still too soon to ascertain one way or another, but seven days down, twenty-three to go!

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  23. Nice update brosef.

    Sounds kinda like the day I'm gonna have today, studying all day then catching Walking Dead tonight.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  24. Thanks, brometheus. Whatcha studying?
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  25. Hell week coming before break, midterms in Medical Nutrition Therapy and Food/Health Economics.

    Joyous day, indeed.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative


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