MRoss65 AgeForce Fat Burner Log New Formula

  1. MRoss65 AgeForce Fat Burner Log New Formula

    First I want to thank Daft205 and djbombsquad for the opportunity to log this product. Truly thank you.

    Basic rundown of my diet for this log:
    6:00am breakfast 3 hardboiled eggs. And bagel generally without spread

    10:00am First Protein shake

    12:00-1:00pm usually just some quick canned Tuna on flat round or bowl of oatmeal. Generally large portion.

    3:00-4:00pm. Second protein shake this is most often after training.

    6:00pm dinner fish, chicken, or steak with brown rice and veggie.

    Current weight as of 6:00am is 300lbs

    In bed generally by 9-10pm.

    I train 5-6 days a week because I am following a powerlifting program my lifting Is pretty intense and I work around 70% max most days. I will start taking the product today after dinner. I will be following the directions as posted on the product. I will update every training day!

    Thank you all for reading stay posted!!!

  2. Sorry guys will actually be starting tonight. I had to drive to Columbus, Ohio for a football tryout and forgot my patches. Just got home will pop one on tonight after dinner!

    Today is a light chest day will post afterwards with what lift routine. For day.

    Thank you

  3. Pretty good upper body workout today

    Upper body light day:

    Dumbbell flat Bench press: 110lbs, 10 sets of 6

    Dumbbell flys 60lbs 5 sets of 10

    Floor press 315lbs 5 sets of 5

    Incline bench press 225 5 sets of 10

    Machine Flys 305lbs 5 sets of 5

    Hammer curls 70lbs 5 sets of 5

    Skull crushers 110lbs 5 sets of 10

    Finished workout with 1 mile run and 15 minute cool down.

    Now dinner and patch! I will let you all know how I sleep and if I notice anything with patch.

    Thank you for reading. Update tomorrow.

  4. Wore the patch for the first time Sunday night after a grueling working and light dinner.

    I had a little trouble sleeping with the patch on but not because the patch was agitating me but because I could notice a change in body temperature. Nothing major I turned my fan on low and fell right back asleep.

    Had no training Monday and due to some car trouble I had to move today's workout to tomorrow. No big deal ate lighter to compensate for lack of training. Still going to wear my patch tonight because tomorrow's workout will be tough. It's a heavy Deadlift and back day so lots of singles and heavy triples.

    Oh before I sign off my weight today was Exactly 300lbs. Same as Sunday. But I don't expect to lose weight extremely fast. Possibly an extra pound a week. Well I will keep you guys updated check back tomorrow to see my back workout.


  5. Well I have been using the age force patches for a week now. The first night was tough because I could feel my temp rising and it was tough on my sleep cycle. But I have gotten the routine down now. I put the patch on every other day, now right after my shower in the evening. I still can feel my temp go up a bit but it doesn't have an affect on my sleep now. I weighed in today again at 300lbs. This is not discouraging for me because my last week has been stressful. I haven't changed my eating but have had a car accident and some personal stuff i would rather not delve into. But I can feel the patch working and once u clear my mind and get back to normal I believe this will work.

    Sorry about the delay this week in posting. I will keep you all updated this week at least a few more times.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Alright guys update time.

    Today was back day:

    Lots of rows an Deadlifts. Light weights had a heavy Deadlift session last night.

    But finished up with 30min on the stairs and 30 min on the bike to wear my legs out totally.

    Diet has been good still eating three solid meals and two shakes.

    Cardio has been up a bunch to help with the weight loss. Today I weighed in at 298lbs not bad but I will keep working my butt off. About to start my semi-pro football season next month hoping to be in prime shape!

  7. Just a quick update! Getting really used to sleeping with the patches on. After they stick on you almost forget about them. After the first few days it's been really easy to sleep. I'm not getting as hot. Still warm but nothing major. It's actually pretty nice considering its been 27 and snowy the last few days. Well I am about to head to bed ill give a weight update in the morning. Good night Guys.

  8. Subbed, Columbus eh? I'm from Mansfield area
    *~The Pain You Feel Today, Will Be the Strength You Feel Tomorrow~*

  9. Good morning again fellow AMers. Well lets do a quick update on my progress. I have been working really hard to try and get over my 298-300 hump and it's really hard. My nutrition is good and my training is intense but my sleeping and stress has been high. I am going to head down to our local metro park to do some running today. It's very nice in Cleveland today! Right now it's 45 heading to 50. Hopefully it will help. It should be nice just to get out.

    Back to the patches though. Tonight I'm going to try and have a early dinner and get to bed rather early. Felt good doing this last time. Sleep was better

    Weight update as of 3-10-13 298lbs

    Though no movement I'm not discouraged. This week will be better. Will update tomorrow on sleep.

    Thanks for reading!

  10. Well guys another update!

    Last night I had my first football practice went well worked really hard. After I got home and finished my routine I put on a patch and I have to say I have not slept better since using the patch. When I woke up this morning my weight was 296lbs most of this is probably from loss of water weight.

    Hit the gym after work for light cardio and some speed Deadlifts. Going to get ready for bed now!

    Thank you all for reading!

    Update coming tomorrow.

  11. Hey guys just a quick Monday update!

    Have been working on cardio and it's starting to show. I'm not dropping a ton of weight but I am feeling much more energy in the mornings. My body feels tighter and my clothes are starting to fit a bit more loose. Very nice. I'm going to keep doing the amount of cardio/conditioning I am doing for football and in general.

    I have been trying all the different places you can put the patch. I started using it on the wrist but I want to see if different spots help absorption into the body. Trying the stomach area this week.

    Current body weight is 295lbs

    Dropping the pounds slowly but they are shedding and my body looks and feels tighter. I guess that's a vague term but I mean my rolls are shrinking even though my weight isn't changing much.

    Well guys thanks for reading. Will post again soon!

  12. Good afternoon everyone! Sorry about the delay in update! I was celebrating my birthday week and have been busy training with my team and new strength and conditioning coach Curtis Terry!

    But anyways lets get down to it. My cardio last week was Tuesday an Thursday I did a crossfit wod. Followed each Wod with a 2 mile jog. I have been really hammering my body hard the last few weeks and it's starting to take its toll. Soreness has been hard to deal with. Does anyone have a remedy other than just rest? I've been doing stretching and foam rolling. But it does not help as much as I would like.

    Today's weight 295lbs

  13. Well guys been a busy week glad to post again today. Coming down to the wire on my patches and I think this has been a good experience.

    Practice Wednesday was rough I was sick but went anyways. So I have lost a lot of water weight from sweating and other expelling of fluids.

    Starting a new powerlifting program at the end of this month Sunday going to try Brandon Lilly's Cube method. Just wondering if anyone has run this program before? Will keep my cardio high trying to lose slow so I can keep my strength. It's been very good so far!

    Well my weight today was 289lbs but like I said most of this is from illness. Regular weight after kicking this flu should be around 295-294.

    Well thank you all for staying updated and let me know what you think!


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