Going Ham with Prime, Anabeta Elite, Beta Alanine + More!

  1. Going Ham with Prime, Anabeta Elite, Beta Alanine + More!

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    Age: 25
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Currently 138
    Years Training: 4 years but stopped for 3 years (not accurate but close lol)

    I'll be taking supplements as directed in the label.

    Goals: get jacked and hopefully gain 15-20lbs.

    Diet: 4-6 meals a day… take 2-3 shakes a day.. (ON 100% whey protein)

    Other Supplements: Creatine(Beast), modern bcaa , Swoll N and Supp D, Orange traid, fish oil

    Work-out Schedule:

    Mon - Back/Bi
    Tues - Off
    Wed - Chest/tris
    Thurs - Off
    Friday - Shoulders/legs

    I work out my abs at home, I'll be doing that every day.


    This week I started work-out schedule like this because work related reasons.

    Mon - OFF
    Tues - Back/Bi
    Wed - Chest/tris
    Thurs - Off
    Friday - Shoulders/legs

    How I use to look like when I worked out....

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    How I look like now after stopping for 3 years and smoking cigs... btw, It's been 1 month and a half since i've quit

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    that's it for now. i'll post about my first day at the gym in a few hours. Feel free for any inputs! I appreciate the help


  2. Day 1

    Woke up early in the morning and made myself eggs,chicken breast on a bagel. Had me real full. Right after I took

    PRIME: 3 caps with food

    AnaBeta Elite - 1 cap on 4 times per day as directed on Day 1

    Fish Oil - 1 cap

    Orange Traid 1 cap

    felt like I was over-dosing on pills and for some reason I have gag-reflexes with big pills. A few hours later I started taking

    Beast creatine 30 min before workout then Swoll'n and Supp D 20 min before workout. On my way to the gym I felt a slight rise in body temperature and my mood. I can't really describe the feeling but I was sort of a bit dizzy. I feel like with any energy drinks I take it doesn't do well with my body.. maybe because I am already hyper? SHould I continue with Supp-D? Maybe is all the pills im taking? any ideas? I am also confused about when to take bcaa. I feel like since I'm taking Beta Alanine is it worth taking it? Either way since it's been forever since I've worked out I started with Back.After I finished with my reps I felt real dizzy for like 5 seconds then it would go away, I feel like since I havent gone to the gym that could be the cause. I still continued with my work out.

    Seated Rows
    Sets: 3
    Reps: 10

    Sets: 3
    Reps: 10

    Bent Over Row

    Sets: 3Reps 10

    Hammer Row
    Sets: 3
    Reps: 10


    Arm Curl Machine

    Seated DumbBell Curls
    Sets: 3

    Seated Bar Curls
    Reps 10

    I stopped there, I didn't feel that well to stay longer.

  3. In! Good luck getting back into the swing of things man.
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  4. Day 2

    Barbell Bench Press - 1) 70lbs 2) 80lbs 3) 90lbs with help 3 10

    Incline Bench Press followed by pushups 1) 50lbs 2) 70lbs 3) 70lbs with help. 3 8

    Decline Bench Press 1) 50lbs 2) 70lbs 3) 70lbs 3 10

    Cable Crossovers 3 12

    Dumbbell Flys - 1) 60lbs 2) 60lbs 3) 60lbs with help 3 10


    Close grip bench press - 1) 70lbs 2) 70lbs 3) 70lbs 3 15-12-10

    Straight bar pushdowns - 1) 50lbs 2) 50lbs 3) 50lbs 3 10

    Seated Low Pulley Overhead Tricep Extension - 1) 50lbs 2) 50lbs 3) 50lbs 3 10

    I also did some ab workout routines.

    Overall, today was a great day. I felt alot better then what I did yesterday. I was more focused and I def felt the Supp D kick in! Swoll'n and Supp D is a great pre-workout supp. I also couldn't swallow half the pills (read my previous post; gag reflex) so I just opened them up and through the powder inside in a drink and chugged it. Felt pumped throughtout the day aswell and wanted to stay at the gym longer then what I expected. Nothing much on size gains but it's only day 2. Taking the day off tomorrow. I'll be back at it this Friday!

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