1-Carboxy log

  1. 1-Carboxy log

    Hey guys, I'm inputting my experience with this 1-carboxy from USPowders
    Purchased from Nutraplanet. Date purchased was 2/11/13. I have taken it starting that night , the next night 2/12/13, and thereafter right before my workouts combined with solarrays eccg so the carboxy can be utilized as best as possible. I believe i skipped a day, but recall this past sat I took it when I purchased my eccg and was hornier than Ron Jeremy himself. I don't know it was a placebo effect, but I could not concentrate on my workout becuause my D*** was too damn sensitive. I have noticed my drive alittle better, and from now on will be taking it before workout due to the fact that the eccg contains caffeine. I take my p-5-p before bed, so don't one inhibiting the other. I have always had prolactin issues and am trying to find a method to control it. Last time I had my prolactin checked it came in at 9.8 ng/ml.
    I had been previously to a regular doc and it came in at 24.1, hence I was referred to an endo, and thats when it was 9.8. Now as to why it was the lowest it has been since I was on bromo long time ago due to the same issue, idk.Heres my blood work profile from that previous endo visit.
    SODIUM 138 MMOL/L 135-145
    POTASSIUM 4.1 MMOL/L 3.5-5.1
    CHLORIDE 101 MMOL/L 98-107
    GLUCOSE 60 MG/DL 70-100
    BUN 12 MG/DL 7-22
    CREATININE 0.68 MG/DL .60-1.30
    CALCIUM 9.8 MG/DL 8.5-10.1
    ALBUMIN 4.4 G/DL 3.4-5.0
    PROTEIN TOTAL 7.7 G/DL 6.4-8.2
    BILIRUBIN TOTAL 0.5 MG/DL 0.2-1.0
    GOT (AST) 26 IU/L 15-37
    GPT (ALT) 49 IU/L 12-78
    ANION GAP 8 MMOL/L 4-15

    A/G RATIO 1.3 1.0-2.0
    ESTIMATED GFR >60 ml/min/1.73m 2 >60
    LH 3.6 MIU/ML 1.2-10.6 mIU/mL
    FSH 5.0 MIU/ML 0.7-10.8
    TSH REFLEX FT4 2.25 MIU/L 0.40-5.00
    TESTOSTERONE FREE 73.0 35.0-155.0 PG/ML

    So some research led me to this supp. Last yr I had ordered a blood prolactin test online and was only 1 point from passing the ref range. So..
    I plan on taking more blood work again after this to see where its at. Im getting pretty tired of my effin hormones sucking a**.Im 24 btw.
    As of right now I dont have health insurance, I dont feel like paying 80 bucks a month for some bs endo to give me the run around for another 35 dollars on top of that as co-pay.
    If this does not work, I might try ar-r.com. Any input on experience with prolactin control and this website would be greatly appreciated. So log starts now:
    2/18/13-took 800 mg of 1-carboxy with 400mg green tea ( 98 % polyphenols,80 % catechins, and 200 mg eccg at 50 %) and 50 mg yerba mate. Worked out, did shoulders,did ok as of energy although I have cut down on carbs.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Took 800 mg with eccg upon waking. Feel ok. Also I forgot to mention, with my prolactin problem,there has been sensitive tissues right under my nipple on my left breast. Still bothers me somewhat. I do know it has to do with prolactin because in the past when I was on bromo,that problem went away. Ill keep you guys posted on this

  3. Wellshii, is prolactin control your sole reason for using 1-Carboxy? In your case I think it'd be best to see the endo. You might be able to discuss natural/OTC options with them.
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  4. hello, and from the last blood test ,my prolactin was within normal range. I dont know whats going on,but its just a hassle. So far though I fell good,my libido has increased,my workouts are pretty good,but in the end,blood work will prove the results.

  5. Been taking it everyday ,in the mornings due to the fact that all hormones are highest upon waking,so far,my breast tissue still irritates me,but not as much,I have noticed an increase in libido, but in the end,blood work will prove results as I mentioned above.

  6. Been a year,sorry I couldnt get bloodwork done,but I still take the stuff,and does help bigtime with refrac period.Take it right after orgasm or before ,it keeps me hard after cumming. When I get a job and health insurance,Ill get bloodwork done .But the effects are there


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