first off would like to thank Mack411 for all his awesome info, help and this sample from his own tub. stand up guy right here

Mixibility: 4/5 ok so it mixed pretty weel, no chunks or clumps but like every other product, refill with a little more water after downing it and its all good

Taste: 5/5 freakin awesome taste. just how i like it, not so sweet like most flavored drinks and a hint of sour. i rather drink somethin a bit more sour than sweet. i did add more water than needed so that prolly why the bitter taste but i loved it

Focus: 5/5 fanfreakintastic focus. 15min after drinkin felt a warm feeling and when i got to the gym, i couldnt wait to hit treadmill. 10min pass like it was 1 min. half hour passes like it was 5min. u are so focused and happy its great. compared to n-pept 10 by lgi, this stuff was a lot more chiller. n-pept would be more for aggressive lifting instead of a cardio where u just wanna focus on happy thoughts than troubling life thoughts. ab workouts after was like insane. i wanted to keep goin and goin and not leave the gym at all.

Energy: 5/5 straight clean energy with no crash. this is the caffeine free version too and i havent tried regular but no need since i enjoyed the energy out of this

Endurance: 5/5 made me wanna keep goin on treadmill and ab workouts. ended up goin extra time and just felt great

overall: 5/5 next pay check, gettin 2 tubs. i cant imagine my workouts without a scoop of this stuff. everything just feels perfect. some things have been goin downhill for me lately and was depressed but this just made me happy all day. i cant even wait till im back in school and see how this is with studying. like i said, compared to other harder notrops, this one is by far the best