PNI Prodigy Review

  1. PNI Prodigy Review

    I went ahead and submitted this in the review section as well.

    Big thanks to Luke_PNI for sending me this. Came at a perfect time where I had run out of my previous one just a couple days prior.

    My Background:
    I've been pretty reliant on stim heavy pre-workouts and was not able to taper off before submitting this review. This review is based of using the PWO 3 times so far. Average Scoops for myself is 2 scoops.
    Experience: Hemo Rage, OG Jack3d, C4, War, Nano Vapor(ugh), SuperCharge Xtreme, a couple others.

    Flavor sampled: Watermelon
    Initial taste was delicious but come 3 seconds later is this awful aftertaste. Not the worst i've ever tasted but it's definitely noticeable and can easily turn you away if taste is a big issue to you. For myself, taste is a luxury. As long as the product delivers, I could care less about a ****ty 1-2 minutes of taste. I have read other reviews on this product and they didn't mention the aftertaste which makes me think it's somewhat individual dependent.
    I've continued to read a couple other reviews, and none seem to mention a bitter aftertaste. it may be that I had a slightly different batch.

    The pump was great, it wasn't too much but rather perfect, lasted through out my entire workout. Perfect feeling of Fullness especially when lifting.

    Strength and endurance both went up. I feel like the previous pre workout I was on was having little to no effect on me besides the pump. This allowed me in the 3 days i've used it so far to hit 2 new PR's.

    Mixes extremely well. Because of the aftertaste, I like to use it in the Shot method, so 2-4oz of water and down it in 2 gulps. No residue left behind, no clumps, no grit.

    This is one of my top pre-workouts when it comes to delivery in terms of energy and focus. The come up is VERY Smooth and clean, it levels out and lasts for a good hour and a half to two hours. So clean that it feels like there are no stims. Definitely nice to have a PWO that isn't dependent on Caffeine or 1,3 despite their effectiveness. This definitely measures up. There is no crashing afterwords and I feel great for the rest of the day. With my previous PWO, I would intake, and not be able to fall asleep for 4-5 hours after. With this, I'm able to get my work out done effectively, come back and fall asleep (My schedule demands it). The BA tingles are perfect. IDK if it's due to my built-up resistance to it from the previous workout but it's a slight tingle sensation and not overbearing. Aggressive workouts but calm and collected. Focus was great on getting reps done and reaching those goals.

    Price is great! Because I don't rate a PWO based on taste, I have to give this a 5. Will definitely be buying again (trying blueberry next) assuming the rest of this month goes well. Any changes and i'll update this review with my thoughts and opinions.
    OBSESSED is a word the LAZY use to describe the DEDICATED.
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  2. Your very welcome man ! Thank you for your service and was the least I could do along with helping you with your diet and training. You have made so much progress and I know it doesn't help where your at right now, but wont be forever. Keep doin work ! Thank you for the support and the awesome review and glad you loved Prodigy.
    Broser Built Athlete

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