Going Hard w/ IML 1-ANDRO Rx: review/log

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  2. 3/11- Chest

    incline bench: 270x8, 285x6, 300x4, 315x3, 330x2, 260x10
    plate loaded dips: 320x2x12
    hang cleans: 115x2x3, 125x2x3
    pull-downs: 160x12, 175x9
    machine shoulder press: 130x5x5 (done explosively)
    face pulls: 115x15, 130x15

    Felt motivated today..unfortunately my shoulders are killing me - had 1 more set of 345x1 to do, but i cut that one out. Knocked out those 260x10 though.

    3/12 - lower body

    conv. DL's: 295x3, 335x3, 380x3, 435x1, 365x1, [315x5 -> pulled as fast n hard as possible
    leg press: 360x10, 450x10, 540x2x10, 610x10
    hyp. extensions: +35lbs: 2x15
    legcurls, seated: 85x12, 100x12
    sit-ups +25lbs: 2x20
    BB calf raise: 135x20, 185x2x20

    Felt dam good and driven to get those DL's up! 435 came up a lil slow like the 420 i hit last week, but no sticking points at all...so..happy about that. The 365 and 315 I pulled with as much speed and hip drive as possible to fix the slowness.

    Legpress went well too -accidentally did 2 sets of 450, but was all good..good reps. Hit 610 for my first time- first 7 reps weren't so bad, but the last 3 were tough, but I drove those 3 home.

    Weight: ~190

    == slowly leaning out and getting stronger at the same time

  3. Final Summary:

    Cycle ended a couple days ago.

    -incline bench is about the same - shoulder pains kicked in last week & havent been able to push as hard as I'd like
    -Deadlifts are steadily rising..up to a 435lb single - just 20lbs away from my all-time PR (pre-injury)
    -Kroc rows - 100lb DB - have gotten noticeably easier
    -front squats up to 250x6 and 230x5x5 - i figure about a 20lb increase in max ( 1 rep calculated )
    -fullness in delts & chest increase
    -ending weight= 189 lbs

    I saw slow, steady gains; strength increased while dropping weight. Not as powerful as some other PH's, but with a higher dose - maybe 5-6 caps ( i was using 4 ) would be ideal. I'd say this is a PH for the intermediate lifter - one who has their diet and training down. My aim was to increase strength & I was able to do so.

  4. Good review!


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