Pre-contest log: 7 weeks out and Hyper T2 is taking me in!

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Size:  76.2 KB3342 calories burned yesterday. Another pretty good day considering the bulk of my work day was spent sitting! It's easy to see that this 7 day calorie burn average is going to blow away the 7 day average from October. I know I have done some hard work over the past 3 1/2 months with the increased lifting volume and my best, realistic guess is that I have put on around 2-3 solid pounds in that time. That extra muscle is helping with some of those extra caloris being burned but I also think that the Hyper T2 is playing a solid role in those numbers.

    The past 2 Bootcamp workouts have come with alot more sweat than usual. Also, I am experiencing these breif peroids throughout the day of increased body temperature. Almost like what I would think a "hot flash" for women would feel like. The sensation only lasts about 5 minutes or so but the episode is dinstinct and noticeable. I can remember 2 such episodes today.

    Besides those 2 noticeable effects, I feel normal and good. My energy levels are right where they have always been and there is no effect as far as my weight workouts go. My weight last night was 193.5 and I'm going to the scale as we speak to see what tonight looks like. Standby.....197. I fluctuate so much during the day that I'm going to abandon the nightly weigh-ins. I'll start hitting the scale first thing in the mornings to see if I can get a more acurate, steady number to chart my progress. I am continuing to lean down though so the mirror is telling me all the right things. I will get some week 1 pics up this weekend!

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  3. Weekend Update: Today marks the end of week #1 with Hyper T2 and 6 weeks to go until the show. I'm right on track where I need to be. I'm leaning down day after's funny because I notice that I lean out from the top of my abs, down. That's probably the same for most guys but I can really track where I'm at in the process by the ab definition. weight this morning was 191. That is the same as it was 2 days ago, so the morning weight really is my best measuring stick.

    My calorie expenditure, day to day, continues to exceed what it was back in October. Here are the last 2 days:
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    I'll run the average number after today but it looks to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3400 calories. That would be more than a 200 calorie/day increase over the average from October.
    I continue to experience the mini hot-flashes throughout the day from Hyper T2. Again, they aren't very long in duration...maybe 5 minutes or so and they aren't really uncomfortable. They are very noticeable though and They'll hit whenever, without regard to my activity level or surroundings. I've felt the body temp increase just sitting at a desk, typing. They really make me take notice and signal that Hyper T2 is doing "something"!
    Week 1 Progress pics:
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    The definition is slowly working its way down the midsection. As always, the lower abs/obliques area is the last to show through. But for 6 weeks out, I think I'm right on track to come in as lean as ever.

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  5. So... I tallied up my 7 day average calorie expenditure numbers from the last week: 3460 calories per day. That number is in direct comparison to the 7 day average from October 2012, which was: 3170 calories per day. That gives me a full 290 calorie per day increase in expenditure over where I was 4 months ago. Most of the variables were the same as well...typical work week, typical diet, typical workouts, etc. The 2 main differences between now and then is the addition of Hyper T2 and the fact that I am, conservatively, 2-3 muscles pounds heavier. Wherever we want to place, all/most/some of the credit, those are the two different factors. Maybe in a couple months, after the run of Hyper T2 is over, I'll do another 7 day average for comparison, but for now, I'm giving some of the kudos to Hyper T2 for raising up my RMR and helping to burn extra calories per day!! Look at it this way...if the Hyper T2 is responsible for only and extra 100 cals per day, over a 7 week run that totals 4900 calories which is well over a pound of fat. Who wouldn't take an extra pound to pound and a half of fat gone in 7 weeks (At a minimum!)?? Especially when you're in show prep and every last ounce of fat you can shed can make all the difference.

  6. Terribly sorry to everyone for the lack of updates over the past 12 days. I was out of town for about 9 of those days and between thay and family stuff from sun-up to sun-down, finding any time at all to log was next to impossible. My schedule is back to normal now and my goal is to log daily from now to the contest. Yesterday marked the 4-week out mark so this is really the home stretch. I was able to snap a quick progress pic yesterday morning: Name:  20130302_053340.jpg
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Size:  84.9 KB There isn't much left but water. My weight is really holding strong...last night's weight was 195.5 and this morning was 194. This is awesome because those numbers are really proving that I built some nice, quality muscle over the past 4 months. I am being kicked off my I will update about my workouts and diet later tonight. Also, I've made a few changes to my supplementation I'll go into but the Hyper-T2 is still strong!!

  7. I haven't changed much, if anything, in regards to my diet. I've been keeping my calories anywhere from 2800-3000 per day, focuing on getting in at least 40-45% protein. As a matter of regular habit now, my macros run around 300g protein, 250-275g carbs, and 60-90g fat a day. I'm able to eat pretty much the same meals every day so maintaining a decent consistency is easier for me.

    My workouts are pretty much status quo as well. Bootcamp is 4 days a week (M,W,TH,F). A solid hour of kettlebells, ropes, TRX, plyos, medicine balls, sleds, etc. I'm still getting good lifting sessions in as well, at least 4 a week. I always hit chest and traps twice, usually Sunday and Thursday, Back on Monday nights, Arms and Shoulders on Thursdays and Legs on Saturday.

    The biggest change has come in my supplementation. Along with continuing the Hyper T2, I've added in Versa-1 and one of my all-time favorites, Triazole. I really wanted to boost my test up and have a chance to continue to gain muscle, or at the very least, preserve every last ounce of it while I am slowly cutting away the fat to contest date. Everything is moving in the right direction. The mirror is telling me that I am leaning down week by week and the scale is actually staying steady, if not moving up by a pound or two. For contest prep, the mirror is the final judge and I feel like I'm on a good track.

  8. You're looking pretty dang lean bro!
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  9. Thanks. My goal is to hit the stage at 4% or below. Easier said than done. I'm going to have my bodyfat done tomorrow morning to see what kind of work I have left to do this month!

  10. Looking good man.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Looking good man.
    lean as hell!!!

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  12. Nice Bootcamp workout this morning. The results of my bodyfat test this morning put me at 5.4%. That gives me 4 weeks to shave of at least 1.4% bodyfat to hit the goal number of 4%. Based on my weight, I'm looking at needing to lose 3 pounds of fat. Everything is going to have be super-tight this last month. Cardio is going to 90 minutes a day at minimum. The plan for tonight is to sneak into the gym and knock out a good back lift and another 30-45 min of cardio. This ish just got serious....

  13. Today is a cardio only day. I finished a solid hour this morning before work and I'm getting ready to knock out another 30-45 on the bike in the living room. Diet today was perfect...290g carbs, 290g pro, 70g fat. Tomorrow morning is Bootcamp first thing and then I will try and squeeze in arms and/or shoulders sometime in the evening.

    Weight this morning was 193.

  14. Subbed,great physique already and nice work so far!
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by memphis_slim View Post
    Today is a cardio only day. I finished a solid hour this morning before work and I'm getting ready to knock out another 30-45 on the bike in the living room. Diet today was perfect...290g carbs, 290g pro, 70g fat. Tomorrow morning is Bootcamp first thing and then I will try and squeeze in arms and/or shoulders sometime in the evening.

    Weight this morning was 193.
    do you have a target weight?

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  16. In a perfect world, I would keep myself at 193-194. More realistically though, I would be pleased with ending up at 191 pounds and 4%. 191 pounds would give me 3 pound muscle increase since last November.

  17. Should be interesting to see where you end up. You look lean man!!!!
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  18. Whew! Finally done! I really need to apologize for being so lax with my log...I really meant to keep it up on a near daily basis but between work, family, diet, working out, etc...I barely felt like I got enough time to sleep, let alone log. But, here it is, the dramatic conclusion.

    The 2013 Vancouver Tanji Johnson classic wrapped up last night and I am very pleased to report that I took 1st place in my Men's Physique Division. The competition was extremely tough...there were 18 guys in my class...many who were 10-15 years younger than I am. But I think the added muscle over the past 5 months really helped me, even though I was not as lean as I was for the November 2012 show. Here are some show pics from yesterday:Name:  show.jpg
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    The preparation for this show was tough and I want to give an extra special thanks to everybody at Lecheek for allowing me the privilege of running Oxy ECA Black and Hyper T2 in order to get ready for this show! Your products are awesome and it was a joy to use them!

    My stats ended up looking like this: Weight the morning of the show 191. Final bodyfat the Wednesday before the show was just over 6%. So, comparitively, my body fat was up about 3-4 pounds from November but my lean mass was also up 4 pounds...accounting for the 8 pound increase. My goal now is to shave off that extra 3-4 pounds of fat over the next 5 weeks and retain the muscle gains. If I can bring all the same lean mass to the next show but at 4% instead of 6%, I'm going to very happy with that!!

    Couple last pics just to end the log right: Pic of the trophy and the morning after pic (after eating a whole pizza, bowl of ice cream, assorted Easter Candy)Name:  20130330_213423.jpg
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    Thanks to all who followed along with me on this journey. Good luck to all of you who will be competing somewhere this year! The acheivement is in the process, not the stage result! Remember that

  19. Congrats in the win! Look forward to seeing your progress
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  20. Nice work and congrats on the win. We totally understand with the contest prep man no worries
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