Pre-contest log: 7 weeks out and Hyper T2 is taking me in!

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  1. In a perfect world, I would keep myself at 193-194. More realistically though, I would be pleased with ending up at 191 pounds and 4%. 191 pounds would give me 3 pound muscle increase since last November.

  2. Should be interesting to see where you end up. You look lean man!!!!
    FOCUSED Nutrition Lead Rep

  3. Whew! Finally done! I really need to apologize for being so lax with my log...I really meant to keep it up on a near daily basis but between work, family, diet, working out, etc...I barely felt like I got enough time to sleep, let alone log. But, here it is, the dramatic conclusion.

    The 2013 Vancouver Tanji Johnson classic wrapped up last night and I am very pleased to report that I took 1st place in my Men's Physique Division. The competition was extremely tough...there were 18 guys in my class...many who were 10-15 years younger than I am. But I think the added muscle over the past 5 months really helped me, even though I was not as lean as I was for the November 2012 show. Here are some show pics from yesterday:Name:  show.jpg
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    The preparation for this show was tough and I want to give an extra special thanks to everybody at Lecheek for allowing me the privilege of running Oxy ECA Black and Hyper T2 in order to get ready for this show! Your products are awesome and it was a joy to use them!

    My stats ended up looking like this: Weight the morning of the show 191. Final bodyfat the Wednesday before the show was just over 6%. So, comparitively, my body fat was up about 3-4 pounds from November but my lean mass was also up 4 pounds...accounting for the 8 pound increase. My goal now is to shave off that extra 3-4 pounds of fat over the next 5 weeks and retain the muscle gains. If I can bring all the same lean mass to the next show but at 4% instead of 6%, I'm going to very happy with that!!

    Couple last pics just to end the log right: Pic of the trophy and the morning after pic (after eating a whole pizza, bowl of ice cream, assorted Easter Candy)Name:  20130330_213423.jpg
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    Thanks to all who followed along with me on this journey. Good luck to all of you who will be competing somewhere this year! The acheivement is in the process, not the stage result! Remember that

  4. Congrats in the win! Look forward to seeing your progress
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  5. Nice work and congrats on the win. We totally understand with the contest prep man no worries
    FOCUSED Nutrition Lead Rep


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