Bottom line: Increased Strength, Increased Aggression, Increased Weight

You can skip the rest if that's all you wanted to know.

Today is the end of the 5th week on a Ultradrol/Furazabolin Cycle. I didn't find any reviews of people doing something similar prior to starting the cycle so I will post my lessons learned.
Starting Weight 185
Today's Weight: 195
This is my Fifth cycle and hands down the most effective. My other cycles consisted of Epi only x2, Halo only, Epi/Trenazone.
My diet was over maintenance calories, and my lifting was EOD doing a 5x5 of heavy compound exercises.
I started at 12mg/200mg of ultra/furaza and worked up to 20/300.

By the end of the first week I was up 2 pounds, but I didn't really notice the strength increases until day 18. I was taking 16/250mg at the time. Every lifting session after day 18 I was stronger, and that includes right up through today. Stronger and stronger everyday. Starting day 23 my elbow started to ache when I have been lifting, so it has slowed me down considerably. I think I am going to cut the cycle short (originally planned for 6 weeks), since I can not lift any upperbody exercises with out my elbow throbbing.

As far as sides, they seem pretty similar to the sides I had on Epistane only, minus the acne. So from most severe to least severe,
I have had decreased patience. Pretty much a shorter fuse, a lot shorter tolerance for Bull**** is probably the best way to describe it. If someone bumped in to me in a store, I usually would say excuse me and move on, on this cycle I want to rip off their arms and beat them with it. But it usually only lasts about 5 seconds. Back pumps (a feeling of just a lot of tightness in my back) I am hungrier. I feel a little bit cloudy mentally. My job requires me to track quite a few details mentally, and I feel a little bit slower/off my game. When it comes to sex, I tend to take a little longer in the sack, but that isn't a bad thing. I had a couple of days where I was super horny, but most of the time it seems like normal levels. I think my hair looks a little bit thinner, but it is very well possible that this is just my imagination. Also, I have a little lethargy this last week. I don't know if it is because of the cycle, or if I'm just bummed that i can't hit the upper body so I feel like I am wasting this cycle. I do place some blame for my elbow on the cycle. Either A, it has contributed to "drier joints" or just lifting the heavier weights has caused me to strain, what feels like the tendons in my elbow.

On cycle I took all the usual charecters, Orange Triad, Fish Oil, Cycle Assist, taurine, Dutasteride, Liv 52, Organ shield. PCT will be Nolva, Daa, Creatine, Cycle Assist till the bottle is gone.

There are some questions that I still don't have answers for. I don't know how much of this cycle has been aided by the Furaza. It was pretty expensive, relatively speaking, it would be nice to know.

Overall, I have been very happy with the cycle. I will repeated it again in about 6 months. I think I will try it with calorie defecit, if I can fight back the hunger urges, also I will swap the Furaza for Stano 200. I might start at 16 mg, and ride it out at 16 until I stop seeing gains. I'm not a regular on boards, but I I will try to check in on occasion to field any questions.