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  1. Hello everyone,

    I want to say thank you to NLA for allowing me to try these products.

    The bad, unfortunately I just could not get past the taste of the her aminos and uplift. I tried a few ounces of water, tried 16 oz and also tried it with other things like Crystal Lite. I have seen some other postings with positive reviews so I guess my palate is not where it should be.

    The good,

    Shred hers I really liked when taken with an extra cup of coffee. As mentioned, I drink alot of caffeine, it is in my Colombian blood but I definitely had a great sweat going.

    Her Whey - great product as well. Taste is very good, can't comment on it with water but with natural or vanilla almond milk, really good. Will definitely be getting more of these 2 products.

    Again thank you and I wish the company much success.

  2. we appreciate your honest feedback, stick around the boards

    All the best,




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