Gotti goes hard with Tropinol XP!

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  1. Wiffle Ball is no joke....i woke up with a ton of text messages from the team about how sore everyone is....i'm really sore as groin muscles feel awful and my lower abs are real sore...from some wiffle ball! review is being typed right now

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  3. many thanks for the log and great final review

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post

    Pump: For a test booster Tropinol gave amazing pumps. It's right up there in terms of pumps next to some of the more popular pump products. Maybe potassium nitrate is better and I'm not sure, I haven't had the greatest results with creatine nitrate or arginine nitrates in the past. The pumps were solid pumps too, nothing that ever harmed my workouts and in some cases didn't fully kick in until later in the workout. The pumps lasted a good 2 or 3 hours after my workouts but not much longer than that. However for a test booster to give the pumps that Tropinol did I was very impressed.

    Strength: My strength did not sky rocket and I wasn't really expecting it too. However my lifts for the most part felt solid. Weights were moving around more smooth and I was overall happy with the strength in my workouts besides a day or two which happens to everyone.

    Libido: Libido was increased but still mangeable. The libido switch was more easily turned on from random things however I was always in control and never felt like a cat in heat. I did experience some nights with my girlfriend when I couldn't get it out of my mind. Not the highest I've ever had in terms of libido but that really wasn't overall enjoyable....this was much more smooth.

    Mood/Agression: For the most part I like to think of myself as an easy going person. This brought it out to a higher extent. I was in a good mood 9/10 days and overall just walked around without a stress in the world. I did walk around with an extra limp in my walk though because of how good I felt and how confident I felt. There were those few times though when I got alittle agressive, for example at the gym when the equipment was busted. The angry and agressive feeling wasn't felt very often and for the most part a feeling a well being stood out for me on Tropinol.

    Body Comp: Calorie wise I was above maintence and in a gaining faze. I noticed in the mirror that I looked alittle thicker across the top and my calves also looked like they may have grown a bit. It's tough in just 25 days to see huge differences but there was one thing I really noticed. My midsection seemed to tighten up. I didn't add any extra cardio but certain nights I looked leaner and was seeing outlines of abs. At this part of the winter I wasn't expecting that. Maybe it was the diuretic effect from this product but it was nice to see especially since Tropinol seemed to really increase my hunger at certain times during the log. Some days during the log I couldn't eat enough food to stay satisfied, other days it wasn't too bad.

    So people may read this and think, well what can I use this product for? I believe Tropinol XP would work as a very versitile product. Yes, it's a test booster and who doesn't love that but it's also a pump product with mild diuretic effects.

    PCT: I think Tropinol XP would work well as part of a PCT. It has proven ingredients to help raise test. It works well with libido and if anyones ever experienced any kind of estrogen rebound they know they could end up holding onto some water which Tropinol XP would have you covered.

    Bulking: Because of the hunger increases I think Tropinol XP could be used effectively to help gain some mass. May want to get 2 bottles to really take advantage of the hunger increases and gain some solid weight. I also would believe that Tropinol XP would help keep the gains looking lean with the vascualrity and pumps it gives you.

    Cutting: Now I wouldn't recommend this by itself for a cut but with the right fat burner I think Tropinol would be awesome for a cut. As long as you can get past the hunger of the product this would shine during a cut. Tropinol helped bring out the vascularity for me and pumps, plus I was able to appear more lean while at a calories surplus.
    Nice review! How profound would you say the hunger increase was?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    Nice review! How profound would you say the hunger increase was?
    some days was pretty the one night i ate dinner, went up my girls and was starving so i ate home that night and was still hungry all within like a 5 hour was no problem to increase my calories on tropinol, i didn't plan on going higher in calories but for the most part it left me no choice......however some days it was at least manageable which is cool because i can only bring so much food to work wit me

  6. final review/thoughts was extremely helpful to/for us!!!.... many thanks for your time
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Loudy Rowdy View Post
    final review/thoughts was extremely helpful to/for us!!!.... many thanks for your time
    it was fun to run and log this....always around to help give ppl honest insight on products

  8. Thanks for the final review bro, much appreciated!


  9. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Thanks for the final review bro, much appreciated!


    was an awesome log!
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  10. thanks guys, always want to run good logs for companies willing to send me free stuff......always at least try to give my best detail


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