iForce Tropinol XP Beta Test Sponsored Log

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  1. iForce Tropinol XP Beta Test Sponsored Log

    Thanks to iForce and Vaughn for giving me a chance to run Tropinol XP before the retail sales start. First full dose is tomorrow AM for an uneventful cardio and core strength day. This week will start off a bit slow due to rest and de-load week. Next week should be interesting. I just finished a hard block of training and will try to break some PRs for reps at beginning of next week 2/11 and 1RM at the end of the week. I will run a 4 week block of increasing loads, followed by a brief de-load then re-test my reps and 1RM at the end of the Tropinol XP cycle. I ordered an extra bottle on the Nutra deal so hopefully that ships before my 25 day beta supply runs out.

    My training plan focuses on strength development but lean gains only not dirty bulk. It prob breaks down to 75% strength and 25% body building aesthetics. I focus on compound movements. My favorite lifts are squat and deadlift. I'll post more details on the plan, present records, working weights and body stats, and misc supplements later this week.

    My goals for next 90 days are to increase my squat and bench press and develop my back more. Deads are coming along nicely but bench press is not where I want it to be.

    I cracked open the bottle and it smells like some potent herbal stuff is going on in there. I'm looking forward to putting in some hard work and getting results with Tropinol XP.

  2. In! Try pushing yourself hard even with just core exercises...I bel Tropinol XP will still give huge pumps and endurance!

  3. in for first workout review!
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  4. Did my first Tropinol WO this morning, 4 caps 1 hr. before WO. An easy day of cardio, abs, some pull-ups, biceps and triceps. Started with pulls hit 15, 12, then 10 overhand wide with clean form. i am working up to a goal of 20 pullups in a single set. Sets 2 and 3 were performed between exercises along with ab machine crunch.

    Did cardio 20 min where I could tell something good was happening. Elliptical intervals 1 min on / 1 min off. I get that machine up to 220 strides per minute at start of each interval and build up to 270-280 spm. I could push hard on the intervals and crush each one. Hr only up to 170 which is nowhere near a max/sprint for me. I can hit 200+ when I'm training. A minute is a bit short to really get my HR up but still a good data point. I raced bicycles for many years so my engine is decent good at sprints and VO2 max efforts. Recovery between intervals was super fast. I wanted to keep going for more time, but this is a rest week for me.

    Next I noticed the pumps from incline dumbell curls. I use very light weight for this ex and try to really contract the biceps hard and stretch it out at the bottom of movement. 20 lbs for 2 sets of 15 followed by close grip bench press 145x2 sets for x 12 reps. Easy weight for me but I do contract tris hard at end of movement. Solid arm pump and the pump stayed around for a while. Did some ab machine crunches between exercises and that was the WO. Good pumps and ability to push hard and recovery fast on cardio was great.

    Now for the bad news. I put on some lbs training and eating last 8 mo, from 180 to 200. I used one of those electric resistance BF measuring devices, was hoping for 12% up from 10%. I saw 13.6%. I will retest over next few days to find an average BF. Bf is was too high for my preference gotta up the cardio routine.

    Gym day again tomorrow some cardio and work on technique and speed in my compound lifts. Tomorrow won't be a thriller either. Things get more interesting next week.

  5. sounds like you have an awesome workout!
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  6. Looks like an awesome workout - they should just keep improving over time with Tropinol XP!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    In! Try pushing yourself hard even with just core exercises...I bel Tropinol XP will still give huge pumps and endurance!

    Seems to have a big endurance benefit. I'll test this more on Friday by increasing # of intervals going from 20 min to 30 min.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jcweinsx View Post
    Seems to have a big endurance benefit. I'll test this more on Friday by increasing # of intervals going from 20 min to 30 min.
    Badass man! Should be killer.. Looking forward to it!!!

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Badass man! Should be killer.. Looking forward to it!!!

    I second this.

  10. Wo #2 on Tropinol XP. 4 caps 1 hr before hitting gym at 6:00 AM. Continuing with rest week for lower weight 50% of 5 rep working weigh for only 2 sets each exercise. Foam roll + dynamic warm-up, squats 12 reps with clean and press from the floor at start/finish as my gym does not have a power rack. They would freak if I dropped the bar at the end of the lift.

    Arnold press 12 reps, flat db press 12reps, incline db press 12reps; planks 60 sec x3, dead lift 12r, barbell rows 12r.

    I finished with 20 minutes of bike cardio doing 1 min intervals with 2-3 minutes aerobic pedaling between each interval. Pumps were solid. Major arm pump during planks. Endurance was good but not crazy good, didn't sleep to great last night. Overall this was a good workout. Rest intervals were real short so I kept my HR up.

    Here's some info about my supplement plan
    Pre WO: 4g beta-alanine, 8g BCAA, with a scoop of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem 135 cal 3.5g protein + electrolytes, Tropinol XP 4 caps. I will add Jacked micro back in next week.

    Post WO: 4g creatine, Ultimate Nutrition whey protein 26g then breakfast about 30 min later

    I split my multi vitamin, extra zinc, fish oil, and glucosamine/ chondtroitin into 2 does AM and afternoon.

  11. In on Tropinol XP!
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  12. How long do you foam roll bro? I do mine on a pvc pipe lol.. serious.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    How long do you foam roll bro? I do mine on a pvc pipe lol.. serious.

    i hear pvc pipe is amazing once u dont' get sore from the foam roller anymore......the rumble roller looks interesting too but alittle too pricey for me right now

  14. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    How long do you foam roll bro? I do mine on a pvc pipe lol.. serious.
    My family has a plastics extrusion business, all the PVC pipe you could ever want. Come and get it.

  15. I'm only on foam for 5 min. If quads or hams get real tight I use tennis ball or bocce ball while sitting at my desk, sometimes 10 mins a muscle if I can't get the fibers to release.

    Agree that knobby stuff looks cool but too spendy. Also use .75 in diameter hollow aluminum pipe with a dowel inside so it rolls freely. The metal pipe usually only comes out when I get big knots in the calves or hamstring, not very often.

    I keep after it and get massages so I respond well to the technique

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Jcweinsx View Post
    I keep after it and get massages so I respond well to the technique
    I could use a massage right about now, I've got a gift certificate to a good place my ex-girlfriend got me more than a year ago - might be time to cash that in.

  17. awesome workouts so far, really looking forward to seeing what Trop XP does for you bro
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    How long do you foam roll bro? I do mine on a pvc pipe lol.. serious.
    Heard plenty of people doing that. My foam still "hurts" me though. In a good way.
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  19. Cardio and abs today. Focus and endurance were awesome. 40 mins on Nordic track flew by. Looking forward to moving some iron on Monday.

  20. Forgot to add a note about yesterday's WO - 4 hrs of snowshoeing ~ 7.5 miles distance and 2000 vertical climb

  21. Rest week is over, thanks for suffering through some boring WOs. Hopefully this WO report will get you guys fired up. Today’s goal was to set new PRs, original paln was 5 rep PRs but i got excited and went for 1RM. I exceeded my goals.

    Squats were 135x12, 185x12, 225x3, 275x3, 325x2, 350x1, 360x1 for a new PR, three attempts at 365 got 2,1,1 but needed to get down another inch to make a true parallel. OLD PR was 320x2 and working sets last month built up 5x5 from 250-275.

    Next is bench press, 135x12, 185x5, 225x3, 275x1 clean no spot new PR, failed at 280 needed a light spot at about 2 inches off the chest. Old records from 30-45 days ago were 265x1, 195x15, I was doing working sets of 5x5 from 235-250.

    Next lift is deads. Deads progressed from 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 325x3, 365x1 NEW PR then broke that with a final PR of 385x1. My goal was 1,000 lbs combined I had 100% confidence I could hit this.

    Final total of 1,020. I am pretty stoked. What role did Tropinol XP play in setting new PRs after 5 days of usage? I don't think any testosterone boost can occur in that timeframe. I am definitely more focused using Tropinol XP and my endurance is awesome. The fatigue between the warm-ups was minimal and I definitely think Tropinol XP played a role here.

    Normally I would feel very depleted after a WO like this. I feel awesome no CNS overload, back muscles and spine feel good, great pump esp. biceps and chest. Only a little soreness in the elbows.

    Looking forward to putting in the work and crushing today’s PRs in a few weeks. Special thanks to my training partner, Matt, for helping me out and keeping me honest on squats. He hit some PRs today too. He’s been stepping it up a lot the last month. Excelsior!!

  22. Where do you live bro, that you're doing these snow sports. Just curious!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Jcweinsx View Post
    Forgot to add a note about yesterday's WO - 4 hrs of snowshoeing ~ 7.5 miles distance and 2000 vertical climb
    Now that's some cardio!

  24. 4 hrs of snowshoeing is a relatively easy day. A challenging day is 8 hrs and over 4000 vertical feet of climbing. I live in the pacific northwest. I climb and ski volcanoes. I ski year round, which means lots of skinning and hiking esp. in late summer and fall to get up on the glaciers. If the snow is crappy, avalanche danger is too high, or it is too windy I go snowshoeing or cross country skiing. I am an addict. The only cure is to ski more.

  25. Tuesday focus was recovery from Monday WO. 30 mins on Nordic trac, some abs, and light yoga. Calves are sore but everything else is good to go. Wed AM WO I will hit squat, overhead press, and deads.

  26. hows libido, alpha male mentality, strength, recovery periods looking like?
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  27. Squats, light weight working ATG w/pause at bottom. 135x12, 185x8 4 sets, 185x12.

    Next was overhead shoulder press cleaned from floor, pause at rack position and legs straight no back bending. 95x5, 135x5, 155x3, 175x2, 180x1, 185x1, 190x1. 175-185 went easy. 190 was tough all-in effort esp. from 75% to lockout. No Previous PR for singles on overhead press. Long ago I would do military press on smith machine but this is apples to eggs. Previous working weight on overhead was 135-155 5x5. Finished with drop set of 135-115-95x10.

    Light weight sumo deads to get back on regular WO rotation at 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 265x5 then form break at 290 so I stopped. No straps or belt today didn’t need em. 290 would be an issue today regardless of gear used.

    Bodyweight was been low last 2 days from 200-201 over 3-4 weeks, dropped to 195 for two days straight. I have seen up to 206 in past 10 days but it was only for a day or two. I weigh-in right after waking up and using the latrine. Less weight is not a concern. Additional fat would bother me. I have been really hungry last 2 days. I eat 4-5 real food meals of moderate qty and 1-2 servings of protein a day. Small serving of protein 6-8g and carbs 100-150 cal pre WO. Post WO protein ~25g includes ~200 carb calories. 2nd protein serving does not include carbs. I have been hungry 30-45 minutes after I eat. # of cardio sessions increased in past week and doing more core work.
    The electronic body fat measuring device and I have been arguing lately. Accuracy is questionable but I still want to see a low number. In Dec/Jan I got a 10.4 which I was cool with. Last week 13.6 which triggered more cardio sessions. 2/11 14.6 which made me very angry at the device. How can the measurement vary this much? Today was 11.4. I like this number so I will never use this device again. I might get some calipers. I like actual data. I will get cardio up. Abs for spring break? Not a top priority but would be cool.

    This is day 8 on Tropinol XP, here are some observations:

    Libido: I am normally a horn dog and like to paw at and harass my wife like a 16 year kid would but I’m in mid 30s. No noticeable increase or decrease here. On DAA and other T boosters I noticed a libido bump after ~2 weeks of usage. I have been steady so far but no big change here. Performance is good, perhaps a bit enhanced by the endurance benefit of Tropinol XP.

    Aggression: I normally run a bit hot. Patience was in short supply in last 2-3 days. Not hulk smash, maybe just hulk mad. Now if only I had the muscles like the hulk…

    Strength: Good progress here. I would not say I am significantly stronger than 1 week ago but I would say I feel less fatigue between sets. I will track fatigue within set now that I am going back to reps. The foundation for the weights I am using was laid weeks and months before I started Tropinol XP. The product played a role in hitting my goals. I think had more confidence to push past my targets and the endurance and recovery aspects helped.

    Alpha and Confidence: It’s on. When I lift off the rack/pins or to the receiving position I know I will make the lift. I felt this way on bench 2/11 even though I missed the lift 2nd PR attempt.

    Recovery: recovery between sets and in days after WO has been very good. I feel fatigue in specific areas like calves and forearms (small muscle groups?) but overall fatigue seems to be less than expected esp. in posterior chain. Rest time between sets is going down. I keep get getting after my training partner to get his lift done so I can get back to work

  28. Looks like the longer-term, cumulative benefits are really starting to take hold - things are going to get exciting from here on out. You've got the short-term stuff like pumps combined with all this great hormonal stuff.....time to really start taking names!

  29. Did some abs and cardio on wed when I got home.
    Libido up. Shoulders/traps looking full. Shoulder veins starting to pop out.
    Rest day today. WO tomorrow morning will be squats bench rows pull-ups and arms.

  30. Fullness and vascularity up, lookin' good - and with libido to match. Just in time for Valentine's Day.


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