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    Final review

    Strength 8/10 bench, dead lift, and shoulder press all increased over 8 weeks. Good steady increases between 5-7%.

    Muscle gains 8/10 BW didn’t change but measurements went up. I consider that pretty good. I don’t do a lot of cardio during the week but tend to have a long day every weekend of hiking/skiing/climbing or paddling.

    Pumps 7/10 Definitely noticed the pump, not super strong but there. I don’t assign a high value to getting muscle pump from a supplement. If you’re into that you’ll enjoy this effect. A nice bonus but not a reason for me to buy a supplement.

    Aggression 10/10 or 1/10 depending on how you view this. I was definitely more aggressive. Not fighting people in the streets but a very strong effect. If you have aggression problems Tropinol XP may add to your problems.

    Libido: 7/10 no negative effect on libido, but definitely not the boost I got from DAA stacked with other products.

    For me the best part of Tropinol XP was the leaning/recomp effects from the Forskolin and the endurance/quick recovery between sets.

    I noticed immediate effects on aggression and endurance on 1st dosage. Other products I have used take 2 weeks to get any appreciable effect.

    I will run Tropinol XP again, probably as a recomp stack. My Diet and training were dialed in. In general I respond well to training and dieting. Just like all supplements your mileage may vary especially if you don’t have diet, training, recovery and stress management under tight control.

    The product packaging makes some pretty ridiculous claims. I hope no one ever buys a supplement based on the packaging. Read the ingredient lists, look up studies on Pubmed, and read other logs.

    Thanks to iForce and their great reps for letting me test Tropinol XP. The second bottle I paid for was definitely worth it.
    Sweet final review bro, glad you enjoyed! Thanks for getting this up, much appreciated!!!


  2. You're welcome. iForce has good reps on AM. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. It was a fun ride.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jcweinsx View Post
    You're welcome. iForce has good reps on AM. Thanks for the encouragement along the way. It was a fun ride.
    Thanks bro, we try our best




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