Formutech ZMA Review

  1. Formutech ZMA Review

    This specific combination (and only this combination) has been shown in studies to significantly increase the level of free testosterone in the body and prevent IGF-1 (Insulin growth factor) levels from decreasing during periods of intense training. *

    The net result is compelling and powerful, yielding:
    quicker and more efficient rates of muscle repair and recovery after intense training
    reduced risk of over-training
    increased muscle size and strength
    reduced muscle cramps
    ZMA is the only non-steroidal, all natural dietary supplement that is clinically observed to increase levels of free testosterone in the male body.
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  2. Final Review:

    My prior ZMA experince: So I've tried ZMA in the past with iffy results. I never made it a staple supplement and didn't buy or use it very often. I didn't get good sleep from it and never really noticed any results. I've also heard different people saying ZMA really doesn't increase testosterone at all. So I never really got into taking it all the time. However recently I've heard or seen reports of American's diets lacking some of these minerals which made sense to me regardless of any other benefits.

    So on with the review:

    Sleep: This is where I'm in the minority and I'll try to describe my experience as best as possible. ZMA doesn't put me in a "deep" sleep. It does relax me and does allow me to fall asleep quickly. However the sleep for the first hour or two is very vivid mentally, but not deep at all, it's a very light sleep. I always wake up about an hour or two after I went to bed feeling like I haven't even slept yet. After that I'm able to get a normal sleep, not dead to the world type sleep but a quality sleep. I do wake up feeling good and not groggy which is a bonus. My prior experience other ZMA products had me in the light sleep mode the whole night. So Formutech's did outshine the others in that category.

    Recovery: As far as DOM's, while I was on the ZMA I didn't really experience any DOM's which is something I like. I'm not the type of person who strives to be in pain the next couple days after working a muscle group. My legs however still got sore as they always do the day after training them. Less soreness just makes daily living a whole lot easier in general so another good aspect of Formutech's Recover

    Testosterone: Like I said I've heard different things about ZMA being ineffective at boosting test. During the course of the Formutech ZMA I didn't experience signs of extra test. My skins been clean and clear, my agression is normal, and strength didn't change at all.

    Libido: I put this in a different category from testosterone but I didn't notice any bump in libido. I don't have the problem of a low libido to begin with. But I didn't notice any random increases at inappropriate times or anything like that.

    Final Review: Forumutech's ZMA did treat me a bit better than other companies when it comes to sleep. Other than that I didn't experience anything "special" or extra noticeable. It's not something I'll buy on a regular basis but for someone who lacks zinc or magnesium may really benefit from this product. I'd also recommend it to the ppl who are overtraining and really taxing their CNS and get sick easier than most people.

    Other than that the Formutech bottle is cool looking and the caps are super soft and easy to swollow.
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  3. Thanks for the review Young Gotti. If you are looking to get into a deeper REM sleep I would take a look at REM 8.0. It has the ZMA ingredients along with Phenibut and others. We have an excellent following with this product.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brucega View Post
    Thanks for the review Young Gotti. If you are looking to get into a deeper REM sleep I would take a look at REM 8.0. It has the ZMA ingredients along with Phenibut and others. We have an excellent following with this product.
    i'll have to give it look...phenibut has treated me well in the limited experience with it
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