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    I am not a huge fan of stimulants and other than green tea, black tea, oolong tea, etc. I have steered away from them for years. I did not care for the YRD fomula and I did not particularly like way Jack3d made me feel either. I would describe the feeling with one word: 'Tweaked'.

    I received some samples of Jack3d Micro and the new ingredient profile looked good, along with another ingredient that I haven't seen before. I have been transitioning my workout times, so I decided to start small and try out the Jack3d Micro samples. 1/2 packet was a good 'pick-me-upper', without a noticeable crash. I have tried 3/4 of a packet and 1 packet as well.

    I must say that 3/4 of a packet of Jack3d Micro is a really quick, smooth, and long-lasting source of energy and focus, with minimal sides. If I take it and I'm rolling out to the gym, I'll be good to go before my warm-up is over. If I take it and I spend too much time sitting down before doing a task, I'll want to engage in something physical.

    Overall, I am really excited about Jack3d Micro, because most pre-workout cocktails equate 'getting cracked out' to 'getting a good workout'. Maybe not many people know what it feels like to complete a productive workout, but it doesn't include getting euphoric off the pre-workout powder and then galavanting aimlessly in the gym for 3 hours using machines trying to purge the energy.
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  2. i havnt tried jack3d micro so i cant speak for that. but you should try some nootropic preworkouts. i also disliked the crash and jitters from 1,3d so i switched over to craze as my choice. grape tastes like ass, but it gives me some awsome tunnel vision. no insane crash adterwards either

    whered you get samples for jack3d micro?

  3. You want an awesome non stim product check out stim free focus xt!Here ya go!
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  4. awesome man! start mine today and posting a review (unsponsored)
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