DL logging BPS Vanillean!!!

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    Alrighty feeling MUCH better now!!! And guess what!!?? Got my NLA for Her samples yesterday so I'm gonna be trying those bad boys out tomorrow!! And yes, I am going I the gym tomorrow finally!! feels good to be almost 100% again! Can't wait to update tomorrow afternoon!!
    Glad to hear your feeling better!
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  2. Yes please! VaniLEAN
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  3. getting lean girl! how much leaner are you wanting to get?
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  4. Not much leaner think I'm looking good where I am just need to tone up!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DangerLace View Post
    Not much leaner think I'm looking good where I am just need to tone up!
    i agree

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by DangerLace View Post
    Not much leaner think I'm looking good where I am just need to tone up!
    yeah i was going to suggest its time to add a little muscle to your frame!
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  7. Nice work DL looking great! Now lets hits the weighs hard and put some more muscle on that frame ;-)

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  8. Yes sir!

  9. I need a new man.. Any takers lol... Jk

  10. Strong "no tat" rule. It's like having to read in bed.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by DangerLace View Post
    Yes please! VaniLEAN
    Damn girl! Looking very lean! Awesome transformation so far!

  12. Don't know how I missed the update. Looking great, DL. Like the others have said, now is time to pack on the muscle
  13. DL logging BPS Vanillean!!!

    Looks good girl. How are you liking the Vanillean this far?

  14. Really good! I actually just finished it, I'm gonna update my log tomorrow

  15. Finished! Got my whole bottle taken care of now!! Sorry I haven't been updating, crazy last few works with starting the new job! And already getting talked to about being promoted! Anyway, just wanna do a follow up about the Vanillean...

    The weeks that I was on it I loved, after a while you get use to the sides and can barley notice them, one thing I do miss already is being hot all the time. Haha it worked great as you all can see in my most recent pictures, now it's time to start packing on the muscle and getting toned as hell! Starting in two weeks I will begin a new workout plan, hitting the gym hard for about 2 hours a day 3 days a week. And adjust as I go, I will be extending my cardio, and working on abs everyday! Hoping this will help get me more toned! Eating right has been a struggle so I eat what I can when can.. Hard to eat right and go to the gym when your broke lol. Ill make it through and keep up with these updates!

    Once again thank you BPS for sponsoring me and it was AMAZING to see how lean Vanillean got me! I will def use it again when and if I ever need to!!
  16. DL logging BPS Vanillean!!!

    Awesome to hear Vanillean worked for you!

  17. No problem DL. Hope you have much success in your fitness travels.

  18. Just so everyone knows! I have a new log up!! Come on over to it!!!

    DangerLace getting back in the game!!


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