Catdiesel76's 3 bottle Pump Spray Review/Summary

  1. Catdiesel76's 3 bottle Pump Spray Review/Summary

    As a big fan of my run of UR-Spray, I was eager to try out Pump Spray. I ran 3 bottles over the course of 6 weeks. For anyone who has seen how irregular my appearances on this forum have been over the past 6 weeks, my training was just as sporadic. Injuries that left me unable to lift, holidays, traveling, bowl games, all combined to make this one of the least consistent training periods of my career. this is going to make it hard to give it a truly accurate appraisal but I am going to summarize the events and effects noticed surrounding each bottle.

    1st bottle: During this period I could barely train due to my most recent shoulder injury. Lack of training combined with Holidays led to a much looser diet and much more alcohol consumption. I was much overweight compared to normal and could only train back. with the first bottle I didn't notice much. Enhanced pumps/vascularity but even that was random. No noticeable fat loss but UR-Spray took 3-4 weeks to notice changes in that regard so I wasn't surprised.

    2nd bottle: Began to train heavy again. Surprisingly, after about 4 weeks completely off and 2 weeks going very light, I had lost very little if any strength. I attribute this partly to Pump Spray as it was something I noticed with UR Spray as well. No weight loss but also no weight gain at a time when I was eating very poorly and drinking way too much. Pumps ranged from no noticeable difference, to crippling. It was weird how much they varied but at times they were epic. Could of had something to do with application times from workouts and diet fluctuations.

    3rd bottle: Training was back to normal and diet more in check with less drinking. Strength started to improve as it did with UR-Spray. Pumps were more consistent. Noticed increased vascularity especially more than usual at this bf. This is also the bottle where the fat loss kicked in. Just slightly noticeable at first, but by the end of the bottle, very noticeable.

    Final Thoughts: There are a lot of factors and thoughts that come into play here. First, its hard to give an accurate assessment with such conditions, lack of diet, lack of training etc. I will say that I do believe Pump Spray helped me hold on to almost all of my muscle and strength during times with little training, sleep, heavy drinking, and ****ty diet. Secondly, it seemed to take longer to kick in than UR-Spray. That could either be due to less UR being in Pump Spray or my crappy habits. It also may be that since I had substantially higher BF, the effects took longer to notice and once my BF got lower they became apparent much quicker. This would lead to the perception that it kicked in really late when it had in fact kicked in long before.

    Pumps fluctuated wildly, from a mild increase to where I was so pumped I couldn't even move. As I mentioned earlier, this could be a result of fluctuations in diet, hydration, and how long I applied the product before working out. Towards the end my Vascular was much more pronounced however.

    All in all was it worth it? At first looking back I didn't think so. But after looking back on everything, it is pretty amazing that I maintained the shape I did during this period. I lost no strength or muscle and actually seemed to put on a decent amount of both at the end. Slowly but surely lost fat at a time where I should have ballooned up even more. Needless to say I am impressed overall. I would purchase again but instead use UR-Spray and save Pump Spray to apply pre workout.

    Also, my brother ran it over the course of 6 weeks under the same conditions (holidays, drinking, ****ty diet, etc.) He also did not train once during that period. He didn't notice anything while on it. But after he got off and continued the same diet and habits, he rapidly put on weight. So during those times he couldn't tell if it was working, it was actually saving his ass. He also lost very little strength or size over those 6 weeks.

  2. also, dosing was twice a day. Hit me up with any questions. I hope this was helpful for yall

  3. Sorry one last Update, another benefit I noticed, I am currently 207 with less BF than I had at 202 when i started. Good stuff

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