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  1. Talking PH-17 Thread - First Thread - First post!

    Hello to all. My name is Roy and this is my first post and thread. The following is the stack I will be using during the duration of my PH-17 cycle:
    PH-17 4 servings daily
    Orange Triad 4 Pills spaced evenly throughout day\
    Taurine - ~5 grams daily
    ON GS Whey Protein - (most likely using 3 scoops a day but we all know it varies)
    Cycle Assist - (Just to be safe :-), even though there is no abnormal strain on the liver)
    Fish Oil - 3 x 1gram daily
    Pre-workout = Platinum-pre
    Scivation Xtend BCAA

    A little background of myself:
    22 years old. I've had experience with PH's before including Halodrol and "Win50"(prostanozol). I used to be very obese as a child but I decided a change was needed around my junior year of highschool. I shed around 50 pounds of fat. That was around 2008, though it was only around 2011 that I realized mass was the key ingredient in my quest. I began lifting around 14 years old though around 2011, I really started to get into the whole scene and I tailored everything to really show an impact, I figured I damn well wanted to see some results with so much effort being put in.

    Back to the matter at hand! Training protocol :
    Something resembling the PHAT routine by Layne Norton. I will incorporate 2 leg days a week, one with emphasis on hypertrophy and the other for power. I will then have a Chest and Bi power day and a shoulder and back hypertrophy day. I will alternate these with tri's somewhere in there, though I'm usually changing up my routine. I will also start working out abs 3 times a week( started to slack since I wanted to get a more detailed base first. )

    Eating Regimen :
    40% Protein / 40% Carbs / 20% Fat
    3400 Calories on Training days and 2500 Calories on Rest days
    Eating "clean" though I'm really just trying to hit the macros and more-so, I will be aiming for 7 meals a day which includes bedtime and post-workout shake.

    If there is anything initially that you would like to know feel free to ask. I have AM bookmarked and ready to post daily though we all know how that goes, though I'm putting in my best effort to update because PH17 looks like a promising alternative to pro-stanz and I would like others to have a basis of understanding in regards to it. I will include some pics for before here as well.
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  2. Should be a great log man! Subbed
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  3. Roy is a great and dedicated guy...can't wait to see his results...and to see him at SIGS ... SUBED!

  4. I'm in bro! Running a log on PH-17 myself.
    After a year off, I'm back

  5. Thanks to all following , not too sure as to check who is following but thats not important right now! What is important is Day 1!
    !!!*** ~I will be including creatine monohydrate in my list of supps . A foreword, I usually don't experience too much bloat which is the reason I'm adding it to my stack. I also stacked it with Prostanozol over the summer and it worked for the better!
    Day 1:

    Wake-up around 10:00AM
    10:00AM 10 grams of Xtend in cold water upon wakening.
    -150 milligrams of Caffeine (Pill form)
    -Sprayed about 6 sprays of the included 7-keto spray (that came with the combo PH-17)
    10:05AM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17 (while watching Greg Plitt's Motivaional threads on youtube ;0 )
    10:30AM Arrived at gym: Completed 30 minutes of steady-rate cardio on bicycle machine maintaining 130BPM
    -!!!-Noticed that I sweat a bit more on this which feels good in a weird way
    11:15AM 20Grams protein shake with 10grams Extend and about 8 ounces of Gatorade (for the sugar)
    11:50AM 6 Eggwhites with 1 piece toast and 1 table spoon of peanut butter
    -Consumed a pureprotein protein bar equalling about 20 grams of protein to equal 550 Calories for the breakfast portion of day

    2:35PM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17 / 2 orange triad MV/ 1 Fish-Oil/ 1 vitamin C tab ( feel like I'm coming down with a cold !)
    3:00PM Footlong chicken sub totalling around 650 Calories
    5:40PM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17/ 1 orange triad MV / 5 sprays of 7-Keto spray/2 Pills of cycle assist
    5:45PM Small meal conisisting of majority protein based totaling 450 Calories
    6:30PM 1 Scoop Platinum-Pre with 5grams Extend 5 grams creatine
    7:45PM 5 grams creatine / 5 grams Extend/ 25grams Protein & 25 grams Waxy Maize shake
    8:15PM Dinner including around 600 calories (not sure what it is yet :?)
    9:00PM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17
    Bedtime : 20 grams of protein , handfull of peanuts and will use the 7-keto spray/ 2 pills of cycle assist

    NOTES: Please give some feedback if I should go more into detail with the food choices and macros? Also I'm posting this now because I won't have time later so if you would like I will post another tomorrow on how the workout went along with Day 2. I started 2 servings of PH-17 last night. I woke up feeling fine, no noticeable differences either good or bad. It felt great to be able to notice an increased difference during my morning cardio but it could just be coincidental. OVERALL, I'm stoked to see what this cycle will bring.

  6. Will ph 17 put on any size?

  7. I'm in bro! I just got mine too from NutraPlanet.. What are u gonna run for PCT??

  8. Will ph 17 put on any size?
    Yes, Very lean dry gains. Its a prohormone to prostanzonol
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  9. Thanks big mike

  10. I'm def in this. I've been looking at ph17. Nice detailed log so far. Keep it up
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  11. BTW guys 17ProAndro is replacing PH17. Basically a stronger version of the same compound, plus an added estro blocker AI 35 ( same as erase but in a more absorable liquid delivary system)
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  12. @BigMikeC : Damn! Wish I knew about 17PAndro , sounds badass.
    Day 2: Running short on time though it mirrors roughly what happened in Day 1 to the pin except for a workout routine which on day 1 conisisted of Back and Bi's and Day 2 consisted of Chest and Tris
    Day 3: Took a trip to Atlantic City for an event I had booked a while ago. Which leads me to mention that I did feel a heightened sense or arousal if you will, as the LG website stated that you would lolz!

    11:45AM Woke up - I drank alcohol, not much but enough that I felt regretful because I wanted to try this cycle the absolute right way.
    12:00PM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17 , Fish Oil , MultiV , Caffeine
    12:15PM Breakfast was on the road in AC so I ate a protein bar consisting of 20g protein and 200 Calories( I know low calories but it was either that or Ben & Jerrys!
    3:00PM Arrived at University from a long trip to AC , consumed 700 Calories from a sub which contained 45g of protein(Chipotle Chicken and Cheese from Subway)
    3:05PM Took another MultiV and another shot of PH-17
    7:00PM Had some egg whites and toast with another small sub , my guess roughly around 35 grams of protein and around 500 Calories
    8:00PM Another dose of PH-17 coupled with a fish-oil and cycle-assist(2 pills)
    9:00PM Created a shake consisting of 10 grams Extend, Platinum-Pre for an energy boost( serious lack of sleep today)
    -------Gym session light consisting of 40 minutes of steady bike machine at around 130BPM consistently. Great sweat! I love that feeling especially when Greg Plitt mentions Sweat equity! hahaha
    10:00PM Shack consisting of 20 grams protein and 10 grams Extend and 3 grams of Taurine
    10:15PM Meal consisting of 45 grams of protein and around 600 calories
    1:30AM Another dose of PH-17 to finish of Day 3 ! Protein bar and peanuts for a night time snack while writing this post!

    NOTES: Sorry about the uneven posts, now I know how hard it is to keep a detailed thread! My respect goes out to those whom have done so. I enjoyed a great night with friends in AC last night for which I have no regrets though I would have liked to eat a bit more ( probably consumed under 500 calories throughout the whole night... If you guys request that I keep more detailed workout logs I will though I only want to start that when I get back to University classes on Tuesday. ALSO keep tuned for an accurate weight measurement around that time as well.

  13. Day 4:

    11:30AM Wake up consume 1.5 milliliter PH-17/ 1 Fish-oil/ 2 Multi-Vitamins / 200mg caffeine
    11:45AM Coffee , 20g protein whey , 7 Egg Whites / Wholegrain toast/ PB/ Estimating 45g protein total and 600 calories total
    1:30PM Sub totaling 300 Calories 25g of protein 1 dose of PH-17/Fish-Oil/ 5 sprays of 7-Keto
    3:30PM Egg whites Oat Meal and PB totaling around 35 grams of protein and 450 Calories
    6:30PM Weight Gainer w/protein added 450 Calories and 40g of protein / Dose of PH-17
    7:30PM Platinum-Pre / 3 grams of Taurine/ 10g Extend
    9:00PM 25 grams Waxy Maize, 25 grams of protein / 10g Extend/ 3 grams Taurine
    10:00PM Salmon/ Egg Salad/ Tuna / One piece of thin bread - 55 grams of protein around 600 calories ( heavy in fat I believe)
    12:30AM 1.5 milliliters of PH-17 , Multi-Vitamin/ Cycle Assist 2 pills

    Workout: Legs and Abs! I am really starting to work the abs in a more controlled manner , the serratus on the left side of my body is under developed , hence why I never pose utilizing it.
    Squat - 185lbsx12 / 225lbsx10 / 275lbsx6 / 225lbs x 6
    Hack Squat - 360lbsx12/ 450lbsx10/500lbsx8
    Leg curl - 190lbsx10/205lbsx10/225lbsx10
    Reverse Leg curl - 95lbsx10/105lbsx10/110lbsx10
    Calf Raise Machine - 180x15/200x12/200x12
    Raised Crunch (targeting serratus) - 60x20/ 70x15/60x15
    Leg Raise w/ Bar assist - 10lbsx15/10lbsx12/10lbsx10
    Leg raise - 30 reps/25reps/25 reps
    side raises with 45lb plate - 3 sets of 15 each side
    back extension - 25lb plate = 12, 12, 12

    NOTES: Great lift today! I felt great, did a personal best in legs with squat. I felt great energy the whole day, only side-effect so far is yawning a lot . Not sure as to why I do but I'm not tired so I'm not that concerned by it. The 7-Keto spray works I believe. Today is Chest or shoulders ...haven't decided yet and I will post the log tomorrow for it.

  14. Day 5:

    Same dosing as Day 1 but introduced Waxy Maize immediately after workout ( 25 grams )
    Workout: I took it easy for "Sunday" and did 30 minutes of cardio at 130BPM and a moderately intense ab workout.
    -----The workout felt great. My motivation is through the roof not only because of the cycle, but to try and get contest ready.
    -----I noticed a bit more cramps but not too much
    NOTES: I'm still a bit under the weather, possibly suffering from a cold. I'm taking glutamine to speed up the process of getting better, as well as vitamin C. I've noticed a bit more Acne around the facial area but I believe its because of the waxy maize. The workouts feel like they are getting a lot more intense though it could just be a placebo effect.

  15. Day 6 Monday 1/21/2013:
    No change in supplementation ( See Day 1)
    Workout: I tried the "Never Looking Back" workout from Greg Plitt. I'm not going to lie, it was freakin' intense
    -----Took about 60 minutes to complete and overall , I was sweating from lifting, something I haven't seen in a while.
    Food : Nothing special . The day totaled aroudn 3500 Calories and around 300 grams of protein
    NOTES: I've been breaking out a little more but I would never break out before so it isn't bad at all. I've noticed that I get tired after taking a dose of PH-17. Other than that , its going great!

  16. Good log. Keep it up big homie
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  17. Love the detail man.. becuase of how serious you calcuate and plan your training and nutrtion you will see fantastic results
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  18. @HalfHuman : Thanks! More motivated than ever
    @BigMikeC : THanks as well , I'm going to mention that some days I write down my log 2 days late ..Some may think its made up on the spot but its from my journal that I keep for working out .

    Day 7 Tuesday 1/22/2013 :

    My different schedule this semester may pose some difficulty in terms of my training. With that being said I have class from 840 AM to 930PM ! (breaks in-between)
    7:00AM 1.5 milliliters PH-17 / 1 MultiV/ 1 Fish-Oil / 200mg Caffeine / 3 grams Taurine / 1 protein shake (20g whey)
    8:30AM Protein bar before class (200 calories 20g of protein only 1 gram sugar ! )
    12:00PM Lunch at Dining Hall! (Had to pig out , first time back and so many choices) - 300g Chicken breast, fistful portion of tuna salad, fistful of broccoli, 1/2 Turkey burger , super-small portion of french fries. Total approx. 750-900 Calories and around 70 grams of protein - One time thing
    -Took a trip to vitaminshoppe, needed to pick up some more BCAA so I will be transitioning to (Amino X from BSN and glutamine 4.5g per serving)
    1:00PM Dose another PH-17 at 1.5 again
    2:00PM Pre-workout (Plat-Pre) with 10g Extend and 3 grams taurine
    3:30PM Post -workout 10g of Extend , and 1 Multi-V and 1 Banana(Didn't make the full move back to school so I will be using Waxy Maize after today)
    4:15PM About 250 Grams of Salmon with String beans and legumes (Roughly around 450 Calories) follow me on instagram if you want to see pics of my food and progress , as well as an awesome pic of the salmon! My tag is Iamroy90!
    ---Class from 5 till about 7:45 when I stepped out to eat snack mentioned below
    7:45PM 2 Protein Bars ( On the run! literally ! Only 10 minute break allowed) - 40 g protein 400 Calories
    10:00PM 200 grams salmon and string beans . Roughly around 400 calories
    --I did step out to the bars with my friends and I passed by the fraternity for a quick retreat to say hello to all my brothers. I did drink around 2 Diet Sprite and Vodkas , something I'm not proud of but it was worth it to see some friends and pick up some women!
    2:00AM Protein shake and peanuts roughly around 250 calories 30 grams protein
    Notes : A lot of my friends are absolutely stunned by my transformation from last year to now, can't wait for them to see after this cycle and hopefully another of PH-17 Pro It's not about them though, I feel confident in my own body which is most important and I would like to mention more on today's workout . I feel a lot harder than before with the help of PH-17 . Today was chest and tris , nothing special but the intensity at the gym was great. Its like a positive mood has graced me most of the time on cycle. I like that. Tomorrow I will be getting a weight measurement . Acne must have been because of drinking or eating something wrong on the weekend because the face looks fine now.

  19. Day 8 Wednesday 1/23/2013:

    Woke up feeling great , followed the same dosage as day 1 ( refer back to the OP)
    Today was leg day. Here was my workout in case anyone is interested
    Squat : 10x185 10x225 7x275 6x285 ~ Burnout with 225 @around 5 reps
    Hack Squat w/machine : 12x450 10x500 8x540
    Calve Machine : 15x180 12x200 12x200 10x200
    Leg Curl Machine : 10x190 9x205 5x225 Burnout shortly after
    Leg Reverse Curl : 10x95 10x100 8x110
    Leg Press Machine: 15x280 12x250 12x250
    Leg Press Machine doing Calf Raise : 12x275 12x275 10x275
    Short Bike ride for 5 minutes while consuming my BCAA just because I feel like it sends the nutrients a lot faster to the specific area

    NOTES: Turns out the acne was actually my razor ....It actually cuts to close causing ingrown hairs... anyway great workout . More to follow

  20. Day 9 /10 Thursday/Friday 1/24-25/2013:
    See post day 1. It is basically the same thing. There is little to nothing different in terms of dosage. I would like to mention that I have noticed that I seem bigger and harder but only slightly which is good for me ! I haven't noticed any more body fat which is nice as well.

    Day 11 Saturday 1/26/2013:

    I'll start off by mentioning that I did drink a bit on friday so I did wake up late.

    11:00AM Dose 1.5 milliliters PH-17/ Fish Oil 1 Pill
    12:00PM 2 Portions chicken breast/ broccoli /Peanuts/ Light Blue Cheese / 2 cups of espresso with light milk 500 calories & 55g protein
    3:00PM Protein bar / banana / muscle-milk shake 500 calories 50g protein
    4:00PM Dose of 1.5 milliliters PH-17
    6:45PM Protein bar/ apple
    7:30PM Cardio on bike keeping heart at 130BPM for 25 minutes
    7:45PM BCAA 10g
    8:00PM Dinner Chicken breast / Spinach/ Rice total of 500 calories 40g protein
    9:00PM Dose of PH-17 / Cycle-assist 2 pills / Fish-oil/Multi-V 2 pills
    1:00AM Dose of PH-17 / Protein shake and peanuts for 400 calories and 40g protein

    NOTES: As I said before, I feel a lot more solid and people are starting to notice though the changes aren't drastic. I feel great , no noticeable side-effects so thats a plus.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by BigMikeC View Post
    Yes, Very lean dry gains. Its a prohormone to prostanzonol
    How is it a prohormone to Pstanz?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by JD261985 View Post
    How is it a prohormone to Pstanz?
    BigMikeC can probably confirm this but I'm not sure. I almost 100% sure it is a direct replacement to pro-Stanz because as some know , there was a supplement act that deemed P-stanz to be a banned substance( Look it up , it was passed around late August and also included Superdrol I believe). As we know , all supp companies usually change one or two pieces of the chemical chain to get around this. Not saying its a bad thing or unethical, LG probably refined their supplement even further with the revision.

  23. Day 12 Sunday 1/27/2013 & Day 13 Monday 1/28/2013
    Followed the same supplement schedule as Day 1 (refer back) but in this case I'm starting to notice a lot of change. I don't know if I can credit all of the physical changes to PH-17 but I do believe I've been on point because I'm taking it. That being said, Monday was the first day I started to notice a real difference. My shirts are tighter (and jeans ). I don't believe I've gained any substantial body fat.

    Day 13 Tuesday 1/29/2013:

    Today was a bit off since I have 5 classes all ranging from 840AM to 930PM ...
    8:00AM Wake up dose of PH-17 / 2 MultiV/ Protein bar / Protein Shake = 400 calories 40g protein
    12:00PM Lunch at hall = 2 chicken breast/ broccolli/ nuts/ 1 tortilla soft= roughly 650 calories and 55g of protein
    1:30PM Dose of PH-17/ cycle-assist 2 pills/ fish-oil
    2:00PM Platinum-pre / 10g BCAA
    3:20PM 10g BCAA/ 25g Waxy Maize/ 30g Protein
    4:00PM Sub sandwich = 500 calories 35g protein
    6:30PM sub sandwich = 300 calories 15g protein + protein shake 20g protein
    9:30PM Dose of PH-17 / fish-oil/ multiV
    10:00PM Protein Shake and Protein Bar ( On the run had a lot to do on this day ) 400 calories 40g protein
    1:00AM Dose of PH-17/ cottage cheese/ multiV

  24. Following along.

  25. Day 14 Wednesday 1/30/2013:
    This day was more or less similar to DAY 1 . As I said before I am noticing the feeling of being more full and hard. I've amped up my ab training so I could credit that and the combo of PH-17 to the effects I'm seeing in response to my abs. My chest seems to be getting larger as well. My friends are noticing that among everything else. I'm also part of a sperm bank and they are mentioning that I am passing every sample with ease. This may be because of PH-17 because I don't generally pass every sample consecutively.

    Day 15 Thursday 1/31/2013:
    9:30AM PH17 1.5ml / MultiV-2/Fishoil-1/10gBCAA
    10:00AM 1/2 cup oatmeal/ 1 scoop protein/ banana ~350 calories
    11:00AM Platinum-pre/ 5g BCAA/5g creatine/ 3g taurine
    11:30AM INTENSE AB WORKOUT! ahahah ... went all out Followed Greg Plitt's or similar
    12:30PM Protein Shake / Protein Bar/ 10g BCAA / Gatorade( right after workout )
    1:30PM Egg whites and peanut butter with slice of bread ~ 400 calories / PH-17 1.5ml
    5:00PM MMG Wrap from Muscle maker grill 550 calories
    6:00PM PH-17 1.5ml
    9:45PM MMG Wrap from MMG 550 calories (2for10! haha great price)

    I'm writing this on the day to keep up to date. I've noticed several changes in my abdominal formation. I can see the lower "8" starting to come in nicely. I've been using 7-keto as well on my love handles or whats left of them . It seems to be helping a bit though I never checked accurately so I don't know.

    TOMORROW: Heads up I will be doing a shoulder workout in the morning but I WILL BE TAKING BLOOD (full pint I think) ... Kinda nervous because its going to mess up my training . If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it . ( no i cannot get out of taking the test , i need it to earn money at the sperm bank lol)


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