Nicksox15 gets ripped thanks to Lecheek!

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  1. Nicksox15 gets ripped thanks to Lecheek!

    Big thanks to Marms and Lecheek for allowing me the opportunity to log the stack of OxyEca Black and HyperT2! I will be using this stack to help me cut weight while hopefully maintaining most of the strength I have gained in the past few months. So I am cutting from around 215 and hoping to get down to the 200-195 mark. I didn't do the cleanest bulk so I've got some pudge on the midsection that with diet and this stack I'm hoping will go bye bye.

    I just finished my first week of Hellraiser training and will be using this style of training during the entire run of this stack. I will be at 500 cals under maintenance as well. This first week of hellraiser was really just trying to figure what weight I should be starting at as it's pretty damn different than my last routine. I think I'll see great results as yesterday I did chest and tri's and holy hell I haven't been this sore for awhile. It's pretty crazy how much I had to drop some of the weights to hit all of the negative reps towards the end. So I'm pretty excited to see where my body can go during this 45 day run!

    I will start logging 4 times a week after my workouts, and I'll start that on Monday. As for today I took my first dose of the black at 6am before hitting up the gym. I usually take a PWO in the morning but didn't today to assess tolerance to the Black. Let's just say I was Pleasantly surprised by how much clean energy I had! Really good workout and got a damn good sweat going with no jitters. I dosed my first pill of HyperT2 at 8am and as of this writing have plenty of energy and no cracked out feeling at all. So far, so freaking good!

    So thanks again for the opportunity and feel free to post any feedback/questions in this thread!!

  2. Getting ready to leave work, had good energy from my first pill of each. I work in an office and am sweating as I type this, stuff is legit! Gonna take second dose of t2 when I get home. Prolly no updates til Monday so have a good weekend all!

  3. Second day in, went and did 25 minutes of cardio and some ab work. Really Livin the energy so far, no crack head feeling either!
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  4. Had a good workout this morning! Started my second week of hellraiser training with Shoulders and arms. Once again didn't use a PWO, and didn't need to with the Black. This is my 4th day on the stack and have had no bad side effects at all. I can definitely feel this working throughout the day, good clean energy but can feel my body temp being up as I've been sweating a good deal. SO I weighed myself Friday before I took my first dose and weighed in at 215, weighed myself this morning and am already down 5lbs to 210! Granted my diet is improved slightly but to say I'm pleased with the results is an understatement! Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

    Workout for today (all exercises are 8 reps immediately into 6 5second negative reps. Two sets)
    barbell shoulder press
    Front lateral raise
    side lateral raise
    barbell curl
    reverse barbell curl
    wrist curl
    reverse wrist curl
    Threw in some dropset dumbbell curls at the end since I was feeling good!

  5. Had a leg workout tonight, felt good! Nothing bad to report on this stack so far, good energy and you definitely feel it working. Not even a week in and I'm feeling and looking noticeably leaner with no strength loss so far. I'll update this with my workout tomorrow when I get to a computer, don't feel like typing out out on my phone when its just me in here anyways!
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  6. Today is an off day for me, will be back at it tomorrow! Had a good leg workout last night, well as good as can be with my legs. I have an appointment with an ortho tomorrow to get checked out as I've had problems with my knees for the past ten years. 4 surgeries and a fractured tibia. So I can run and do the elliptical but heavy weights have been a no go with my legs. Hopefully I can get some good news and will def. update. Still all good on the stack though! I haven't eaten this clean in a long time either, I'm feeling great and have no doubt I'll hit my goal by the end of this run. Here's what I did yesterday at the gym, and tomorrow is Chest Tri which I freaking love doing with the hellraiser style!

    Legs (all done with the Hellraiser protocol. 2 sets with 8reps straight into 6 5 second negative reps)
    Leg press
    Hack Squat
    Leg extension
    Leg curl
    one leg leg press
    Ab work
    15 minutes treadmill

  7. Had a good workout this morning before the doctor. Hit up Chest and Tri's and got an amazing pump, even though I'm cutting I felt very strong. Starting to notice more veins in my arms and overall body composition is def. changing for the better. Can't wait to weigh myself Monday! So I went to the Orthopedic today and he basically told me Im never going to really be able to lift heavy for the legs and I need to pay attention to my running to make sure it doesn't get any worse. I have chondromalacia patella which is an issue under my knee cap that makes squatting or most activities harder and painful when the knee is bent. I need to get a special sleeve/brace thing that should help with the patella and generally make it hurt less when I run. So I'll still workout legs but will never be able to really push it. I'm just glad I can still run and at this point dont need another freaking surgery. So here's my workout from today!

    Chest Tri Hellraiser style
    Decline Bench 55 db's
    Flat bench 155, 165
    Incline Bench 125
    Skull Crusher 60 barbell
    Tricep Pushdown 120
    One arm tricep Pushdown 40
    And some chest machine blow outs til failure. Various weights

  8. Had a good workout yesterday for back, delt and calves. Is fifty degrees here in Iowa so went for a nice run outside today. Can't wait to weigh in on Monday, been feeling really really good about this stack! No negative sides, only good energy and I seem to be losing weight quickly
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  9. So 1/3 of the way done. Today is day 10 and nothing but good to report. I'll be hitting up the gym in a few hours so will be weighing myself then. If I'm going by the eyeball test, I'm passing with flying colors! I feel great, lean and more vascular. I'll post up the workout tonight or tomorrow morning, but needless to say I'm pretty freaking excited with the results so far.

  10. So I won't be able to update numbers til tomorrow morning but had to stop in with a quick update. Killed a shoulder and bicep workout today but the best part is, weighed in at 209! That's six pounds down in ten days, with no strength loss! Plus I weighed in a after lunch, last time I weighed in first thing in the morning. So I'm pretty pumped
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  11. I'll be hitting up Legs today after work, just couldn't get out of bed this morning. Was way too cold! This stuff is still working great, had a meeting this morning and I could feel the heat! Was sweating from the stack, but that just lets me know it's working! I don't think anyone but me looks at this, lol, but just have to say that it's definitely working for me right now.

    Here's my workout from yesterday (Hellraiser) 8 normal reps 6 5 second negatives =1set
    Barbell Shoulder press 70x2 sets
    Dumbell side raise 20x2 sets
    Dumbbell front raise 20x2 sets
    Barbell Curl 70x2 sets
    Reverse Curl 60x2 sets
    Wrist curl various weights
    Finished off with reverse pyramid curls starting at 12 reps down to 6 reps
    15 minutes treadmill run

  12. Great job so far nick. Keep at it. I am a big fan of Lecheek and have been following along. Now official.

    Sub'd !
    I started a new log at:

  13. I'm following as well man, love me some Lecheek products!! Haven't tried black yet. I'm currently running iForce Dexaprine and Tt-33.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by soul0wner View Post
    I'm following as well man, love me some Lecheek products!! Haven't tried black yet. I'm currently running iForce Dexaprine and Tt-33.
    Here we go. Lets give this guy some support !
    I started a new log at:

  15. Welcome aboard fellas! Thanks for checking in, I am obviously pretty happy with my first Lecheek experience!

  16. Late as always
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  17. Welcome sir! So had to move my lifting around due to some work stuff but will be lifting tomorrow and Sat to get my four days in. Have still been eating well and dosing this stack as I have been since the start. Yesterday I was shooting video for our childrens hospital, and let me tell you had a crazy warm feeling since I was setting up lights and running around. Felt very good energy all day and could really feel this working. Besides the weight loss I have been seeing on this stack I am also surprised by the energy, didn't think it would be this much or this clean.
    I did lift legs on Tuesday and then ran on the treadmill for 20 mins so haven't been slacking, just had to move the workouts around a bit. I also am going to be stopping the Hellraiser training after this week, was impressed at first but think it works better as a change of pace for a week, not for a full on routine. So I'll be doing a variation of shortcut to size I believe. Not a 100% sure yet but will have decided on something by Monday.

  18. Sounds good!
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  19. Ended up leaving work early today so got to hit up chest and tris before going to my part time gig at the university. Took out some aggression on the iron today! Have a difficult client I've been dealing with the past few days so that really got me fired up to move some weight! I'll update my lifts tomorrow when I'm on my computer. Also Note to self, try not to burp soon after taking the t2! That burned!
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  20. Ya I always got one little burp myself while taking it. Its was so strange just the 1 burp daily.
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  21. It was spicy! Burnt my nose
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    It was spicy! Burnt my nose
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  23. So I hit up Chest and tri's yesterday. Chest is pretty sore today so must have done something right! I'll be hitting up Back/calves today afterwork with some cardio then cardio and abs tomorrow. Still rolling right along, feeling good! No sides and pretty good energy, got ****ty sleep last night so I figured I'd be exhausted today but knocked my first meeting of the day out and one to go! I also decided that I'm going to switch to PRRS training next week so I'm pretty excited about that. I think I'm going to split it like this Mon Back, Tues Legs, Thursday chest/shoulder, Friday arms. Cardio on all days plus some on off days. Any feedback appreciated!

    Workout yesterday Hellraiser style
    Db decline press 55 x8 55x8
    Barbell Bench 165x8 155x8
    Incline press machine thing (for each arm) 50x8 50x8
    BB skullcrushers 50x8 60x8
    Triceps extension 120x8 125x8

    Then did chest machine random weights to exhaustion, and dips til exhaustion

  24. Nice update
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  25. Good job so far Nicksox. Have you noticed any signs of body composition change ?
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