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  1. Nice results and thanks for trying out our products.
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    So yesterday sure was a beast! I ended up not working out in the morning so I did Chest Shoulders today and will do arms tomorrow. I got a hell of a workout yesterday setting up for the football game last night though. From noon to 7 was non stop running cables and making sure everything was working, prolly did 500 sets of stairs with how many times I had to go up and down them. Then after all that did handheld camera on the field, and I could definitely feel the t2 during all of this. Had a good sweat going for sure! Best part of all of this is I saw some people I used to freelance with and they all mentioned how fit and trim I look. Gotta love a good ego boost! So I'm almost done with this stack so I weighed in this morning and drumroll please........... Weighed in at 201! That's 14 lbs lost and essentially no loss of strenghth or muscle. In fact my muscles look bigger and more defined than when I was at 215. Most of the weight lost had to have been in my midsection as I was carrying a decent amount of pudge. So I'm over the moon right now and am very pleased with how my 2013 has started!

    Here's the workout this morning
    Chest Shoulders Rep Range Day
    BB Bench 205x7 4 sets at same weight. Last set was tough for me
    seated machine incline thing that's plate loaded 80x10 80x11 85x11 (That's per arm)
    Machine Fly 144x16 156x15
    Then did pyramid on chest machine, started with 5 reps and added a rep each set until 10 reps. Last set burned real good!
    Shoulder press machine 80x10 90x10 95x10 90x10
    Dumbell lateral raise 20x10 20x10
    Dumbbell front raise 20x10 20x10
    No cardio today as my legs were still sore from yesterday! Will be hitting up arms tomorrow and will throw in some cardio at the end.
    great to geat compliments...good for the motivation!!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Nice results and thanks for trying out our products.
    Thanks for the opportunity! I really enjoyed the products and will definitely be buying LeCheek in the future



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