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  1. Quote Originally Posted by DangerDave View Post
    Nice workout man. You have a good physique for sure (no homo). Definitely not a keyboard warrior lol. Keep it up
    Haha thanks.. the sirations are more pronounced with decent light and camera.. just can't really tell, but I'm not some delusional slob thats all I wanted to portray.

    Had a TON of dirty carbs yesterday, probably somewhere between 500-800. Woke up lean and mean this morning!

  2. Rack pull:
    350 x 5
    405 x 5
    455 x 5

    Done snatch grip on a block, no belt. Will continue to do these as they are only a couple inches different from full Rom. Allows me to focus on increasing my squat while sustaining a deadlift.

    Landmine press:
    70 x 15 each arm
    70 x 15 each arm
    70 x 15 each arm
    70 x 15 each arm

    Bw x 10
    Bw x 10
    Bw x 10
    Bw x 10

    Did a set of 20 lat pulldowns and a rest pause bicep set.

    Felt dominant. All the weights moved really well. Body is looking good. Tomorrow will be my last day!

  3. Keeping the strength and getting the cuts. This has been a good run for you.
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  4. Re: Unsponsored PR-XT / Nolvadren XT / Vanillean log

    Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Keeping the strength and getting the cuts. This has been a good run for you.
    Agreed for sure.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Keeping the strength and getting the cuts. This has been a good run for you.
    FACT! keep killing it man
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  6. Great job brotha, keep up the stellar job!

  7. Finished the bottles of everything at different points throughout the last week. Hit all the weights I needed in my pressing Friday and Squatting today. Then just some fluff and volume. Final reviews to come.

  8. Bodyweight today was 196 and change. I started at 202. My goal for the log was to continue to decrease bodyweight via recomping while maintaining and increasing my bench, squat, and deadlift. I may look to step on the powerlifting platform in 2014 and take a run at Raw Elite in either the 181 or 198 class depending on where my bodyweight and lifts go. Strength went up drastically throughout the log... Bodyweight went down in all the right places. I have had very little change in arm measurements (a not so fatty area), but I have gone down 2 notches+ on my clothing belts, and actually will have to adjust my powerlifting belt, which I was just able to fit back in and now I need to make it even tighter.

    I'll comment on each product's claims individually and add in any commentary I feel may be relevant. Since this was all unsponsored, there is absolutely no bias! I'm keeping this somewhat brief and just evaluating the products based on their claims, so if I didn't answer something you may want clarity on, just ask!

    Increased lean muscle mass- I definitely shed some bodyfat and maintained my muscle / strength. This relatively increased my lean muscle mass. I'll agree with this claim.
    increased strength- Extremely noticeable. I felt very strong the whole log and didn't really miss any weights during my training. This was excellent and a selling point on the product for me.
    increased raw power- This coincides with strength to me. I had very few grinding sets and felt like I was in control of a lot of the weight. I was super excited to hit a reverse band squat, 405 x 3 during this log and some heavy pulls. This coupled with the increased strength would lead me to future purchases of this product.
    accelerated recovery- hard to quantify.. but I would say that I was ready to go almost every training session. To me recovery is most linked to diet.
    increased vascularity- I'm not very vascular to begin with, but the dropping of bodyfat and this stack led me to look more vascular. I can't attribute it all to this product as I think Nolvadren XT played a big role, but there was a substantial vascularity increase!

    Verdict: I'd strongly recommend this product for those who have been in the game awhile and are looking for a natty supplement to help them keep gaining.

    Nolvadren XT:
    I've used this product before and have another bottle for the future. It flat out delivers. I look harder / more vascular and I typically decrease body fat. Not much else to say other than it works for me. I also should not I don't get any dry joint effects from its use.

    Verdict: I think the main ingredient in this is great. For me, a guy who is around 10 percent bodyfat but holds a lot of water, the physique hardening effects are always extremely noticeable. Plan to be on this for 8 weeks in the middle of swimsuit season!

    New type of idea for a fat burner.. and wow it worked. My thermo effect from this was insane when in the gym. Very comparable to when I was dosing Yohimbine fasted preworkout (between 15-20 mgs). This along with the diet allowed me to make great fatloss strides.

    Verdict- I think this is a winner. It has a lot of versatility and it delivered results for me. I have another bottle I'll be excited to use in the future.

    Note- This whole stack had me feeling very powerful and confident in the gym. In the future, I will probably run these in hard 8-12 week cycles where I really look to push my training. I likely felt the best progress and power from this stack in my entire lifting duration. There's an edge that hasn't been there the last couple workouts since coming off of it. I have not had any drop in strength, just the ease of moving heavy weight.

  9. nice review!!!

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  10. Nice reviewand good work brother
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice
  11. Re: Unsponsored PR-XT / Nolvadren XT / Vanillean log

    Awesome review bro, thank you!
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