A Brief Review of Every Quest Bar Flavor + Rankings

  1. A Brief Review of Every Quest Bar Flavor + Rankings

    I want to thank AFDave for hooking me up with quest bars over the years. I've always been skeptical of new flavors, but after each sample, I had to buy a box. Here is my review of every Quest Bar EXCEPT BANANA NUT (haven't had it yet) after going through 10+ boxes.

    Peanut Butter Supreme

    This was a lot richer than most other flavors, but it was a little too generic for my taste. While the PB flavor was there, it basically tasted like sweetened nut butter, which was good but not terribly unique.


    Vanilla Almond Crunch

    This flavor was very cool. Sweet, a very evident vanilla taste at first, followed by the awesome after taste of almonds. The downside? I remember it getting old quickly.


    Chocolate Brownie

    I actually enjoyed this a lot BUT I had to be in the "mood" for it. It's a rich, truffle-like taste. It's not one of the sweeter bars, so if you're craving sweets at the time, this isn't for you.


    Apple Pie

    This one was incredible, and for some reason, all my apple pie bars had an unusually soft and delectable texture. While the pie isn't evident, it tastes like apples (with apple chunks!) baked into a blend of nut butters. One of my favorites.


    Mixed Berry Bliss

    This is my favorite flavor, and I never see much love for it! Imagine one of those berry granola bars except all the granola has been replaced with mixed nut butters and sweetened just the right amount. Perfection.



    This was like a better version of PB supreme. The jelly flavor was very weak, but the sweetening of the peanut butter was such that it had a unique taste, rather than simply tasting like sweetened peanut butter. Tough to explain but I liked it a lot.


    Chocolate Peanut Butter

    My least favorite Quest bar flavor. I couldn't quite pinpoint what was wrong with it, but it was like a worse version of the Chocolate Brownie. It was still rich, but the flavor itself was bland by my measure.


    Coconut Cashew

    This is my most purchased Quest Bar, and for good reason. It has a perfect 50/50 blend of coconut and cashew taste, and the macros are awesome. The nut chunks add to the texture big time.


    Strawberry Cheesecake

    A highly underrated flavor IMO. While there's really no cheesecake taste at all, it's similar to the apple pie in that it tastes like strawberries (again with chunks) baked into sweetened nut butters.


    Lemon Creme Pie

    There is a definite lemon flavor here, very similar to XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 LCP actually. The one downside is that there is also a detectable nut butter flavor (obviously, since Quest is mostly nut butters). While this is a good thing with the other flavors, the nuttiness just didn't seem to mesh too well with the lemon flavor. Still pretty damn good though.


    Cinnamon Roll

    This flavor actually tastes somewhat similar to the Coconut Cashew, but has an obvious and sweet cinnamon taste to it. There is no doughy/icing flavor per se, but it's very cool in that it tastes like one of those pecan-laden cinnamon rolls from the store. Awesome.



    Quest PB Cups (old version)

    The texture wasn't the best as others have reported (but this has been rectified). The PB powder seemed to break apart in my hands, making it difficult to consume. Once it was in my mouth however, it was comparable, but not quite as good, as a real Reese's peanut butter cup. The fact that there's so much protein in the PB cup is mindblowing given the taste, and I can't wait to purchase the new version when it's available.



    1. Mixed Berry Bliss
    2. Coconut Cashew
    3. Cinnamon Roll
    4. Apple Pie
    5. Strawberry Cheesecake
    6. PB&J
    7. Lemon Creme Pie
    8. Vanilla Almond Crunch
    9. Chocolate Brownie
    10. PB Supreme
    11. Chocolate Peanut Butter

    And hopefully banana nut can find its way onto this list in the near future. Thanks again to AF Dave for hooking up so many quest bars (and pb cups!) over the years!

  2. Awesome review coop. Berry bliss is by far my fav as well. Especially when I put in the microwave for like 10 secs omfg good stuff

  3. To add:

    Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough

    Huge thanks to Dewey for sending me 3 of these bars to try out! I had my first bar out of the wrapper, and my god, I have several things to note:

    1. The texture is perfect. It is still chewy, but takes just a few chomps to get down. A lot softer too.
    2. The taste is incredible. It is EXACTLY what you'd expect it to taste like: chocolate chip cookie dough. The previous flavors were sweet but mild in that it was often tough to definitively pinpoint exactly what they tasted like. But no mystery here, this is legit chocolate chip cookie dough, and I see no reason to every buy another protein bar after trying this.

    Banana Nut

    Again, thanks to Dewey to sending me one of these as well. I had already gone through a box, but this just reminded me of why banana nut will be my go-to flavor when rotating out of the CCCD. Much like the CCCD, the banana nut bar's texture is softer than previous bars. I can rip off pieces if I so choose, as opposed to having to gnaw on the bar. The taste, like CCCD, is completely authentic and there's really no mystery as to what I'm eating. It even has the "muffin" taste of a banana nut muffin, which really puts this flavor over the top.

    My updated current rankings:

    1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    2. Banana Nut
    3. Mixed Berry Bliss
    4. Coconut Cashew
    5. Cinnamon Roll
    6. Apple Pie
    7. Strawberry Cheesecake
    8. PB&J
    9. Lemon Creme Pie
    10. Vanilla Almond Crunch
    11. Chocolate Brownie
    12. PB Supreme
    13. Chocolate Peanut Butter

    Again, big ups to Dewey for hooking it up. And I leave you with one question to ponder: the CCCD bar has 1g sugar and 1g erythritol. Where does all the sweet flavor come from? Surely Quest hasn't found a way to make Stevia taste good....have they????

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post

    Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough

    Again, big ups to Dewey for hooking it up. And I leave you with one question to ponder: the CCCD bar has 1g sugar and 1g erythritol. Where does all the sweet flavor come from? Surely Quest hasn't found a way to make Stevia taste good....have they???? [/COLOR]
    I was wondering the same thing!!

    Was finally was able to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough last week, and honestly it tasted just like the real thing!! *** was running buy 3 get 1 free sale so, of course I bought 8 of them!! Will not discuss how many I ate w/in the first 2 hrs!!

  5. Just tried the cookie dough today. Yes it is my new favorite. Ridiculous how good it taste n with the profile it has. Brownie was my go to but it will now be cookie dough.



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