Helica Pharm Pro Trenazine...

  1. Helica Pharm Pro Trenazine...

    Completely new to this website...Anyone here ever try this product? Negative side effects? Positive gains?

  2. I ran a cycle of it solo last month taking 3 caps each day spread out evenly. started out at 220lbs and ending at 246 with no real negative side effects to report other than sometimes being hard to sleep if I took one too late in the day. I was eating over 5k calories a day and making sure I stayed hydrated. No visible body fat increase from the 12% at the start even on a bulking diet. My favorite part of the cycle was literally feeling unstoppable in the gym, and I definitely sweat a lot harder from the thermo effect it gave me. Made me super hungry too so eating was never an issue. The pumps I got on cycle were insane, got kinda painful at times but I'm not complaining at all about that. As far as strength, my bench went up 60lbs from 385, squat went up 70lbs from 465 and total bodyweight gained was 26 lbs. 3 weeks into post cycle with torem and still up 22lbs with no loss in strength, but I did keep the high calorie diet in check for the post.

  3. anyone else try this stuff. im running my first cycle and im using beast epi 18, im just into my second week and iv seen some results but not what i would have expected, so for my next cycle i wanna try this and im curious about experiences and side effects with it. any info is greatly appreciated.
    and im new to this site so sorry if i have dumb questions

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