Watch out eericksen is on iForce's Testabolan V2

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  1. Watch out eericksen is on iForce's Testabolan V2

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    iForce Nutrition revolutionized the Natural Anabolics market with the original Testabolan. Now we have taken it to the next level and set a new standard in Natural Anabolics with Testabolan V2. Formulated with the latest cutting-edge nutraceuticals, Testabolan V2 is the answer to anyone looking to increase muscle mass, strength, and build a lean muscular physique.

    Testabolan V2 promotes:
    • Unparalleled gains in size and strength!
    • Increase free testosterone
    • Lower ABP and SHBG (Hormones that make Testosterone Inactive)!
    • Reduce muscle catabolism!
    • Increase protein synthesis for supercharged gains in size and strength!
    • Maximize IGF, NGF, FGF, EGF growth factors
    • On/Off Cycle maximize the GAINS!!

    Bond Testosterone, although it increases your bodies total testosterone, is useless for Muscle Building. In order to Grow and develop the Ultimate Lean Muscular Physique your Bodies FREE TESTOSTERONE is the key factor. The vast majority of circulating testosterone is bound by Androgen Binding Protein as well as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Both screw your body out of the all important Free Testosterone. TESTABOLAN V2 acts as an ABP/SHBG modulator because it directly competes with the circulating testosterone. Meaning it goes to bind with those nasty ABP/SHBG to leave your bodies Testosterone Free!! In turn your body is able to go into a Myotropic State which synthesizes (turns amino acids into Muscle) more protein, increase strength and improve body composition by burning more fat and building more muscle.

    Muscle catabolism tears the muscle down for use elsewhere in the body. Muscle catabolism is the the factor that keeps your body from developing beyond its normal genetic potential. Reduce Muscle catabolism and increase the amount of muscle your body will develop. Testabolan V2 attacks muscle catabolism in two pathways: Increase protein synthesis, the ingredients utilized in Testabolan V2 have in numerous studies proven the ability to increase Protein synthesis, This means that you body will go into overload to develop new muscle cells as long as you provide the PROTEIN! In studies this ingredient has shown better distinction than Dianabol for creating Protein Synthesis. Reduce Cortisol Release – Testbolan V2 contains necessary ingredients to work with your bodies natural measure to reduce the release of Cortisol. This nasty hormone is triggered when your body is under stress. It eats muscle tissue leaving you with less of your gains. Testabolan V2 hits this hormone Head on! Addressing muscle catabolism and an increased anabolic state, Testabolan V2 promotes the building of new muscle tissue and an increased rate of fat oxidation.

    Increased Levels of Growth Hormone!!
    GH’s role in muscle building is to stimulate liver cells and other tissues to secrete IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factors). IGF-1 stimulates both the differentiation and proliferation of myoblasts (muscle fiber multiplication). The combination of GH and IGF-1 creates an Anabolic atmosphere that drive the growth of LEAN Muscle tissue. Testabolan V2 maximizes ingredients that are rich in the amino acid L-Dopa. Increased levels of L-Dopa raise the endogenous production of Human Growth Hormone as well as testosterone. This increases protein synthesis as well as the breakdown of fat stores in the body.

    Growth Factors!!
    Muscle Tissue is built through many pathways. In order to grow Super Human Muscle, many growth factors must be addressed and present. Testabolan V2 is specifically formulated with Isolated embryonic oglio-peptide. This peptide contains naturally occurring IGF-1 and IGF-2 (insulin like growth factors 1 and 2), FGF (fibroblast growth factors), NGF (nerve growth factors), EGF (epidermal growth factors), and CTGF (connective tissue growth factors). In this form the growth factors are able to be absorbed fully without being broken down in the gut. This is unique as most growth factors (in other forms) are unable to penetrate the barriers necessary to be absorbed.

    Free Testosterone Matrix
    1420 MG
    3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran
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  2. Sunday, January 6th, 2012- Day 1

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    Squats- 5 sets (15x115#, 15x135#, 12x185#, 10x225#, 8x245#)
    Leg Press- 4 sets (15x405#, 15x495#, 12x585#, 12x675#) Stripped dropsets to failure down to 225#
    Leg Extensions- 5 sets (16x90#, 16x110#, 14x130#, 11x150#, 9x170#) dropped down to 50# and did single leg at 4 sets to failure
    Lying Leg Curl- 4 sets (60#x16, 70#x16, 80#x12, 90#x8)
    Seated Leg Curl- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps x 70#)

    So today being the first day I did not feel anything that I am aware of regarding my use of Testabolan V2. I did notice that the directions reccomended taking it with a meal in the am and a high protein meal before bed. Not sure why that is, but thats how I will be using it. I also apologize ahead of time. My post count here on AM isnt high enough to post my daily motivation or the iForce banner like i do with logs at

  3. In for some epic gains
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  4. Watch out eericksen is on iForce's Testabolan V2

    Me too!! Lol
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  5. Looking forward to following along buddy!

  6. have you noticed any changes yet? I note my libido and aggression comes on first, then the strength + size gains!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager
  7. Watch out eericksen is on iForce's Testabolan V2

    Nothing as of yet, but I'm only six pills in...not really expecting much until at least mid week! So I have a question for you...why do they suggest taking it with meals? Is there a advantage to taking it then vs on an empty stomach?
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  8. I notice it usually takes about a week for TV2 to kick in for me, so look for some changes to start towards the end of the week
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  9. Monday, January 7th, 2012- Day 2

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    Incline Bench Press- 5 sets (12x115#, 12x135#, 10x185#, 7x205#, 6x225#) Triple Dropset to failure
    Throat Press- 3 sets (12x115#, 10x135#, 10x155#)
    DB Flat Bench- 3 sets (12x60#, 12x70#, 9x80#)
    Hammer Strength Decline Press- 3 sets (15x90#, 12x140#, 10x180#) Triple Dropset to Failure
    Cablecrossovers- FST7 (8 sets x40#x failure) 4 sets low pulley, 4 sets high pulley

    I did not feel any direct effect yet from Testabolan V2. I am running this on a clean bulk. My macros consist of 40/40/20 and approximately 3200 cals a day. I prep all my meals on Sunday night. This week the meals consists of 5 eggs and 3/4 cup of oatmeal for breakfast, Venison Sweet Potato Stew for lunch, Turkey wrap for afternoon snack and the usual chicken, broccolli and brown rice. Of course I also have several shakes...upon waking, preworkout and postworkout/bedtime.
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  10. subbed
    Here is my log
  11. Tuesday, January 8th, 2012- Day 3

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    Bentover Rows- 4 sets (12x95#, 12x115#, 12x135#, 8x155#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Rackpulls- 3 sets (15x135#, 12x185#, 10x225#)
    Closegrip Seated Row- 4 sets (16x90#, 12x110#, 12x120#, 10x130#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Widegrip Pulldown- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps with 90#)

    Still no noticable effect as of yet from Testabolan V2. Here is a pic of some of the preworkout and intraworkout items I am using.
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    and now for my motivation of the day.....
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  12. In case I missed it, I don't see it though, are you taking compete, hemavol and maximize intense also?

    Sick start btw!! Awesome.. will be following.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative
  13. Watch out eericksen is on iForce's Testabolan V2

    Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    In case I missed it, I don't see it though, are you taking compete, hemavol and maximize intense also?

    Sick start btw!! Awesome.. will be following.

    I am...I use Hemavol, Creaplex and Intense pre and Compete intra. Only supplement I will cycle out randomly is Intense. That's the OG Intense....have a few more stocked up. I'm tossed between Intense and Maximize V2...which I can still pick up to OG formula locally for $19.99.
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  14. Wednesday January 9th, 2012- Day 4

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    Today is an off day for me. Today I may have seen the first effect of Testabolan V2....I either had an increase in libido or was just surrounded by some potential. That being said here is some motivation for today....

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  15. Thursday January 10th, 2012- Day 5

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    Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Unilateral- 5 sets (15x25#, 15x45#, 12x55#, 12x65#, 10x75#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Front DB Raises- 3 sets (15x20#, 12x25#, 8x30#) Double Dropset to finish
    Widegrip Upright Rows- 4 sets (15x50#, 12x60#, 10x70#, 9x80#) Double Dropset to finish
    Facepulls- 4 sets (15x80#, 12x100#, 11x110#, 8x120#)

    Today is day five...I again feel as though my libido is up slightly, but not out of control.
    Now for the motivation of the day.....
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  16. Friday January 11th, 2012- Day 6

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    Widegrip BB Curls- 5 sets (15x40#, 15x50#, 12x60#, 12x70#, 9x80#) Double Dropset to finish
    Machine Dip- 5 sets (12x130#, 12x150#, 11x170#, 10x190#, 7x120#) Double Dropset to finish
    Incline DB Curl- 3 sets (16x20#, 12x25#, 9x30#)
    Incline Skulls- 3 sets (12x45#, 12x55#, 10x65#)
    Preacher Curls- 3 sets (12x55#, 12x65#, 9x75#)
    Seated Overhead DB Extensions- 3 sets (12x65#, 11x75#, 7x85#)
    Lying Cable Curls- FST7 (7 sets of 12x80#)
    Closegrip Pushdowns- FST7 (7 sets of 12x80#)
    Rope Hammer Curls- 3 sets (12x60#, 12x60#, 12x60#)
    Behind the Back Wrist Curls- 3 sets of 60# to failure

    So far no significant gains in strength and libido seems to be normal today. Lack of rest last night could explain it.

    Motivation of the day.....
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  17. Sunday, January 13th, 2012- Day 8

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    Squats- 5 sets (15x115#, 15x135#, 13x185#, 9x225#, 7x245#)
    Leg Press- 4 sets (15x405#, 15x495#, 12x585#, 10x675#) Stripped dropsets to failure down to 225#
    Leg Extensions- 5 sets (15x90#, 15x110#, 14x130#, 11x150#, 9x170#) dropped down to 50# and did single leg at 4 sets to failure
    Lying Leg Curl- 3 sets (60#x16, 70#x16, 80#x12)
    Seated Leg Curl- 3 sets (12x70#, 12x90#, 10x110#) dropped to 30# and did 3 sets of single leg to failure

    Today is day 8.....I havent really noticed much as far as my libido today and I definitely wasnt at my strongest. Biggest reason for that was my supplement timing was way out of wack for my preworkouts. Didnt get to the gym until an hr after I downed my pre. Here is the motivation of the day.....

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  18. Monday January 14th, 2012-Day 9

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    Incline DB Press- 5 sets (15x40#, 12x50#, 10x60#, 10x70#, 9x80#)
    Flatbench BB Press- 4 sets (15x95#, 14x135#, 11x185#, 7x205#)
    Decline Unilateral Hammer Press- 3 sets (12x45#, 12x90#, 9x115#)
    Cable Crossover- FST7 (4 low pully/3 high pully x 12 repsx40#)

    I did notice some increased libido today at times. I also think I did have an increase in strength tonight....the weights came easier.

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  19. Tuesday January 15th, 2012- Day 10

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    Bentover Barbell Rows- 5 sets (15x95#, 15x115#, 12x135#, 9x155#, 7x155#) Triple Dropset
    Dumbbell Rows- 4 sets (16x55#, 13x65#, 12x75#, 10x85#, 8x95#)
    Low Hammer Strength Unilateral Row- 3 Sets (15x45#, 13x65#, 9x90#)
    High Hammer Strength Row Unilateral- 3 sets (16x45#, 14x70#, 12x90#)
    Widegrip Pulldown- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps x 90#)

    So far I have a seen a slight increase in libido and again I believe an increase in strength. Nothing drastic at this time but noticeable. Here is the motivation f the day.

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  20. Thursday January 17th, 2012- Day 12

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    Boulder Shoulders-
    Overhead Press- 4 sets (16x95#, 12x115#, 10x135#, 8x155#) Triple Dropset
    Widegrip Upright Row- 4 sets (16x50#, 14x60#, 10x70#, 9x80#) Triple Dropset
    DB Front Raises- 4 sets (14x20#, 14x25#, 10x30#, 7x35#) Triple Dropset
    Rear Cable Cross- 4 sets (16x10#, 15x12.5#, 12x15#, 9x17.5#)
    Machine Lateral Raise- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps x 90#)

    I definitely think that my strength has increased some. My Overhead press was up reps and everything seemed easier. Libido was a little hard to tell today. And now for the motivation of the day....
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  21. Monday January 21st, 2012- Day 16

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    Squats- 6 sets (14x95#, 14x115#, 12x135#, 10x185#, 8x225#, 6x145#)
    Leg Press- 4 sets (12x405#, 12x495#, 10x585#, 8x675#) Rest Pause on last set
    Leg Extensions- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps at 90#)
    Lying Leg Curl- 5 sets (15x50#, 12x60#, 12x70#, 10x80#, 9x90#)
    Seated Leg Curl- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps at 70#)

    I didnt seem to have any libido increase, however I do feel my strength continues to be up.

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  22. Tuesday January 22nd, 2013- Day 17

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    Flatbench BB Press- 4 sets (14x95#, 14x115#, 14x135#, 12x185#, 7x225#)
    DB Incline Press- 4 sets (14x40#, 14x50#, 12x60#, 10x70#)
    Decline Unilateral Hammer Press- 3 sets (14x45#, 12x70#, 11x90#)
    Cable Crossover- FST7 (5 low pulley/3 high pulley x 12 repsx40#)

    No noticeable increase in libido today...could be lack of sleep from the night prior. My strength was up a little from prior lifts.

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  23. Tuesday January 23rd, 2012- Day 18

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    Bentover Rows- 4 sets (12x95#, 12x115#, 12x135#, 10x155#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Supported Rows- 3 sets (15x45#, 12x70#, 9x95#) Rest pause to failure on last set
    Closegrip Seated Row- 4 sets (16x90#, 12x110#, 13x120#, 9x130#)
    Widegrip Pulldown- FST7 (7 sets of 12 reps with 90#)

    Again I still didnt see an increase in libido. I did however have a little extra strength at the gym. Again sleep could have effected my libido.

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  24. Thursday January 24th, 2013- Day 19

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    Hammer Strength Unilateral Behind the Neck Press- 5 sets (15x25#, 12x45#, 12x70#, 8x80#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Widegrip Upright Row- 4 sets (14x50#, 14x60#, 12x70#,10x80#) Triple Dropset to finsih
    Front DB Raises- 4 sets (16x15#, 14x20#, 12x25#, 7x30#) Triple Dropset to finish
    Facepulls- 5 sets (16x80#, 12x100#, 12x120#, 8x140#)
    Seated Lateral Raises- FST7 (7 sets of 12x20#)
    DB Shrugs- 5 sets (16x50#, 14x60#, 12x70#, 9x80#)

    Today my libido seemed it was up and strength was up still. No weight gain at all.

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  25. Sunday January 27th, 2013- Day 22

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    Barbell Bench Press- 5 sets (15x115#, 14x135#, 12x185#, 9x205#, 8x225#)
    Incline DB Bench- 4 sets (12x60#, 12x70#, 10x80#, 6x90#)
    Hammer Strength Unilateral Decline- 4 sets (16x45#, 14x70#, 12x90#, 10x100#)
    Seated Incline Cable Fly- FST7 (7 sets of 10 reps at 40#)

    My libido over the weekend was slightly increased. My strength today again remained higher than normal.

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