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  1. off day today, felt really drained almost all day, did some cardio and felt like crap most of the time , eventually woke up by the end which felt good, feel ok now. Hope im not getting sick. Im gonna hope it is just yest. hard workout catching up to me......... anyone else ever get that? They jsut feel like crap the next day after a tough workout?

    yest. workout

    Front squat
    220 cluster set - 1x5 20-30 seconds between reps

    4 sets leg press dropset on last set
    4 sets of hack squat, drop set on last set
    3 sets one leg smith squat
    3 sets ext. drop on last set

    4 sets glute bridge focusing more on contraction instead of pure power this time
    RDL- 4 sets, nice long negatives full stretch and god contraction at the top, really trying to focus on contracting my glutes at the top
    3 sets seated leg curl drop on last set,

    hammies were pretty fried

  2. Quote Originally Posted by amateurfreak View Post
    You could also set up a 4 day spilt: one upper body day focused on horizontal strength with a push and pull exercise each and then a hypertrophy based vertical push and pull exercise. Finish with assistance and prehab work. Reverse the strength and hypertrophy planes the other day ie vertical strength/horizontal hypertrophy then assistance/prehab work. For lower body have one day focused on more quad dominant/anterior chain for strength and then posterior chain hypertrophy and the other day emphasize the posterior chain for strength and the quads/anterior chain for hypertrophy. Make sure to work the entire core on lower body days and do some assistance work. Only do 2-3 sets for 1-2 assistance exercises on the upper and lower body days.
    interesting.....could you give me an example workout week on this?

  3. woke up a few times in the middle of the night with the worst sore throat ever!!! weird thing though, when i woke up, nothing......... i dunno my body has been wierd lately, its def. fighting some sickness.

    decided to pre fatigue my chest today for my hypertrophy work just cuz i love the pump i get when i move fast and pre fatigue, really lets me focus in on my chest which i have a hard time doing sometimes.


    205 cluster set 1x5 20-30 sec rest


    3 sets incline db flys
    3 sets incline db press
    3 sets db decline flys all of these sets were at most 60 sec rest probably more like 30-45
    3 sets db decline press
    dips 3 sets as many
    pec deck 3 sets drop set on last set - pump from all this was awsome!!!!

    str8 bar pushdown 4 sets
    rev grip pushdown 4 sets ss bench dips - as many
    rope overhead ext 3 sets

  4. first bottle of creatona is gone :-( def has increased power......and feel lie i recover my power faster between heavy sets...sitll doing 5 preowrout on upper body days and 6 preworkout before lower body. 2 pre cardio and 2 post cardio on off days

  5. so i had planned to train today but my legs felt like they wanted to seize up on me for some reason. I decided to have an active recovery day which i really wish i did more often.....did some foam rolling some stretching and some light cardio to get the blood flowin, legs still feel crampy though, dont know why......tomorrow is an off day as well, just a busy day, havent had two off days in a row in a long time, that, mixed with my shot tomorrow night, i should be good to go come tuesday for deads!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    first bottle of creatona is gone :-( def has increased power......and feel lie i recover my power faster between heavy sets...sitll doing 5 preowrout on upper body days and 6 preworkout before lower body. 2 pre cardio and 2 post cardio on off days
    Yep it does help a lot with stamina and recovery. I am saving mine for PCT which is quite a while as I am on a long run.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  7. todays workout was a little un focused to begin with but dialed it in after a while

    front squat

    215x4!!! PR i think i did 210 for 4 last wee and they werent as solid as these

    DE DL

    HAck squat 4 sets with drop on last set

    Leg Press 4 sets double drop on last set ( weights wee alot higher on these!) i did do my reps alittle quicker than normal

    1 leg leg ext

    glute bridge with distinct holds on each rep, 4 sets

    seated ham curl

    lyingham curl

    DB RDL really squeezing my glutes, felt niiiiice haha

    anyone else do glute bridges btw? i feel like im the only one that does them and they are an awsome exercise.....also do u do them quic and explosive or slow and squeeze and hold?

  8. off day today, body is jsut too shot from the workout yest........hope to get a good one in tomorrow

  9. I know that feeling been pummeling myself and recovery is tough to come by some days but I planned this well..
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  10. planned on working out today but got hung up with a few things o just did sum cardio, and abs, ok and a few sets of bis cuz my arms are extra tiny lol............... also yest was an off day cuz i took my gpa to the bufalo sabres game for his bday which was awsome even though we lost :-( felt great to spend quality time with a great man! an then the superbowl, didnt do anything stupid for the superbowl, got an eating challenge to do next sat so i have to be have.........plan on cutting cal 100-200 cals a day starting yest leading up to the challenge at which will give me at leat an extra 1000 cals to play with


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