Millennium Sport Technologies CordygeN NanoO2 and Infinit-E log

  1. Millennium Sport Technologies CordygeN NanoO2 and Infinit-E log

    Hi I have been lucky enough to be chosen to log these 2 products.

    I will use both products one time per day for the next 21 days.
    Right now I am doing the P 90X workout so these two products should be put to the test quite well since P 90x is a lot a sets with little rest time.

    I did rec'd the product yesterday, so tonight I did try them. Here how it have gone.

    Tonight was plyometric night

    Did 40 minutes of plyometric training; I used one scoop of NanO2, 20 minutes before working out and two scoop of Infinite-E just before the training and sipping it during the training.

    first impression, the taste it not too bad, (Kona colada) Infinite-E is more friendly on the stomach them AAEF Karbolyn, I used it last summer to prepare for the Spartans beast run, and I could not took it intra-workout because I found it was too hard to digest. Infinite-E has the advantage in this department.

    I am not really knowledgeable in the carb matrix of infinite-E, if someone is please enlightening me.

  2. Subbed. Best of luck!
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  3. glad to be aboard man, good luck
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  4. Day 2

    Shoulder and arms P90 X routine. I great pump, kind of normal with that kind a of volume and a carb supplement pre- intrat.

    Day 3
    Yoga, no my favorite but still have to do it.

    Day 4 legs

    I do not follow the P90X routine since this is a lot a bodyweight movement and I prefer to use my bowflex for legs.

    5 sets of legs extension
    5 sets of legs curl
    5 sets of legs press
    100 reps for calfs

    Pass few day training went well, it is kind of too early to the if the cordygens or kick in !

  5. You do the P90 X at home I'm assuming?
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  6. Yes I do it at home, I also have a sets of selected tech dumbell, and a bowflex machine, looking to buy a pull up and dips rack in the near future.

  7. Day 5
    Kempo X, bunch of punch and kick not what I prefer, but gave my legs a break.

    Day 6
    X stretch
    Just plain stretching

    Day 7
    Chest and back, push up super set with chin and pull up. I am doing it right now with a bar in the door frame, but i don't like to do it there, as I feel the range of motion is not that good, plus I am scare to break the door frame lol. This is why I am looking to buy a pull up and dips station. Any of you guy have recommendation regarding this purchase?

    So far I found it hard to judge if the cordygen have kick in I don't feel that I have more endurance, but I go to the bathroom more often.

  8. yeah having an effect on your bathroom trips isn't exactly the goal, haha. Hopefully things pick up for you soon...
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  9. Ha ha ye I can imagine lol! But I figure out what happen, there are some case of gastroenteritis at the kinder garden where my two daughter goes, might be that I have been fighting that and not the product itself that increase my bathroom trip. Will see how it goes.

    Day 8


    So did the plyometric training and I had more endurance than the previous plyo workout I did. I felt I have more fuel left in the tank after completing the workout, event do I have probably done a total of jumps higher than the last plyo workout.

    Day 9
    Shoulder and arms
    Endurance definitively up !!! PUMP painful, awesome workout, did the abs ripper x workout right after.

  10. Day 10
    Yoga X

    Day 11
    Legs and back, here I do not follow the P90X routine but rather did 5 sets of legs extension, 5 sets of legs curls, 5 sets of legs press, and a 100 reps of calf’s raise. + 5 sets of DB shrug.

    Day 12
    Kempo X

    Day 13
    X stretch

    Day 14
    Chest and back.

    So far this stack I great for endurance, I am able to do more before I get out of breath my aerobic capacities have increased quite a bit. I am impress!

  11. glad to see you're impressed so far
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete


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