Best stack for bulking?

  1. Best stack for bulking?

    Ok so I'm 22 5'10 174 lbs. I'm coming off a cycle of a-hd, protein isolate, cla, and nuerocore for pw. I have purchased craze for next pw and was wondering what tobstack with it for a bulking phase. I train monday-friday with 40 minutes of cardio, mondays consist of chest/bis, tuesday back/tris, wednesday legs, thursday chest/bis, friday back/tris and each day has some kind of abs. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  2. Awesome bulking stack

    Myfusion protein for pre and post workout..
    universal creapure creatine pre and post workout(take with dextrose or grape, apple juice)
    xtend BCAA post workout
    Spirulina 500mg post workout or same time daily
    Prolab Horny Goat Weed complex(Natural test boost)
    This is an awesome stack...I hope this helps

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