52 Year Old Anteus Achilles Log

  1. I just received 2 bottles of Antaeus Achilles in the mail yesterday. This is unsponsored and its my log to see if this stuff helps with some nagging sore joints in my shoulders and a "clicking" sound in my elbows that I've had for years now.

    I noticed NutraPlanet has this on sale. Missed this sale by one week! Go figure.

    Stay tuned fellas.

  2. Update just 3 days into logging this: I thought it would take a week to get into by blood stream but no the shoulder is already improved. Just to clarify, my left shoulder has been sore as heck. If I bent my left arm and tried to raise it I would feel so much pain that I'd stop. Well this morning I could raise and lower it at will!! This is amazing for a 52 year old!

    More later.

  3. First bottle of Achilles is half gone. My shoulder pain is about half of what is was. Still feel and hear the "clicking" in my elbows but like I said, I've had this condition for over 7 years.

    So far so good. I'm happy I can raise my arms up over my shoulders again without groaning.

  4. Almost finished with 2 bottles.

    Achilles made a difference with healing my shoulder problem. Sorry to say that the "cracking" in my elbows has not completely been eliminated but definitely has lessened.

    Would I buy more? I'm planning on trying IForce Joint Health next before making that decision.

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