a big thanks to man sports for letting me log new PR-XT !!!

    Super Anabolic

    Like everyone else we were tired of tribulus & every other me too “ultra concentrate” formula that just gave you morning wood & minimal strength gains.So we got busy formulating.. Precise & Specifically Dosed.. PR-XT™ would later be coined “Elite Anabolic Enhancement” by those who became familiar with it’s effectiveness.New research & technical manufacturing was developed by MAN Sports to create Engineered Extracts with Critical Strength & Bioavailability to make the first Super Anabolic. Developing Highly Specific Extracts in some cases 10x More Strength than current sources available made PR-XT™ a choice decision for size, strength, power.
    The Bulk Look

    It’s completely unfair.. but it happens to nearly all of us.. every time bulking begins- strength sky rockets, weak body parts finally start growing .. then BOOM! here it comes.. the Marshmallow Man Physique aka Soft & Bloated Look..So how do I bulk without the bloat?This is where PR-XT™ shines combining the perfect mix of Anabolic Extracts & Selective Beta-2 Adrenoceptor Agonist to promote keeping you dry & peeled through gaining size & muscle.
    Synergistic Leaning & Hardening Cocktail

    It’s called the beta-2 adrenoreceptor – and if Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat is your goal – this is Your Absolute Best Friend when Activated.About 20 years ago, the beta-2 adrenoreceptor became legendary overnight when bodybuilders began to notice the incredible support it had on promoting Lean Muscle Mass & Burning Body Fat simultaneously.N-caffeoyldopamine and its analogue N-coumarolydopamine have been shown in recent studies to promote rushing activity to the beta-2 adrenoreceptor as a novel beta-2-agonists. This is good… very very good. As you can see in the illustration above, beta-2 adrenoreceptors have been shown to be highly present in abdominals, lower chest, and buttocks – precisely where "trouble spots" are. This makes PR-XT the first Super Anabolic loaded with Revolutionary Hardening Agents.
    Clean Hard Dry Gains.. Like None Other

    Promoting multiple modes of action targeting the anabolic state. We wanted something very Anabolic and slightly androgenic promoting Increased lean muscle mass, increased strength, increased raw power, accelerated recovery, increased vascularity - and Anacyclus showed just that.Recently a new published study on Anacyclus was released in a highly regarded scientific journal. Results of this study show Anacyclus is not just anabolic, but it also significantly increased testosterone, FSH, LH, and bodyweight in animal mode.The lowest dose that the researchers used was 50 mg/kg/day. If you convert that dose to human proportions using the official formula you arrive at 8.1 mg/kg/day. If you weigh 198 lbs, then you need 730 mg daily. A daily dose of PR-XT contains 3200 mg. This Works.Normal Anacyclus is a 1:1 Extract, with possible impurities and microbiological contaminants. This is a straight powder of the Anacyclus with no concentration made or any actives extracted. The Engineered Extract Of Anacyclus found in PR-XT™ is a 5:1 Extract, 5x Stronger. The 5:1 extract is manufactured by concentrating the Anacyclus to a 5 (raw material) to 1 (finished product) ratio. The 5:1 extract is far more potent. This ain’t your grandpas bulgarian tribulus – this is a Super Anabolic.But Wait, There’s More!
    Controlling estrogen conversion is key in maximizing testosterone output. Revolutionary ingredient Extract Of Brassaiopsis Glumerulata has shown incredible research promoting strong anti-estrogenic effects. normal Extract Of Brassaiopsis is a 1:1 extract, we were not ok with normal. The Engineered Extract Of Brassaiopsis found in PR-XT™ is a 10:1 Extract, 10x Stronger.
    NO PCT Required

    PR-XT is efficaciously dosed with Zinc & Vitamin D3 to promote healthy natural testosterone levels. If you haven’t supplemented with these 2 vitamins you might be surprised how much they play a role in your internal environment.
    Zinc & D3 For Healthy Testosterone Support

    Zinc is an important mineral required for optimal testosterone levels and Aspartate works as a secondary messenger stimulating the testes to produce testosterone.New research has shed light on Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and it’s role in biochemistry have been confirmed. And the research on D3 is quite incredible. D3 levels have been definitively reciprocally related with positive androgen levels & higher circulating testosterone levels in men. Typically our food contains too little vitamin D, so we have to rely mainly on the levels that our body makes. When exposed to sunlight our skin cells convert cholesterol into vitamin D. And With people receiving less sunshine during colder months, especially considering that these are typically "bulking season," this is not the situation you want your hormonal environment to be in & PR-XT™ fights to protect.
    D3 For Positive Effects On Estrogens

    D3 has also suggested to promote anti-estrogenic action in recent research, suggesting that D3 may reduce estrogen utilizing two precise pathways. Starting with Suppressing Estrogenic Transcription at the Gene Level i.e. controlling how much estro is produced by the body. And secondly reducing the COX-2 pathway i.e. promoting reduction of prostaglandins including PGE2 which is a direct stimulator of estro.

  2. ok guys i started pr-xt 4 days ago. days one and two i didnt notice much. Then day three came and i couldnt stop eating. I would eat and eat and still want more, I would finally get full but then would be hungry and hour later. Today being day 4 i have only taken one dose so far. Hunger is deffientaly up.

    Tonight i will be hitting my arms in the gym.and will update how my work out goes.sunday i leave for hawaii for a week and not sure if i will have access to a gym or not. If I dont i wil still be working out(pushup,burpies,body weight squats,body weight rows and pull ups) and dosing my pr-xt

  3. I'll be following along sir. Good luck. I should be getting mine in today.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    I'll be following along sir. Good luck. I should be getting mine in today.
    Thanks, shoot a link to yours , so I can follow

  5. All up in on dish bish.

  6. So yesterday was a long day of traveling to no gym and today I had zero access t a gym so it was push ups.

    I did 100 push-ups in 25 rep sets

    50 more at an incline in 15 rep sets plus 5

    Plus 50 more at a decline.

    Muscle have been extremely full. Veins are popping out of every where and I'm really noting a better shape to my pecs ( far loss in the chest ?)

    I'm gonna find out if there is a gym I can hit here on the big island in Hawaii other wise tomorrow I'm gonna load up my carry on bag with rocks and do several forms of curls

  7. How's it going?????

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SLW2 View Post
    How's it going?????

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  9. Worst log ever. And I've followed Ippy.
    DIESEL TEST = Underground Kings of Test elevation!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Piston Honda View Post
    Worst log ever. And I've followed Ippy.
    lol...if i were in hawaii..............

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  11. WTF is with this log? Did it end? Final review? Not cool to leave a company hanging like this.
    DIESEL TEST = Underground Kings of Test elevation!

  12. Definitely expected more from ya stopstalking; disappointed to say the least.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  13. hello....
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  14. Quote Originally Posted by neddo View Post
    Definitely expected more from ya stopstalking; disappointed to say the least.
    Hey bud pm sent. I screwed up and wanna pay for the bottle. I'm not here to get products and run

  15. Quote Originally Posted by stopstalking View Post

    Hey bud pm sent. I screwed up and wanna pay for the bottle. I'm not here to get products and run
    Good man. Way to make things right.
    I started a new log at:


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