What's up boys and girls, I've been working out for almost a year now with some great beginners gains 0-1200 leg press, 495 squat, 275 1RM. Well around month six my gains started to plateau and so I started to cut, with that I lost much strength. After stepping in the gym again I said enough was enough and needed something to back my gains not just time and nutrition. So I started to looked into products such as these. Nothing too harsh like H-Drol but nothing like the expensive counterpart Andro product. I seen the name forerunner lab somewhere in a blog and the rest is history. MY shipments arrived in the mail promptly from mass nutrition for 100$. I ripped open to retrieve my contents and got to working day 1. After popping some of these I walked into IKEA feeling like I was on real steroids. MY triceps could feel the surge of whatever was in these pills pumping them up and I'm not talkin nitric oxide. I walked into the world confident, happy, sort of like when me and you lost our virginity in 11th grade (okay I was a little late!). I bulked every day as to make sure I kept my gians and moneys worth on this stuff after my cycle I sort of resembled JAy Cutler when his fat ass eating chicken or whatever that was at his kitchen table. Proud to say MY lifts when up prior to my cut {fail} and soaring numbers too infinity and beyond. In the coming days I am to start my ursol XT PCT and I am nothing but satisified by the clean strength and mass I gained in the process. I'm sure you have all heard of lethargy and that was the only side affect you would have to adjust your dosage and timing according to your life schedule, because you will feel tired and sometimes drained. I had no 'backpumps' and the face acne was slight but fairly discreet. If you're looking for a fantastic body than these side affect free products will be your best friends in helping achieve your desires and goals as far as the gym is concerned.Name:  degenaro.jpg
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