Memphis_slim takes PR-XT for an ol fashioned Tennessee test drive

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  1. Memphis_slim takes PR-XT for an ol fashioned Tennessee test drive

    Thes test drive has begun! Big thank you's to everyone at MAN for allowing me to log this product. My promise to everyone is to keep this log completely honest and up-to-date. I'm always looking for new products and supps that work and deliver on their claims and I know all of you look for the same.

    My bottle of PR-XT arrived yesterday so today would be officially Day #2. Obviously there isn't a great deal to report so far on any effects.

    Last year I began competing in Men's Physique competitions and did 2 shows. On the back of a 1st place finish and a 2nd place finish, I qualified for Nationals in 2013. My goal is to make enough improvement over the next 6 months to feel like I'm ready to go to Las Vegas in July. In order to do that, I feel I will need to add 6-8 pounds. I'm hoping PR-XT will kickstart that progress for me and become a staple on my road to Nationals!

    At my last show, I stepped on stage weighing 188 at 4.3% bf. My winter bulk started a month ago and I allowed myself to indulge a little more than normal. For this log, I will keep the indulgences down to a bare minimum and really focus on getting in enough good, clean calories.

    Starting Stats: 193.5 lbs.

    My routine currently looks like this:
    Monday- Bootcamp / Chest & Shoulders
    Tuesday- Biceps & Triceps
    Wedensday- Bootcamp
    Thursday- Back
    Friday- Bootcamp / Chest & Traps
    Saturday- Legs & Calves
    Sunday- Off or Cardio

    I've increased the volume of sets per bodypart quite a bit from the routine I was doing during the contest season. As each day's log gets posted, the detail as far as exercises, sets, reps, weight, etc. will show up. I found an app called Jefit that I downloaded and use to keep track of weights, sets, reps, etc. It's a pretty cool app and using your phone is a lot easier than carrying around a notebook and a pencil. I should be able to just capture screenshots of my daily workouts and post them into the thread.

    NUTRITION: Last year, I decided to buy a Bodymedia arm band and wear it religiously to really get an accurate baseline on how many calories I was burning on a daily basis. It also tracks your sleep, walking steps, and a few other interesting details. It turned out to be very accurate (as far as I could tell) and I used those numbers to base my pre-contest diet. Using what I know, my goal calorie range for this log will be 3000-3200. I breakdown my macros like this: 300-325g protein, 275-300g carbs, 80-100g fat. I try to adjust within those ranges to keep me at my goal calorie range-- For instance...If I nudge towards the upper end of my carb number for the day I will try and stay towards the lower level of either the fat or protein numbers to compensate. I'd like to add as much muscle as possible without adding any more fat than absolutely necessary. That's the hope anyways!

    For convenience sake, I try and keep my daily diet close to the same everyday. My protein sources will come from chicken, beef and tuna, along with shakes and bars. I keep the carb sources to oats, brown rice, whole wheat breads and pastas. Most of my fats are the mono and polyunsaturated kind but I do have a huge weakness for chocolate so dark chocolate will sneak into the diet from time to time.
    The Bodymedia website allows you to log and track your food as well so initially, I will cut and paste my daily food. After the first week or so, I think I will just post daily calories and macros so as not to bore everyone to death.

    I have starting pics that I'll throw up a little later, along with some other details to set the scene. I'm looking forward to seeing what PR-XT can do for me over the next 4 weeks!!

  2. Name:  wo 2 new.jpg
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    This is the arm workout from yesterday. I am just coming off a week-long illness which kept me out of the gym for about 5 days. The poundages are a little down from normal but that's to be expected. I kept the volume a little lighter as well as I'm getting back to 100%.

    Name:  diet new 2.jpg
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    Here is the diet from yesterday. A little light on the calories but as long as I'm over the 300g mark in protein everyday, I'm good with that.

  3. Now this is gonna be a ride and a half.

    In, and looking forward to this MAN!
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  4. Name:  me 2.jpg
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Size:  91.4 KB Starting Pics from Yesterday. (I've indulged a/k/a "cheated" a little too much to start this off-season)

    Name:  300.jpg
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Size:  58.0 KBThis was today's bootcamp workout. This comes courtesy of my good friend who owns the Bootcamp Results Driven Fitness Training gym where I live. This workout was after a 15-20 minute warmup of kettlebell swings, cleans, clean and presses and snatches. I used a 53 pound kettlebell for the snatches and clean and press movements and a 60 pound kettlebell for the swings and goblet squats. This workout was brutal.

  5. Totally negelcted to add this info in last night: The only other supplement (outside of staples) I will be adding during this log will be TTA. I'd like to see if the TTA can work to help with the recomp and keep the fat at bay, maybe even aid in losing some while the muscle is added. My staples are as follows: Multivitamin, Fish oil (5g/day), CoQ10, Quercetin. I no longer have to add in my normal Vitamin D supp due to the PR-XT having the D included in it. Also, I do use a PWO...

    Since my normal workout time is 6am, I will be taking my PR-XT immediately upon waking up...always 5:20 am, then immediately after my workout, and the third dose will be in the late afternoon/early evening.

    I will post up yesterday's diet, along with today's diet and workout tonight.

    **I will add right now though...I felt extremely strong in the gym this morning. Today was back day and all my poundages went up from previous workouts! I also noted that I was working out at a faster pace today, less rest time bewteen sets was needed. I will go in more detail tonight but I'm liking what is going on so far!!

  6. Name:  1212.jpg
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Size:  48.5 KBHere is my food from yesterday.

    Name:  1213.jpg
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Size:  58.8 KB This is my food for today. I got another solid 300+ grams of protein in. There was a little bump in the road today at work which explains the Quiznos sandwich. Some days you just don't have any other choice.

    Name:  1213w.jpg
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Size:  26.1 KBSo...I hit back today and as I stated in my earlier post, I felt really good and strong this morning. After coming off a week of being sick, I didn't expect to feel this good with the weights so soon. My energy was high and had a good pump throughout the workout. Each exercise had an increase in poundage from my last solid workout so that is something to note. We are only in Day 3 but I really enjoyed the spike in strength I felt today. Hopefully, that becomes a trend over the next 4 weeks!

    My weight last night was 197 lbs. -- Not sure what's going on there as that is a full 3.5 pound increase from the night before. I did get way off of my water consumption during that sick week. I'm now back to my full 1.5 gallons a day so maybe the water is just beginning to balance out again. I'll weigh again tonight and throw up a quick post to compare.

  7. Tiny pics are tiny

    Sounds like you're killing it; and daily weight fluctuations aren't too important -- although a 3.5# swing is intredast.
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  8. Tonight's weight = 195.5

  9. Name:  1214w.png
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Size:  87.7 KBAnother really good workout today!! Strength and/or volume was increased on every lift. I escpecially could feel the increased control from the strength in the first half of the rep range for each set. (Hopefully that makes sense) I also noticed that muscle fatigue set in a rep or two later than normal, allowing me to squeeze out an extra rep or so per set. This is a great feeling and being able to specifically notice the strength increases from exercise to exercise keeps the motivation high!

    Good pump today! I snapped this pic (in the post above) after only the first couple sets. Although I was focusing on chest and the chest pump was really good, I could feel the blood flowing through the arms and shoulders as well. I've been left with a "solid" feeling throughout the day. Everything just feels thick and sturdy.

    LIBIDO: I have notice a slight increase where the libido is concerned. Nothing extreme (yet) but it's noticeable to a certain degree.

  10. Holy vascularity batman.
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  11. What a log.

  12. This weekend was quite hectic! Between alot of family things to do and eveyone still getting over this nasty bug that has cycled through my family, my routine got switched around a bit. I had to shift my leg workout from Saturday to Sunday and I added a bootcamp class on Sunday as well. I am back on schedule this morning, hitting Bootcamp for an hour and then I will lift this evening, hitting chest and shoulders.

    Here is the leg workout from last night: Name:  1216.jpg
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Size:  42.7 KB I did add an extra set of Smith maching Deads (4 instaed of the shown 3) in there because I was feeling really good. That leads me to what has become (in my mind) an unmistakable effect from the PR-XT. As I am working through my lifts, I "feel" like I need less time between sets and am ready to go in much less time than usual. I can actually feel a feeling that says "Let's need to wait! Get going!" I can tell that my rest times are shorter but the energy during the exercise won't allow me to wait any longer before proceeding to the next set. AND...even with these shorter rest times, my reps and weights continue to increase. There is definitely a strength increase component to the PR-XT and this week will really show how strong that is. If this week's poundages continue to increase at even half the rate of last week, then we are on to something really nice here.

    My pumps and feelings of fullness are right where they normally are so I haven't noticed any huge effect fro the PR-XT in that area. They are no less though, so that's good too.

    I started weighing myself in the morning (first thing), along with the nightly weigh-in. I am seeing so much fluctuation with my weight at night that I figured first thing in the morning would be more accurate going forward.
    Saturday morning = 191.5
    Sunday morning = 191.5 -- My evening weight Sunday night was 193.5
    Monday morning = 192.5

    The diet has been 90% on point. I had a Christmas party and a Birthday party over the weekend so, I will admit, several pieces of pizza and some cake got thrown into the mix. No worries...

    I will post up some pics tomorrow morning and report in on tonight's workout. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

  13. Strength increases are what we live for, so I hope that stays on par.

    Your vascularity doesn't seem to be able to be improved, however haha.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  14. Quote Originally Posted by neddo View Post
    Strength increases are what we live for, so I hope that stays on par.

    Your vascularity doesn't seem to be able to be improved, however haha.
    Lol! Thanks! The veins start getting really silly the closer I get to a show.

  15. I'm in here now.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    I'm in here now.
    Nice to have you along! I've been following you log as well.

  17. My schedule has been off slightly this week due to some circumstances out of my control but is the chest/shoulder workout from Tuesday. Name:  1218.jpg
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Size:  44.2 KBI am a day off from my normal schedule but I'm hoping to get caught up later this week. The Bootcamp workout this morning was good, lots of box jumps, kettlebell swings and squats, medicine ball squat throws and suspension training. My plan is to still hit back tomorrow morning and try and squeeze in an arm workout either late Thursday or sometime during Friday. The diet is right where it needs to be.

    My weight is still fluctuating a little...last night I weighed in at 195.5. I just got off the scale tonight and I'm holding at 195.

  18. I'm officially 9 days in on this 28 day cycle of PR-XT. Here are pics I took first thing this morning...right outta bed before going to workout:
    Name:  20121220_053616.jpg
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Size:  89.8 KBName:  20121220_053657.jpg
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Size:  59.9 KB FIRST PROGRESS PICS IMPRESSIONS: I am pleased with the results so far from PR-XT. I definitely see a decrease in bodyfat as I'm looking sharper and more defined than I did 9 days ago. Couple that with the fact that the scale continues to go up and we've got some outstanding results for the first 9 days!! My muscles feel full, solid and thick (all day long).

    WORKOUT REVIEW: The biggest and most pronounced effect from PR-XT so far has been the strength increase. My poundages have gone up fairly significantly during the past 9 days and my rest times between sets has decreased. I feel stronger in the gym and I notice I'm fatiguing about a rep or two later than normal. Most of the other measureables are pretty much the same as they've always been...pump, vascularity, endurance, etc.

    LIBIDO REVIEW: I know I alluded to an increase in libido earlier this week but as I sit 9 days in, libido is pretty much at the same level it usually is.

    So far, so good. I'm really enjoying my workouts and looking forward to seeing how the strength increases will continue. I hit back this morning and once again, I was able to handle more weight and/or more reps than the previous workout. Here's what it looked like:
    Name:  1220.jpg
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  19. Following hope to see the same

    You rebounding off contest correct?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    Following hope to see the same

    You rebounding off contest correct?
    Last contest was November 2. So I'm almost 2 months into my offseason. I plan on competing again at the end of March so I will continue with the bulk until about February.

  21. Sounds great

    I have to drop another 5% to do physique at 6% body fat.

    I would do it but it's hard for me to sacrifice food

    Incan do it but I won't so it takes me a bit longer lol

  22. Eating super clean is definitely the hardest part of show prep! (In my opinion) I have a tremendous sweet tooth and crave anything with sugar or chocolate. I forced myself to do it though and allowed some very small rewards to get me through. I would allow myself a small amount of dark chocolate chunks every other day or so. It became enough for me to get my chocolate/sugar fix without going overboard and ruining the day. In fact, a small handful doesn't really have that many calories at all. I also started blending up a thick protein shake at night with half casein/half whey protein. The casein was vanilla and the whey was chocolate and along with a bunch of ice and some Walden Farms chocolate sauce (0 cals, 0 sugar)...that became my late night treat. I began to really enjoy the taste and I even started adding a teaspoon of nat pb in it.

    You just have to find ways to get through the rough patches while staying as clean as possible with your food. It's tough, but well worth it in the end!

  23. I have no issue eating clean

    It's my quantity and appetite that kills me

    Everyday I do 3 tbsp pb with 1/2 square bakers chocolate and stevia and put in freezer. A high fiber healthy Reese's cup lol

    I'm a skittles guy I eat a bag of skittles everyday when I'm bulking

  24. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc View Post
    I have no issue eating clean

    It's my quantity and appetite that kills me

    Everyday I do 3 tbsp pb with 1/2 square bakers chocolate and stevia and put in freezer. A high fiber healthy Reese's cup lol

    I'm a skittles guy I eat a bag of skittles everyday when I'm bulking
    That sounds very interdasting.. might have to try it sometime.


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