Memphis_slim takes PR-XT for an ol fashioned Tennessee test drive

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    Now that Christmas is over, I can get back to updating my log. I've got several workouts to post up tonight when I get home from work.

    My weight is holding solid at 192.5 & 195.5, in the morning and night respectively. Thats huge considering my wife has seriously gone overboard with the baking this week. Cookies, pies, know how that goes.

    I'll go into some workout details tonight but the PR-XT is really kicking in strong now. I can feel it! I'm seriously looking forward to the next 2 weeks. Quick question for MAN reps: would PR-XT be perfect for an 8 week run to maximize results?
    Yes sir! I'm looking forward to running 8 weeks of NXT + PR-XT in the near future.

  2. Does anyone know when this will be available? Can't find it anywhere.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jwolford76 View Post
    Does anyone know when this will be available? Can't find it anywhere.

  4. Name:  1224.jpg
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Size:  34.2 KB Well...the Christmas week threw somethings off schedule a bit but for the most part, the week was successful. The shoulder workout was from Christmas Eve and I followed it with a full hour on the bike. Christmas was an obvious off day. Wednesday was Bootcamp, a tough one escpecially after quite a bit of sugar throughout Christmas Day. Thursday was back and this morning was Bootcamp again. My plan for this weekend is to hit legs tomorrow and catch up my chest/traps on Sunday.

    I'm still noticing the the full muscle feeling throughout the day. It's not so much a "pumped" feeling as it is just a feeling of thickness and fullness. I really enjoy it! My muscles feel like they have a denseness to them that I have not noticed in the past.

    The strength in the gym continues to increase.

    Now that Christmas is over, the baked goods, sugar and treats are dwindling. After this weekend, that thorn in my side will be gone and the temptations in the house will be too!

  5. I know that feel of muscle fullness -- I noticed mine the most after heavy leg days hitting all over. The second bottle, and especially if you choose to add Nolvadren XT in as well, will further expand this. While this fullness lasts all day and makes you feel boss, the aid it gave myself personally in the gym was unparalleled as well for my MindMuscleConnection.

    Very happy you've enjoyed this run big guy. Let us know if you choose to continue this with another bottle.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  6. Took the kiddos sledding today up on the mountain!! That was pretty fun and everyone had a blast. Got home in time to sneak in a quick leg workout before the Sunday night football game started. I kept it short and sweet:Name:  1230.jpg
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    I actually worked in about 3 extra sets of leg press in there...working with about 360 lbs. for 20 reps per set. I didn't really want to go into the program and add in the extra sets only to have to edit them out next time. So, I ended at about 13 sets total.

    I had a really good pump going by the 3rd set of leg press so when I hit the last set of the night, finishing with the single leg split-squats, my legs were done.

    I am enjoying this run of PR-XT so much that I plan to bump it out to a full 8 weeks and add in some Nolvadren-XT with it for the last 4 weeks. Although once the first 28 day run of the PR-XT ends I probably won't bee updating this log on a daily basis, I will keep it going every 3-4 days for those wishing to see what kind of results a full 8 week run can bring. I've got the starting measurements so the proof will really be in the pudding when we put them up against the final 8 week measurements. 6 days left on this initial PR-XT journey!!

  7. Here is my workout from this morning: Name:  0101.jpg
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Size:  31.3 KB After the lift, I hit the bike for 45 minutes and then added another 30 minutes tonight. I'm back into my increased cardio mode as I'm down to 12 weeks to the next show and this bulk got a little dirtier than I had planned. No worries, though...I figure I'm holding on somewhere around 7-8% bf. The goal is to walk onstage at 3.5% and that would be down from the 4.3% I was at in November.

    Everything I've reported on so far has continued to hold true: Increased strength, increased muscle fullness. One nice surprise over the last week or so has big a pretty big spike in libido! I'll take it.

    I jumped on the New Year's Sale at NP and grabbed a second bottle of PR-XT along with a bottle of Nolvadren-XT to stack on top. I'm hoping the shipping is fast enough to allow a seamless transition into weeks 4-8. I'll keep everyone posted on that.

    Weight tonight was 197.5

  8. has been extremely busy this week. Been working back to back 16 hour days so my computer hasn't even been turned on in the past 2 days. That said, I haven't missed a workout so I do have those weights and some pics to post tonight. Definitely not working late tonight so I will update this evening.

    Everything is holding strong...weight, strength, libido, muscle fullness.

  9. Late but in. Good log so far and great progress.
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  10. Wednesday and this morning were Bootcamp workouts. Lots of kettlebell swings, snatches, squats and clean and press this week. As always, we worked a ton of core using TRX and Crosscore straps...add in a healthly dose of plyos and 2" battleropes and you've got yourself quite a workout.

    Thursday I was able to catch up my biceps and hit my back as well. About 3 sets into my biceps workout, my forearms and bis were so pumped and swollen that I was having a hard time flexing! Name:  20130103_063331.jpg
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    My weight is holding pretty steady at 197 as I have increased my cardio to an hour a day. Everything has been great during this run of PR-XT and I'm down to my last day tomorrow. I will plan on taking final weights and measurements on Sunday or Monday and writin up my final review for this 28 day run!

  11. Fuarkin' hnnng. An hour of cardio, as well as Bootcamp and whatnot? You're the damn man.

    Lookin' forward to final thoughts; and thoroughly glad you were picked up for this log and that you enjoyed it!
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  12. Well...the first 28 days is officially over! I really enjoyed this run and look forward to some big things in the future with PR-XT. I took my final measurements yesterday and lest there be any doubt, I took pics of the tape measure to verify the numbers. I was shocked to see most, if not all of the numbers increase (or decrease) in the appropriate direction!! Again, there was a little less than 2 weeks between these final measurements and the secondary ones I took and only 28 days from the starting measurements. Here are the numbers *drumroll*

    12/09/12: Chest = 42" Arms = 17" Waist = 32.75" Thigh = 22.5" Calf = 15.5"

    12/24/12: Chest = 42.375" Arms = 17.25" Waist = 32.62" Thigh = 22.75" Calf = 15.5"

    01/06/13: Chest = 42.375" Arms = 17.375" Waist = 32.62" Thigh = 23" Calf = 15.625"
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    That's a 3/8" increase in the chest (by far my weakest bodypart), 3/8" in the upper arm, waist decreased 1/8" (for doing very little cardio and a little extra cheating over the holidays, I am extremely pleased with this), mid-thighs increased 1/2" and calves went up 1/8". All this done in 28 days!! I can't even begin to imagine extrapolating that over a solid year's time.

    My weight leveled off about a week ago at 196. Comparing that to my starting weight of 193.5, that is a solid 2.5 pound increase!! Now, based on the fact that my waist measurement is virtually the same and my waist area is the only place that I am holding any fat right now, I feel really confident is saying that 2.5 pounds is mostly/all lean body mass. I think that is awesome for a 28 day stretch!!

    Final photos:
    Name:  DSC_0275.JPG
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    I will add my final thoughts on different asepcts of the product in my next post.

  13. Strong arms and back thickness son!

  14. Nice work buddy. Thanx for the review. Looks solid.
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  15. Bauce.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
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  16. Thumbs up

    I finally have a few minutes to myself so I can write up my final thoughts and observations on the 28 day run of PR-XT:

    OVERALL: I really enjoyed this product! It gave me, what I believe, are awesome results in a 28 day timeframe. You've all see the measurement numbers and the tape measure just doesn't lie. What's more, I could really feel the fullness that came with the size gains.

    STRENGTH: The strength increases were obvious and apparent with PR-XT. Literally from day 2, my poundages and/or sets, and/or reps increased on almost every lift with every workout. I am fanatical about lifting with solid and proper form so I was not about to let the idea of lifting heavier weights compromise my form. I can say that all the strength increases came within the framework of proper and tight form.

    ENDURANCE: I did not observe anything our of the ordinary in terms of cardiovascular endurance, however, I felt as though my muscular endurance was increased slightly from the PR-XT. By this I mean that during a working set, I felt as though my muscles would start to fatigue and then fail about one or two reps later than usual. Those extra reps pay off big in the long run and undoubtedly helped contribute to the size increases I saw.

    MUSCLE FULLNESS: This was also very pronounced throughout the 28 days and I was not eating any more carbs than normal. My muscle bellies felt full and swollen throughout the day. I observed this the most in my biceps and triceps and that feeling would last and continue even on non-arm lifting days. I also felt good and full through the shoulders and back. I just had a sense of being "thick" throughout the day. I really, really enjoy that feeling!

    BODY COMPOSITION: Although I did not have bf% done at the beginning of the run, I feel pretty confident in saying that my bf did not increase over the course of the 28 days. Now, normally that wouldn't cause me to think twice but this run did occur over Christmas and New Year's which, at my house, means a ton of food, cakes, snacks, pies, cookies, etc. I did keep myself pretty well in check but I definitely indulged as well. I was also doing less than my normal amount of daily cardio in order to save the calories more muscle building. It was noticeable to me that I was not adding bodyfat along with the muscle. I'm not sure how much of that, if any, I can attribute to the PR-XT...but I was definitely impressed that the body comp changes went they way they did.

    I willl be recommending PR-XT to anyone who will listen in the future. Thanks again to everyone at MAN for the privilege and opportunity!!

  17. Awesome write-up bud, we really appreciate your taking the time to conglomerate some thoughts here.
    GENOMYX ~ Where Evolution Begins
    Neddo ~ Forum Representative

  18. Nice write up. Thanx buddy
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  19. just read thru this log....OUTSTANDING!!!


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