CBR'S Ride with Ironmaglabs M-STEN (sponsored)

  1. CBR'S Ride with Ironmaglabs M-STEN (sponsored)

    hello there. i would like to start by thanking ironmaglabs for choosing me as a tester. unfortunately i've come down with the flu over the weekend and have decided to a break from training/supplements. however, the log will go on. a friend of mine will be running it instead who has just as much training/supplement experience as me. i've told him he must keep a detailed log and update regularly. so he will be posting on here instead of me.

    5'9, 180lbs, 10%bf.

    he will be training 5 days a week doing a split of:
    chest, back, off day, shoulders, arms, legs, off day.

    supplements while on:
    multi vitamin
    fish oil
    green magnitude
    maniac for pre w.o

    nolva or clomid

    he started yesterday and will update as necessary. if you have any questions, post them up!

    Just to update Dosing it at 20/20/20/20 Diet isn't set in stone but gonna try and keep the calories around 4500 as clean as possible

  2. No type of cycle support ?

  3. i want to see how i react to the sides (if any) become a problem. i have ai's cycle support in my stash and will use it if necessary
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  5. Update:

    Up 2lbs since I started on Tuesday. Strength seems to be going up and the pump I've been getting has been impressive. More to come...

  6. Look forward to hearing about your end results!!!

  7. Up about 8lbs since I started. I feel really full looking and strength has been going up steadily. Its crazy what this stuff does to my appetite. I'll eat a huge meal and not feel full at all. Couple more weeks left so hopefully this all keeps up

  8. Very cool brother! Pack on that LBM!
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  9. Updates?

  10. currently at 190lbs. haven't experienced any bloat whatsoever. strength gains have been ok, but i'm surprised by how much weight ive put on. only side ive noticed is very dark urine; guess i have to really up the water intake


    starting weight: 179
    ending weight: 191

    Strength (on a scale of 1 - 10) 7
    reps and weights were up on all lifts but nothing too crazy. have definitely seen better off stronger compounds

    Mass Gain: 9
    12lbs with almost no bloat. seems to be all lean gains

    Sides: 5
    as mentioned, basically 0 bloat. mild lethargy was also present. also this stuff did shut me down pretty fast. we'll see how pct goes

    Overall: 8.5/10
    i would def run this again. depending on diet, it can be used for a bulk or a cut. really depends on the user.

    thank you again IML for giving me the opportunity to log this


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