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  1. Quote Originally Posted by oli View Post
    b0ner checks:
    We're good!!!!!!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  2. Life's a garden, dig it

  3. nice log man ~ cant wait till my stuff shows up! How are the back pumps? Taking taurine with it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by omegax View Post
    nice log man ~ cant wait till my stuff shows up! How are the back pumps? Taking taurine with it?
    not noticing any back pumps a.t.m.

    although, i have been noticing some lethargy - idk if it's weather (cold) related, but i've been finding it easy to fall asleep when i lay down in the middle of the day

  5. Leg Day

    Front squats: 115x12, 145x10, 175x10, 205x5, 205x2x6

    Leg press: 270x12, 450x10, 630x10, 360x12

    Goodmornings: 45x12, 65x3x10

    Seated calf-raise: 70x15, 90x3x15
    Standing calf-raise: 90x25, 90x20
    Toes raised calf raises, bodyweight: 2x15

    Chose front squats over back squats in order to save my lower back for my upcoming DL workout. Haven't done them in awhile, but felt determined with each rep to get out the hole (bottom). Arm day was yesterday - arms were looking cartoonish midway thru. Will be pushing for more reps in the front squat with next leg workout.

  6. 1/5 -- Chest

    Incline Bench: 225x9, 275x7, 295x5, 325x6
    Hoist machine bench press, seated: 180x12, 230x3x12
    Db flyes: 40x2x12
    Pec deck: 100x3x12

    Db laterals: 25x3x12
    --rotator cuff exercises (external rotations thumbs-up front raises, laterals, bent-over raises) with 15lbs
    Seated machine press, neutral grip: 145x3x12

    === Felt some pain on the 4th rep of my 325lb set, but banged out 2 more - at least 2 were left in the tank. Probably my strongest effort ever on this day. Weights, esp. while benching, felt light -295 felt like 255.

  7. 1/6 - Deadlifts

    Warm-ups: 135x6, 165x3, 225x3

    --work sets: 265x5, 315x3, 335x1, 365x1, 405x1, 315x5

    -Speed sets: 225x4x2 [ 1 min rests ]

    Weighted sit-ups: 10lbs x 12, 25lbs x 2x12

    Seated rows, pronated grip: 115x4x10

    Kroc rows: 85x20

    Pulldowns, pronated: 130x4x10

    == Last official weight lifting session on M-Sten. Felt great to know that i can still pull 400 after injuring my SI joint - didn't come up as fast as I would have liked it, but there no sticking points...smooth pull from bottom to top.

    Final comments:

    Started at 188lbs - finished at 194.8. Almost a 7lb gain with only a modest increase in calories - with some days under maintenance.

    Felt initial effects (pumps) towards end of 1st week & continued to get stronger until today. Muscles were engorged with blood at every workout. Today, scrubbed the floor and my forearms were throbbing!

    Definite aggression and strength effects felt around 2nd week.

    So far, M-Sten is one of my favorite when it comes to orals. First would go to IML's Super DMZ 2.0 - that **** is (for me) 1 notch above M-Sten. Will most definitely run another IML M-Sten product in the near future - more serious gains can be had for the more serious bodybuilder - one with their diet 100% in-check. There really is no way you can't get stronger while running this.

  8. Looking real solid in here


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