REM P.M. By Man Sports Trial Run

  1. REM P.M. By Man Sports Trial Run

    Thank you Mustang and MAN (Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition) for giving me the opportunity to run this 10 day trial. I have actually taken some sleep aids before, so I have something to compare. I have only tried samples and only once a night. I look forward and am excited to try this the next 10 days.

    I am 32 years old with 3 kids and I have been married for 10 years so yes, sleep can be scarce.

    MY ROUTINE....
    AM workout. Wake will be at 4:30. Workout is from 5-6 AM.

    1 Pill the first night so I can gauge this product. Review will be tomorrow after tonight.
    Thank you!!!!

  2. Ok. Last nights dosage. 1 Pill at 10:00. Went to bed around 10:40. Got 6 hours of sleep. Woke up at 4:30 but had plenty of time since I was awake moving around in bed at 3:00 because of my 7mo. Old. Waking up wasn't difficult. I will take 2 caps tonight. I didn't notice much last night. Updates to come!!!!!

  3. 2 caps sounds like it should do the job. Let me know how this goes for you. Also remember to take REM PM on an empty stomach.

  4. Ok, we'll Tuesday and Wednesday mornings have been great.
    Tuesday I woke up at 4:50 be be because my alarm didn't go off. But still hit the weights from 5:15- 6:00
    Wednesday was off day so I slept until 6:15.
    My sleep has been Hard and non disturbing. I don't hear my son cry but as for dreams I haven't had any vivid ones yet really. Just hard sleep. It's good stuff!!

  5. Best night of sleep on my 3 rd day at two caps. Didn't want to get out of bed. Looking forward to a non work day and taking this tomorrow night!

  6. Been feeling tired in the mornings for some reason. Went to bed at 9:30. Took supplement at 9:00. 2 caps. I have been sleeping like a rock no doubt. I have been falling asleep fast and I can actually feel it kick in. Calming effect. Had a great workout at 5:00 AM this morning just felt tired afterwards.

  7. That calming effect is sometimes all I need to put me in a state one step closer to sleeping.

  8. Took two caps last night but only one tonight. Really judging the product dosage by what time I go to bed as recommended. My sleep has been deep and non disturbing the past two nights. I don't move much at all. That's great stuff.

  9. My rating and final thought on REM P.M. 1-10

    Ability to fall asleep - 8. I was actually able to feel it kick in. I could stay awake if I wanted to tho.
    Deep sleep - 9. I slept very hard. After not taking it i can really notice the difference.
    Drowsiness the next day - 7 - 1 cap made me feel rejuvenated. Great. At 2 caps I could really tell I was tired more.
    Time of dosing is perfect and the usage directions are perfect vs. 1 or 2 caps. All depends on your hours of sleep.
    Dreams - 5. Didn't have any more or less dreams. Doesn't matter to me either

    This product was great to try for a trial run and I appreciate MAN for giving me the opportunity. I highly recommend this product. It does work. If you don't believe me, just buy a bottle and take two caps! You will sleep through a storm

  10. Thanks for throwing up a final review my man!


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