Finaflex 1 alpha log starts 12/8/12

  1. Finaflex 1 alpha log starts 12/8/12

    I am going for a short experimental run on finaflex 1 alpha for about 3 weeks. I took 1-andro in the summer and within 4 days of taking it, I began having painful urination and lower abdominal pain. I start tomorrow. I will log my weight and strength increases along with side effects

  2. I also have taken finaflex 550xd black in October for a week until I had gotten really sick and stopped taking it. In that one week, I had crazy rage in the gym.. Strength was through the roof. I hope side effects or my immune system dont get In the way of making some "gains"

  3. Interesting side effect with the andro just finished my cycle of 1 Andro. No real side effect for me. I did have painful urination the third morning but realized it was just that I was dehydrated. Make sure your drinking plenty of water man it helps a lot for me anyways. How did this cycle go for you? I'm looking at starting a cycle of 1 alpha in a few weeks.

  4. Yep keep hydrated. I'll be following along.
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