MAN Sports REM P.M. Bulk88's LOG

  1. MAN Sports REM P.M. Bulk88's LOG

    What's going on guys, I have to give a huge thanks to MAN sports and MustangManGT for giving me the opportunity to log this product I am really excited and so far results are good!!

    Day 1- first day was taken on saturday night since it came in on saturday I figured I would jump on it! Took 2 pills since I could really feel the product incase if it were to make me groggy in the morning or not. Sunday morning felt great! I usually wake up 5-6 times a night and with taking 2 caps i only woke up like twice? could it be the affects of the REM P.M? i guess i'll have to wait and see, overall throughout the day I felt good energized I did not feel tired, but felt like I was able to really get a solid sleep and not one of those nights where you slept but wake up groggy.

    Day 2- took two caps again which is sunday night I felt good throughout the day which tonight I will have to go to bed early since I have to be at work at 5am so I figured I would take 2 pills around 6:30 pm. around 7:30pm I was feeling a little big tired as the pills seemed to be kicking in finally so I decided to hit the sack! finally crashed out, I woke up in the middle of the night for something to drink thinking I had been asleep for hours. Looked at the clock it was only 10pm! I thought it was going to almost be time to wake up thank god it wasn't! so I went back to bed with no problems because usually I have to lay there trying to force myself back to sleep but this night was awesome.

    Day3- Feeling good today woke up feeling refreshed since I had to wake up early which was really easy to wake up with no hesitation jumped out of bed ready to go! went through the entire work day with no problem, Had a good intense workout mid day and I wasn't sitting there yawning like I do at times even if I am hitting it hard. Now today will be the real test if REM P.M. really works good like I think it does. I am the type of person that if I nap during the day doesnt matter when I will have the hardest time going to sleep when I need to I will lay there for hours!!! today I fell asleep for an hour and a half why? guess i was tired after the workout lol, so tonight will be 2 pills again and I will let you know how tomorrow morning goes!

  2. Day-4 Yup! I call this product legit! as I said If I sleep anytime during the day I wont be able to sleep but with 2 pills I was out cold! I am loving this product right now and I am glad I found something that actually works for me!

    Day-5 Still feeling good everything is working perfect, I dont feel like my body has adjusted to the pills at all and staying at 2 pills i am happy and all rested up. Now that I am able to get a full nights rest I can feel good throughout my morning shift and my workouts in the afternoon have me more focused.

    Day-6-9 These past days have all been the same Product is still working still getting an awesome rest at night, I have told many of my friends to try this out because they work early in the morning as I do and complain about feeling groggy. Not anymore!

    Day-10 My Last day of REM P.M. Kind of a sad day lol but not really I am happy with the results that came from this product I rate it at 10/10 excellent and will definetly be buying me a full supply Thanks again MAN Sports and MustangManGT for this great opportunity and being able to find a product that is worth mentioning and buying!!!!! Everyone try this product and you will be guaranteed to get the best ZZzzzzz'z!!!

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