MAN has got the "REM"edy!!

  1. MAN has got the "REM"edy!!

    First off, I would like to give a big shout out to MMGT and the whole MAN SPORTS commitee for giving me the opportunity to review this

    product for 2 weeks.

    Product arrived on saturday but i didn't consume until last night 30 minutes before bed and that's all it took to put me in the coma, 30 minutes.

    Haven't slept this deep since i can remember, no i'm lying my wife gave me 1 of her lunesta pills one time i was having difficulty falling asleep

    due to some stressfull family situations. But the sleep was just as deep but without the difficulty and grogginess of getting up. and i only had 5

    hours before i had to be at work. had my cup of joe upon waking and was money all through-out my entire shift. do i look foward to my next

    dose? Hell yeah!!! The only thing is i'm on a bulking phase and hope that this doesn't hinder my gains, but we'll see. Though i wouldn't mind

    losing a bit around my mid-section. But will post up if i notice anything, for i know this product also has cortisol eliminating abilities. But for now i

    can only speak upon is the deep REM sleep i've had last night. Loving it thus far, Thanks again MMGT for blessing a brother.

  2. still sleeping like a baby at 3rd dose. at first 1 took 2 caps then decided to try the 1 cap only. sleep was just as great except i didn't sleep as long as i did when i dosed at 2 caps. and that was was the whole idea. i just wanted to take a nap, and a refreshing one it was. my bad MMGT for not posting everyday, but decided to post on just the days after dosing, to give a brief review. i have not much to say in terms of fat loss is concerned maybe due to me dosing only when i need to and can't get to sleep, but i'm loving it thus far and i'm on a bulking binge so i'm eating tooo much anyways to notice. stay tuned there more to come.

  3. It's all good man, just get us some updates when you can. I'm just happy that you're getting good night's rest!

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