MAN Sports REM P.M. helps Montego1 go Night Night

  1. MAN Sports REM P.M. helps Montego1 go Night Night

    Whattup ladies and gents.

    I was one of a lucky few who has the opportunity to post a mini log of Man Sports' REM P.M. .

    Current Stats

    27 year old Male

    6'1 221lbs 10% bodyfat

    Currently on a FST-7 training split while bulking.

    Day 1 Calves Triceps Biceps
    Day 2 Rest
    Day 3 Abs Chest
    Day 4 Calves Quads Hams
    Day 5 Abs Back
    Day 6 Abs Shoulders Traps
    Day 7 Rest

    My previous history with sleep aids is not very good.
    Either A - I notice nothing or B - I have very lucid dreams wich are always nightmares and wake me during the night.

    I also have a mild case of sleep apnea that makes getting quality sleep almost impossible.

    What I hope to experience with REM P.M. is deeper more restful sleep and therefore a better quality of life overall.

    Starting tonight I will dose 2 caps of REM P.M. thirty minutes before bed on an empty stomach and continue for 9 more days. Hope everybody enjoys the mini log!
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  2. In to compare
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. Night 1

    Took 2 caps REM P.M. thirty minutes before bed on an empty stomach. Wasnt knocked out quick like I was expecting. It seemed like the supp gradualy set in and I dozed off about an hour later while I was watching TV in bed. Slept like a rock. Got a full 8 hours of sleep wich is extreamly rare for me. When I woke up I was slightly groggy but no more then usual. Felt toatly rejuvinated and ready to rock and roll.

    Night 2

    Took 2 caps thirty minutes before bed on an empty stomach. Much like the first night I fell asleep about an hour later and again had a full 8 hours of rest. Like I said before very rare for me. No groggyness this morning at all. I killed legs yday and thought I wouldnt be able to walk since I had some DOMS late lastnight before bed but I woke up with minimal soreness and I HAVE to attribute this to the great sleep.

    After 2 nights I am very excited about this product sofar. Havnt had any nightmares or any other sides sofar. Will start updating daily from now on since work is back in full swing and my time off is over.
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  4. Day 3

    Two caps REM P.M. thirty minutes before bed on an empty stomach.

    Took a lot longer to get to sleep then normal tonight. Was very tired but just couldn't doze off. Only got about 6 hours of sleep but it was quality rest. No groggy head when I woke up or sluggishness.
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  5. Day 4

    Yeahhhh buddy lastnight was a goood night. Two caps fourty five mins before bedtime this night and the timing was perfect. I was out about ten minutes after laying down and slept like a rock. Still no lucid dreams but I did wake up once during the night to use the restroom, but that is common for me when using sleep aids. Felt really lean this morning and actually had a bit of a pump when I got out of bed. Still no groggyness and had great energy levels all day. Sofar this is a homerun for me.
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  6. Day 5

    I think I got the timing down for sure. Took two caps REM PM fourty five mins before bed on an empty stomach again. Slept great again. Woke up feeling leaner then normal again also. Very cool feeling.
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at

  7. Day 6
    Whattup ladies and gents. Another update comin in. Had a few days off from the gym and with the REM PM beefing up my sleep I went in supercharged yday and had a great session. Hit some PR's on seated dumbell shoulder presses (105's for 12) and reverse pec deck flys (7 sets of 140 for 10reps 30seconds of rest between sets).

    Had another great night of sleep too. About 9 hours worth and feel great today again. Sofar I give REM PM 5 stars and will defanitley buy some when my samples run out.
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at

  8. Day 8

    Took one night off from the REM PM cause I wasn't going to get 8 hours sleep but took it lastnight on my reg schedual and sleep was good once again. Amazing
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  9. Day 9

    Another great night of sleep. Actually slept through my alarm this morning and was about an hour late for work lol. Dropped a lot of water lastnight and woke up feeling very tight. Awesome night.
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  10. No good dreams huh? I've been having some crazy dreams on it.
    Life's a garden, dig it

  11. Thankfully no. Whenever I have dreams they are always nightmares so its something I don't look forward too lol. How have u been liking it sofar?
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  12. I like it a lot. Haven't slept this good in years. When my sample run is done I'm going to be buying a bottle.
    Life's a garden, dig it

  13. Days 10 and 11

    Sounding a little redundant here but what can I say...REM P.M. is for real. This has been the best sleep aid I have tried to date and couldn't ask for more.

    Some noticeable changes while using REM were

    1. No groggyness upon awakening
    2. Deep refreshing sleep
    3. No lucid dreams
    4. No knockout effect (gradualy put me to sleep and didn't just make me pass out on the floor like some others do lol)
    5. Less water retention upon awakening
    6. Better recovery time

    For me just those last two things are a homerun for ANY product much less a sleep aid. I suggest anyone who has trouble sleeping or anyone who just wants to step their recovery time and quality of life up a notch NEEDS to give REM P.M. a shot.

    Also a big thank you to MAN sports for the opportunity to log this amazing product. I am very impressed.
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at


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