First off "Thank You" to PES and nattydisaster for making this experience possible for me. Well today is my 3rd day of dosing at 3 caps a day,

1 cap with each meal(breakfast, lunch and dinner) and so far what i have been experiencing is that i'm constantly eating to a point that i'm

not getting full. I'm consuming my daily essentials(multi v, protein, coq10, creatine and bcaa) as well a a great portion of food, but it's like i

just keep eating and eating. i up'd my protein intake to see if it'll slow it down a bit and it does a little for about a hour and then i'm stuffing

my face again, lol.

Well a few days before the samples arrived, i jumped out the window and purchased 2 bottles of AB, to add to a pct after a bulking cycle i

plan on starting come Jan 1st.

I'm thankfull and gratefull i was given this opportunity because at least now i know what i can expect and i can make a few more purchases

of some more protein and carbs to remedy this effect.

I haven't experienced any strength increasing just yet but i'm just 3 days in, so we'll see what else AB has in store for me.

Will continue to update after consuming. Once again thank you PES and nattydisaster for hooking a brother up.