Jalfrey--thoughts on MusclePharms's Amino1

  1. Jalfrey--thoughts on MusclePharms's Amino1

    I wanna give a big thank you to MusclePharm and pmiller383 for selectig me to review their new intra-workout, Amino1.

    I'm a big fan of coconut water for hydration and BCAAs for recovery, so it just makes since to put the two together. MusclePharm could've just left it at that and have had an innovative product. But they didn't stop at just that. On top of the 3 grams of BCAAs, Amino1 includes 4,775 mg blend of glycine, alanine, citrulline malate, L-carnitine L-tartrate and coenzyme Q-10. Another 2.2 gram blend consists of taurine, goldenseal, beet root extract, slippery elm and others intended to help hydration, during and after workouts. Amino 1 also provides vitamin C, vitamin B-6 and the electrolytes magnesium and potassium, with zero sugar. This ain't yer daddy's gatorade!

    I'll be testing it up against Neil Hill's Y3T training protocol for the next three weeks. I'll post up some initial thoughts on it later this weekend.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the post count for links and pics...yet. So bear with me in that I can't show things like mixability...
    I <3 Carbs

  2. Sub'd
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. A little about myself--
    I'm starting my last three week cycle of Y3T today. Over the past 6 weeks I've been eating 3500 - 4000 calories a day while following Y3T and have put on a solid 7lbs or so. That is just based on measurements. I'm 6'1" and 220lbs so I'm going to go with 2 scoops of Amino1 mixed with a quart of water while working out. Two scoops will give me 6 grams of BCAAs which is what my normal intra supplies.

    My initial thoughts on mixing and taste are as follows--
    Mixability--With less than 6 seconds of shaking the bottle, Amino1 looks totally dissolved. No chunks, floaters, or side clingers! No foaming from the high leucine, either. This is my first experience with instantized BCAAs and I like it!
    Taste--I was given the lemon-lime flavor. Amino1 also comes in fruit punch and cherry limeade. On first taste, it's a little on the sweet side with a smoothness I can't identify right now. It could be from the coconut water, I'm not sure. It's not bad at all, just different. I'll remark more on the taste later with more use.

    For now, here is today's workout and I'm hoping that tomorrow I can elaborate on how well recovered I am from it!
    Wide-grip pulldowns: 3x10x70
    Wide-grip pulldowns: 4x6x204 (PR)
    T-Bar row: 4X8X185
    Rack pulls: 1x3x405 (PR) 3x6x365
    Seated cable row: 4x6x214
    Inverted Rows: 4x6xBW
    Barbell Curl: 2x10x30
    Barbell Curl: 2x8x90 2x8x80

    So far so good! If anyone has any questions--ask away!
    I <3 Carbs

  4. My training split goes like this--
    Mon--back and bi's
    Tues--Chest and tris
    Fri--Chest and shoulders

    Today's damage report--
    Leg extension: 2x12x55lbs
    Squats: 2x12x45

    Hack Squats: 4x6x500 (PR!)

    Leg Press: 1x8x928 3x8x888 (PR!)

    DB two-handed swing: 4x8x65
    Stiff Legged Deadlifts--4x8x225lbs
    Leg extension: 4x8x265lbs (maxed the machine out!)

    Chest2 day tomorrow! W00t!
    I <3 Carbs

  5. 12/7
    Pec Deck:2x12x100
    DB Flyes:1x6x45

    Hammer Strength Incline: 1x6x208 3x6x238

    DB Shoulder Press: 4x6x60

    Pec Deck: 4x6x205

    Dips: 4x8xBW
    Cable Crossovers: 4x8x60

    Overhead Cable Ext: 4x8x120

    Mixed Amino1 with some raspberry tea this morning--not bad! Gave it a raspberry limeade type of taste. I haven't noticed any great increase in recovery times or lack of DOMS yet. My legs feel tired from yesterday, but not godawful sore. If they aren't any worse tomorrow, I'm going to attribute it to the Amino1!
    I <3 Carbs

  6. 12/10
    Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 3x13x70lbs
    Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 3x13x190lbs

    Wide-grip T-Bar Row: 2x13x145lbs 1x13x135

    Rack Pull: 3x13x315

    EZ Bar Curl: 1x13x30lbs
    EZ Bar Cable Curl: 3x13x72

    Damage Report--
    Pec Deck--3x13x95
    Pec Deck--3x13x195

    Smith Incline--2x13x225

    Incline Flyes--3x13x35
    EZ Curl--2x13x60 1x13x80 (making up for yesterday's poor gun show)
    Decline Press--3x13x175

    Standing DB Tri Ext--1x13x70 2x13x65

    Reverse Grip Cable Ext--2x13x108 1x13x82

    I have another intra on hand that I used yesterday, I like to think that's why my workout was so shabby. I'm using them a bit interchangeably for comparison purposes. Which has led me to a conclusion that I wasn't expecting--Amino1 is giving me some great pumps! I'm not getting any from the other peptide product, but today my arms looked sick! I've really got to work on my post count so I can get some pics up in here!
    I <3 Carbs

  7. 12/13
    A2G squat: 2x15xBW
    Hack Squat 4x14x280

    Smith machine front squat: 3x15x215
    Stiff legged dumbbell deadlift :4x15x80lb pair

    Leg extensions: 4x15x135
    Lying Leg Curls: 4x15x100
    Standing Calf Raises: 3x15x240 1x15x210

    The taste is really growing on me. Especially when I add a cup of unsweetened green tea to 24oz of water and 2 scoops of Amino1!
    I <3 Carbs

  8. So, as a show of appreciation for this log, I picked up some raspberry lemonade Assault and will use and review it for this last week of the Amino1 log!
    Low pulley high row: 3x13x85lbs Superset:
    Low pulley row: 2x16x156lbs (PR)
    Wide-grip pulldowns: 2x16x144lbs

    Wide Grip T-bar row: 2x15x120lbs (PR)
    Straight-arm pulldowns: 2x16x65lbs

    Leverage high row: 2x16x220lbs (PR)

    Inverted Rows: 2x16xBW

    EZ bar Curls: 2x15x40lbs

    DB Curls: 1x16x25, 30, 35, 40, 35, 30

    DB Hammer Curls:3x16x35lbs

    Not the best arm workout. I've developed a weak muscle in my forearm that has been making it hard to DB bench and BB curl. Other than that, I was happy with how Amino1 and Assault powered me through the workout today. Can't wait to see what chest day holds!
    I <3 Carbs

  9. Aside from some tightness, my back feels great! My arms are a bit sore, but Amino1 has some great recovery properties!

    After taking Assault this morning, I had a great chest workout!

    DB incline press: 3x13x35lbs

    Incline Smith machine press: 3 triple drop sets--3x14x215lbs/

    Cable Crossovers: 3 drop sets--1x14x35lbs/1x14x30lbs/1x15x25lbs

    Overhead tricep extensions: 2x16x50lbs 1x16x55lbs

    Wide-Grip tricep pressdown: 2x16x156lbs 1x16x144lbs

    Assault has helped with my strength without giving me a cracked-out feeling in the gym. The raspberry lemonade taste is great, but there are a bit too many floaters and side clingers in it for me. I find that the huge scoop has me using too much liquid pre-workout.
    I <3 Carbs


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