Sgt. ALPHA + Top Secret PA...

  1. Sgt. ALPHA + Top Secret PA...

    Whats going on my USPlabs family! Damn, it feels good to be back! Sgt. ALPHA reporting to duty! the mission? to Destroy the weights and become a FREAK! Its great to see my posse already started the party, I'm just fashionably late! lol... Its also great to see some new peeps because it just means the family is growing and getting STRONGER!

    A lil bit about me... Im 22 years old currently studying to become a physician. I have done a lot of research in my undergrad years which has really opened my eyes. I got started with USPlabs about 4 years ago with the OG jack3d and man that stuff was the real deal! After i had taken countless pre workout supps this one was hands down the best!, From then on USPlabs proved to me that they are the most innovative supplement company in the world. No one else has proved themselves to me like USPlabs! they know their stuff and have their SH!T together! Every single one of their supplements are innovative and different, but in a good way...

    Goals for this run will be to pack on as much lean-mass as possible! PRIME does an excellent job of doing that for me as well as AP..

    This is going to be something very serious for the sports nutrition world.. A "Patented Anabolic"? Who or what other company can say that? Ha, no one can.. This why i will stick to USPlabs side no matter what. ALPHA means to lead or be a leader, not a follower.. Why USPlabs leads everyone else will have no choice but to follow...

    Anyways that is it for now guys I will update more when i receive my package and do a video intro as well, but for mean time like Monte always says "Stay ALPHA my friends"!

  2. From yesterday:

    Alright a few notes from today since I popped a pill as soon as I got the box (before dinner).

    About 30-45 min I felt an increase in body temp but without the sweating I get with oxy or recreate.. it was more of a light thermo increase.. nothing unpleasant or anything like that. . I actually like it because its almost like a sign that it is already in my system and ready to go!

    I ate dinner about 1-2 hours later... dinner was green chile with cubed meat and about half a cup of white rice mexican style!

    Right now.. its been about 3 hours since dinner and I can already feel my mouth really dry.. this is also a good sign to me because I know the PA is doing its THANG and partioning away!

    Other than that there is nothing to report.. I will try to get a training vid on friday since tomorrow is an off day..

    In the next few minutes I will down 2 scoops of muscle milk and call it a night...

    Sgt. ALPHA will report back tomorrow with more classified info!


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