Nicksox15 gets SHREDedded and PUMPed thanks to ErgoGenix

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  1. Today I did a circuit on the upper body and hit each body part with Two exercises. Felt really good, did there sets between 10&12 reps. Really felt some good endurance especially on my last sets. The ergo pump still tastes amazing but I had to up the dosage a bit. I feel it really shines when it comes to focus and endurance. Getting close to the end of my bottle of shred, not getting nearly as much energy as before but I am def. Feeling a bit tighter in the abs
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  2. Hit up the gym yesterday and ran for a half hour on elliptical and did some an work. The ergo pump worked really well for cardio, had good focus and energy. Went in this morning for a quick accessory workout since I won't be in the gym till weds due to the birth of baby Jesus. Getting pretty close to the end of the log and have been quite P leased with the results of the ergo pump, shred has been ok. I'll log next week and have a final review up after the new year
    Black Lion Research Rep

  3. Will be hitting up the gym this afternoon so will have an update then, but wanted to pop in and say the Shred really helped over the Holiday! I ate probably way too much Christmas eve and the night before, but don't look or feel like I got bloated or put on any weight. So apparently it really helps when you go on a food binge!

  4. So tomorrow will be my last log day, I will post a review for both the ErgoShred and ErgoPump in the reviews section. Did a killer Chest and Tri workout yesterday afternoon and hit up back and bi's this morning. Felt really good throughout, I increased my dose of the Pump to two scoops and focus was intense. I don't really get that tingly feeling from it and crazy energy but the pumps and focus are top notch. Best tasting supp besides a protein that I've had. As for the Shred, I haven't lost any weight on it, actually gained two pounds. But I actually feel tighter and have noticed I'm more vascular. I think I've put on good weight as my numbers have all gone up since starting this stack so I'm pretty pleased with the results. So yea, will have reviews up tomorrow. Thanks again for the opportunity guys!

  5. So this morning I hit up legs and felt amazing! I was really tired when I woke up but by the time I hit up the gym, all was good. I can't say enough good things about the Pump, great tasting, great pumps and crazy good focus. I never felt over stimmed which is a good thing, although I wish I would have gotten some of the tingles from taking it. If I had to put a number on the ErgoPump I'd give it a 9/10. Best tasting supp I've had, the fruit punch is amazing. I would highly reccomend this product to anyone looking for a good pump and tunnel vision like no other. Energy was pretty great as well.

    As for the ErgoShred my first few days were very encouraging, felt good energy throughout the day and even got that warm feeling. Didn't get those sensations after about a week but I believe this product definitely leaned me out some, I just didn't lose any weight. I think that has to do with putting up better numbers than I ever have. I feel stronger after this 30 day run than I ever have so I can't fault the Shred for that! If anything it kept me from gaining any fat as I was getting bigger which is awesome!

    So thanks to everyone at ErgoGenix for the opportunity! You have a couple of great products here, and I will def. be giving the ErgoPump a purchase down the road. If anyone has any questions or comments please let me know!

  6. Shred up my friend
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