I don't know if the combination of all four of these products qualify for a review but I just thought I'd share.

I've been off my cycle now for almost 9 weeks and off PCT for almost 4 weeks.

Although I was doing Unleashed durng my PCT, I increased it to two pills in the morning and two at night. Then within a few days, added Yohimbe and Testosterone Conversion Factor and within 2 weeks I felt more horny. I had previously felt at only 60% after PCT and now I felt 99%.Almost 3 weeks later I began Cabergoline to reduce my Prolactin which was at 14 and while my doctor says it's within range I was told I want to get down to the single digits. 3 days after my first dose of Caber (1/2 a pill), I was with a sexy Thai girl and we had been drinking and we went back to my place and made love. We both immediately passed out after sex. Then I woke up about an hour later and we made love again. We both rested for about 15-20 minutes which is usual at my age (I'm 43) and then we went at it again. I came again which was my 3rd time and then noticed my erection did not go down. When I was younger this used to happen but my penis was so sensitive after cumming I couldnt do it again right after. But that night it wasn't so sensitive and the erection didnt go down, so I went at it again immediately!

I know Cabergoline is supposed to reduce Prolactine and that's why I did it and I'm assuming that Testosterone Conversion Factor helped with the libido as well as Uleashed helped with the free test but could Caber work that fast? I just took my second dose last night. I definatley feel at 150% of my libido, masterbating 3 or 4 times per day. While that was normal when I was 23, at 43 I have averaged 1-2 times per day. I almost want to say that my libido is about where it would be when I take Proviron. Any thoughts?