Getting Gorilla Mean With Bulk Up Courtesy of Androfactory

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    Would I buy a bottle of BU, would I decide to pay international shipping for one product I am not stupid, and besides that this were not the rules we were to play by.
    Looks like originally the agreement was the bottles were to be shipped to a U.S. address. AF seemed to be under the impression they would be sending both bottles (separately mind you) for cheap to a U.S. destination, and then you changed address and wanted it shipped internationally. So after the initial confusion and sending the first bottle to the U.S. then having to re ship internationally AF has already taken a hit shipping wise, and then they still have to ship ANOTHER bottle internationally as well. I would have been very appreciative when AF agreed to still send the second bottle after the initial mishap, and happily agreed to pay a small fee to get that second bottle.
    Just my opinion.

    Hoping you keep that bottle and can maybe run a cycle in the future when you have more money (for another bottle, the cost of PCT supps, maybe a SERM, grocery costs/protein for consuming more calories as your weight goes up, etc etc etc).

    You can't just flat out point the finger at AF and say they're nasty people given the circumstances of this situation. Judging from all the logs I'm seeing across multiple boards my impression is that the loggers are happy with AF and don't have anything bad to say about them.

  2. Neither do I, However, AF asked me where should they ship I answered that to my Polish address as I will be traveling on 10.10.2012, and had problems with other supplements for logging mysteriously never being delivered despite companies sending them over, well apartment block, bbing flat mate, etc., they said ok and then sipped to US knowing I will not be able to pick it up anyways and that it might be as good as lost this way.

    When I have the money, well PH is not the stuff I would put them in certainly I enjoy good natty products.

  3. Subbed...missed this one. Good luck!!



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