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  1. Cool USPlabs Patented Anabolic - North of the Border -

    First of all I wanted to thank Jacob, Casey and the rest of the USPlabs team for giving me the opportunity to alpha test their new Patented Anabolic. Jacob has always treated me well and I cannot say enough good things about him and USPlabs.

    About me:
    28 years old
    181 lbs
    11% bodyfat

    My training varies but generally 4-5 lifting days per week, My cardio is all from sports, I honestly don't think I've been on a piece of cardio equipment in years. For the next few months I am trying to put on a few pounds while maintaining my bf.

    Diet : IF at around 3500 calories/day

    I will not be flooding this log with tons of diet and training details for the sake of posting. I will update each day with how I feel,what I notice, significant strength, physical, mental changes.

    Other supplements:
    -Gut Health
    -Citruilline Malate
    -Modern BCAA


    I started taking the P.A. last Tuesday November 6th. I had been trying to get my log up and apologize for the delay. That being said it may have been a good thing because I see some logs are pages and pages deep in the first week (=

    Week 1 review and notes

    I have been dosing the P.A. preworkout with 1 scoop of Alphamine, 6 g of Citruilline Malate, 1 gof Agmatine and 2 g of LCLT. I have not noticed too much over my first week, I have been feeling lean these past couple days but have also been eating pretty clean. On non training days I have taken my dose with my first meal at 11 am. From here on out I will post daily on how I feel, any significant findings, numbers, etc.

  2. Tuesday Nov. 13th

    Tuesday I had a fun chest workout. I went to a friends to train with him in his home gym. I was pumped to bench but then realized he only had 2 45 on plates and Dumbbells up to 80 lbs! I figured we would just have to do some higher volume and be creative for some things. After pumping out a ton of reps at 135 I figured I would do as many reps as i could at 225 for my 2nd set. Usually I do 225 for my 2nd set on bench day but only aim for 8 reps so I can lift heavier for my next sets. I felt great and put up 16 reps for 225 which felt amazing. Pretty much gassed me for my 3rd set but I was happy.

    My diet was clean, wife made cookies and I haven't touched one yet which is surprising because home made cookies are my weakness.

    P.A. Notes - still not sure if I feel too much. I have lots of confidence in my lifts lately and muscles have felt full. I haven't been following the other logs all that much as I don't want it to influence my testing.

  3. Wednesday Nov. 14th

    Couldn't get to the gym this morning so I will be training tonight after supper. Will update tonight.

  4. subbed....225 for 16 reps!!!.... eat some of those cookies and it'll be 250 for 8 reps!!!

  5. Thanks for joining D.

  6. Continued from Wednesday Nov 14th

    Last night I squeezed in a leg workout which I felt great . Felt strong on my squats, 375 felt lighter then usual but stopped at 405 because my hammys were really tight. I played a couple hours if hockey the other night and my hamstrings have been pretty rough.

    P.A. Notes

    It's strange because I was speaking with someone else about their experiences so far with the PA and they mentioned they felt more stim/clarity when combined with caffeine. I dosed last night with 1.5 scoops of alphamine and felt great, very focused and the mental clarity he was talking about. My strength feels really good, muscles look a bit fuller, especially in my arms/shoulders but again my diet has been on point so we will see what happens this coming week.

  7. Penis
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  9. I'm in for the ride.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    I'm in for the ride.
    Glad to have ya bud

  11. Subb'd now that I have the link :-p
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    Subb'd now that I have the link :-p
    Haha Better late than never

  13. Your favourite ever rep is here!
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  14. In for this.

  15. I'm sub'd too... Checking out how you reps get down and dirt with PA. I'm getting some really good feedback from PA myself. Big things are happening after 10 days in.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by MonteCedillo
    I'm sub'd too... Checking out how you reps get down and dirt with PA. I'm getting some really good feedback from PA myself. Big things are happening after 10 days in.
    Glad to have you along

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    You're.....only corrected you because I know you would want that....and you're my fav too Benjamin
    Either your correction was wrong or your joke went way over my head lol.
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    Either your correction was wrong or your joke went way over my head lol.
    Read it in the car,'re my fav rep, my apologies beautiful

  19. How did I miss this?

    This is my 1st ever "Bobby" log!

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  20. Subbed.

  21. Thursday November 15th

    Off day

    Friday November 16th

    Shoulders - felt strong, db shoulder press was solid (90's x 10, 95's x 8 , next shoulder day hitting up the 100lb db's)

    P.A. Notes

    Continue to notice awesome clarity and focus when I dose the Patented Anabolic with Alphamine. About 15 minutes into my workout I got very warm and was sweating buckets so I am definetely feeling a thermo effect from this. My workouts seem to keep getting better so I am hopeful that USP may have something here. One thing I have noticed which is rare for me is A few breakouts/pimples on my shoulders, this may be coincidence but I never get any acne on my body.

  22. Also forgot to mentioned I am down 2 lbs

  23. Triple digit DB shoulder press club....
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  24. did i miss this!!!

    better late.....


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  25. Quote Originally Posted by thebigt View Post did i miss this!!!

    better late.....

    Glad you made it my friend


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