Erase Pro + DAA for hdrol PCT...

  1. Erase Pro + DAA for hdrol PCT...

    I recently completed a halodrol cycle (100mg/day for almost 6 weeks) and am currently in PCT. On cycle I gained maybe 7lbs but my strength shot through the roof. I peaked at a bw of 255lbs. I am now down to 252lbs a week and a half later but I seem to be retaining a lot of strength.

    I am currently taking Erase Pro, DAA, and Nolva for PCT. I also take fish oil, multi, and cycle support.

    So far:
    Since being on Erase Pro (for a week and a half or so) and DAA, I've noticed a couple obvious changes. I have had some increase in acne lately; I'm 35 and look like a teenager during these breakouts. Acne is not really that big of an issue to me, though. Also, my sex drive has gone through the roof. I've been on DAA and Nolva before and I have never had this happen. Since this is my first run of Erase Pro I wonder if it's working some sort of awesome voodoo on me.

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    I look forward to continuing my Erase Pro. Hopefully my strength levels remain high and my bodyfat remains fairly low. We shall see...
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  2. Did heavy upper today and worked up to a quick single of 405 on bench before putting on reverse bands (EliteFTS average bands). I kept 405 on the bar and hit an easy 3 rep. Tossed on a couple 25s and hit 455 for a single. I decided that I didn't want to stop there so I went to 475. I got it off my chest easy enough (thanks to the bands) but as soon as the bands went a little slack it was a struggle. I still got it with good form though. I dropped back down to 405 and hit it for a set of 5 (the 6th rep barely came off my chest and my triceps were spent at that point). All benching was done with wrist wraps and chalk only.

    I finished with some light lat pulldowns and face pulls.

    I am taking Erase Pro as directed on the bottle. Seems to be effective so far. Are there any other times people take it that are effective (with food or without, middle of the day vs morning, etc)???
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  3. Light deads today. I worked up to a set of 475 for an easy 8 reps. I could have done more but didn't need to today. I did a couple set of power cleans afterwards, followed by sets of GHRs. I didn't go all out today and that was the plan. I do a lot of instinctual training and all I needed to do today was move around.

    I will be out-of-state for the next 5 days. I will keep up with my Erase Pro/DAA/SERM PCT. I plan on training while away and I will update this log as soon as I get back.
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

  4. I'm back from being out-of-state and I've already been back in the gym. I worked some relatively light bench yesterday for reps. I ended up doing 365 for 8reps. My left shoulder felt weird - no pain, just strange tightness. I worked on scapular retration after bench to try and solve the issue.

    I'm still on Erase Pro. I've noticed a huge increase in sexual arousal over the past few days. I'm male so it's not that unusual but its just something I've noticed.
    -- JB \m/
    "There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift." - Jon Pall Sigmarsson

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